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Anatomy of a Dog With Irritable Bowel Disease: Part Two of Five

Irritable Bowel Disease is manageable, but can be complicated to treat, sometimes leads to secondary gastrointestinal issues, and there are dogs who lose their lives to IBD-related issues. I am a dog mom who lost her one-week-shy of 15 years old Cocker Spaniel to IBD back in 2008. This is part two of a five-part series related to our dog’s journey with IBD in an effort to … [Read more...]

Chicken Jerky and Dog Friendly Travel Exposed

I love meeting with veterinarians who “get it,” and who “get us,” the pet parents who do right by their dogs and seek the honest truth in achieving the best care possible for our canine companions. I also love hearing from respected vets about chicken jerky and dog friendly travel, as both are topics important to us and Fidose readers. While in New York last month to cover … [Read more...]

Chicken Jerky I Allow My Dog to Eat

Scout & Zoe's chicken jerky is USDA grade A boneless, skinless chicken breast.  There are no hormones added, it is antibiotic free, and the chickens are raised in Indiana and Ohio, free range. Scout and Zoe's also released a new dog treat in the sweet potato line, too. These sweet potatoes have been raised in Texas, Arizona and California.  They are USDA grade A Fancy … [Read more...]

Winners of Gift Baskets of Dog Treats from Scout and Zoes

Chicken jerky and pet treat recalls have made the news and might have even affected a dog in your family, perhaps your own. So when the folks at Scout & Zoe's told me they had added new dog treats to their line, including chicken jerky, I hesitated. Then I had a chat with the founder of Scout & Zoe's and feel comfortable feeding this product to my own dog. Scout … [Read more...]

Chicken Jerky Protest on Black Friday

Chicken jerky treats across the country (the world for that matter), is killing our dogs. This is a proven fact and yet, store shelves are lined up and stocked with the poisonous product just in time for holiday shopping. I am convinced that tainted chicken jerky was a direct cause of my previous Cocker Spaniel's demise. Fidose of Reality has written about chicken jerky dangers … [Read more...]

Dogs are Dying: Documentary about Chinese Chicken Jerky

Dogs are dying from tainted chicken jerky. Chinese manufacturers are doing nothing to make the jerky safe, and the US brands that source it are doing nothing to get it off shelves. Lost Dogs is the true story of how profits trump pet safety in the chicken jerky business. Fidose of Reality recently shared a homemade chicken jerky recipe that is simple and you can make right in … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Does your dog love to eat chicken jerky but with all the recent recalls and scares of chicken jerky from China, you wouldn't dare feed it to him or her? Us, too! Well, dog loving moms and dads, Fidose of Reality has uncovered a recipe to make chicken jerky from home that your dogs will absolutely devour. The bonuses: It's easy to make, cheaper than buying it, and safe! (it's … [Read more...]