What to Expect When Adopting a Dog

The fundraising arm of this blog is Wigglebutt Warriors®. Our sole mission is to crusade to save dogs’ lives. Imagine our superhero glee when writer and pet parent, Diane Rose-Solomon , asked us to contribute to her latest project: What to Expect When Adopting a Dog. This book is your go-to, must have resource if in any way, shape, or form, you are considering the adoption of a … [Read more...]

Faithfully Yours Dog Book Review and Giveaway

My heart beats dog.® It beats dog so much that it is my trademarked slogan and is permanently tattooed on my arm. Faithfully Yours, the new book about the bond we share with animals, beats with that very same rhythm. If you love animals, stories that are uplifting about them, and enjoy curling up with short stories that resonate to your dog-loving heart: Peggy Frezon wants you … [Read more...]

Two Books for Dog Lovers of the Highest Order (and Giveaway)

M.K. Clinton has a sense of humor, a love of dogs, and a wit with a talent for prose that make her two books, Showstoppers and The Returns, must haves on your dog-themed reading list. If you are anything like me, you love to read books about dogs but dread that moment when the dog dies.  Dog lovers rejoice, it is not so in these books. You need not read both of these books, … [Read more...]

My Old Dog Book Review and Giveaway

My Old Dog: These are three words that dog moms and dog dads dream of saying about their own dogs. How often have we been told that 40 is the new 20 or that 60 is the new 40? With all of the advances in nutrition, supplementation, veterinary medicine and, of course, the human-canine bond—10 certainly has become the new 5 in the canine world. If we play our cards right, however, … [Read more...]

Dog Lovers Book Delivers a Heartwarming Tale and Contest

Dog lovers, your time has come. I am a sucker for a tale well told that involves drama, a dog, and the promise that the dog won't die in the end. If you are like me and like dog-friendly fiction without the fear of a tearjerker end, then prepare to fall in love with the latest title from writer, Jackie Bouchard, House Trained. Fidose of Reality is a health and wellness blog … [Read more...]

Abe Lincoln’s Love of Dogs Book Review and Giveaway

I am not much of a Presidential history buff, but I am very interested in the role dogs played in the lives of important people throughout history. It was with great joy, then, that I was made aware of a new book by Matthew Algeo, Abe & Fido: Lincoln's Love of Animals. Indeed Abe Lincoln had a passion for pets. Since "Fido" is part of our blog namesake, this book, its … [Read more...]

Chick Lit with a Canine Twist Scores

Chick lit with a canine twist: If this sounds like your cup of’ terrier tea, read on. When Susan Daffron was named a Fidose of Reality Paw-er Woman in 2011, she told us, “If you love writing and you love pets, writing about pets doesn’t feel like work.” Her latest offering, Fuzzy Logic, is a piece of work that answers the ever-burning question, “What’s a good book I can … [Read more...]

Dog Falls In Love With Cat Book

When a dog sits down to read a cat book, you know it's gotta' be good. Such is the case with Coco The Couture Cat in her debut book, The Adventures of Coco Le Chat.  This Parisian pussycat is the world's most fashionable feline. We know this to be true because Coco the Couture Cat: A) Has better clothes than most women we know, present company included; B) Has a passion … [Read more...]

How a Dog Helped Heal a Holocaust Survivor’s Heart

How a dog helped heal a Holocaust survivor's heart. This is the summary of Trusting Calvin, the true story of a man who survived one of the most horrendous times in human history, The Holocaust, and the dog who helped to unlock his heart.  Written by Sharon Peters, the former "Pet Talk" columnist for USA Today, weaves a tale of love, hope, celebration, and ultimately being … [Read more...]

Bonk: A Mutts Treasury Book Review

Do you love mutts? Here at Fidose of Reality we love dogs in general and would imagine our readers feel the same way.  How about mutts who make mischief and make you smile without taking life too seriously? Sounds like a fun time to us and so we're showcasing one of our holi-dog photo contest prizes in our spotlight. Book review time; Allow us to introduce BONK!, the … [Read more...]