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Fidose of Reality Announces More Focused Dog Mission

My heart beats dog® and now it’s canine cardiac rhythm is about to get louder, prouder, more focused, and taking on a new dimension. Fidose of Reality has a new tag line with a more focused dog mission….now a doggie drumroll please…

A health/wellness/lifestyle dog blog for Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends


A health/wellness/lifestyle dog blog for Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends.

Cocker Spaniel mom

Why The New Dog Mission

Two words inspired me more than anything at the recent BlogPaws Conference we attended in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Those words are “be useful” and keynote speaker, who happens to be the most re-tweeted digital marketer in the world, Jay Baer, uttered them to a packed house.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been a Cocker Mom, and I’ve shared those co-parenting responsibilities with my wife, Darlene.  She and our dog, Dexter, have attended every single BlogPaws Conference with me and always will. During our 11-hour car ride returning home from Myrtle Beach, we realized that Cockers own our hearts. My heart beats dog, and it sing songs in perfect rhythm for Cocker Spaniels. The heart wants what the heart wants. As a little girl, I fell in love with Cocker Spaniels after seeing one in “The Big Book of Dogs.” She had a flower in her hair, gently positioned right behind her ear. I wanted one. My first dog as an adult was a Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, whom I miss every single day. Brandy, be proud my love, I am writing your legacy.

I found my passion, and this is my destiny. For keeps: Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends!

Dogs bring us such joy

When Cocker parents have questions, they tend to come to me. When we host fundraisers, they are generally toward Cocker Spaniels. Even the fundraising arm of this blog is called Wigglebutt Warriors. Wigglebutt comes from the motion of the Cocker Spaniel. They don’t wag: They shake their booties in a Wigglebutt fashion.

Wigglebutt Warriors help dogs

We are also great believers in The Universe. When The Universe sends a sign, we embrace it. Do you?

Fellow dog mom and published author, Terry Kaye, sent us a photo via Facebook this past weekend with a very timely caption. Here it is:

Why Cocker Spaniels

Terry, you are the final wag towards that finish line we needed.

Fidose of Reality is now a health/wellness/lifestyle dog blog for Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends.

What This Means and What’s New

  • If you love dogs and want the latest dog health and wellness news with a reality-based perspective, Fidose of Reality is for you. We love ALL dogs here, all breeds, all mutts, all ages, all sizes.  We always have and we always will.
  • If you love Cocker Spaniels, you’ll see more content geared at the health, wellness, and lifestyle of the breed, both American and English!
  • Lifestyle means dog friendly travel, modern ideas and products for the Cocker mom and Cocker dad, plus contests and giveaways.

Cocker Spaniel Dexter

What to Watch For: On the Canine Horizon

  • We are writing our very first book: First draft completion by end of year! This book applies to ALL dog parents and will be reality based and a staple in your dog loving library of prose.
  • The next Wigglebutt Warriors fundraiser: We will make an announcement in the first half of 2018 about what is next on the fundraising end. However, we have amazing news to share: An anonymous donor gave us $10,000 to gift to a rescue of our choice and we selected OBG (Oldies but Goodies) Cocker Spaniel Rescue, with whom we have worked with and donated thousands to over the years. They are a wonderful group who helps Cockers and their canine friends, too.
  • A few online surprises will be rolling out in these coming months from free downloads to an online gathering spot for Cocker lovers of the highest order and their canine friends.
  • Ebook alert!!!

Cocker Spaniel lovers

We Are Busy Wigglebutts

So you can see that we have been busy wiggling our booties to plan all of this out and take it to the next level of dog-infused living and Cocker health and wellness.

This is our life, our hearts, and we could not continue this pawprint-laden path without your support, love, and encouragement over the years. Even the  trolls and haters, we learn from you and your silliness, off color comments, and how to rise up with pride and triumph.

My heart beats dog, so lub dub along with us for the ride: We’re just getting started!

Who is ready to celebrate with us?

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  1. I love this and think it is a super smart move on so many levels – and while Jay was touting “be useful” I was touting “be focused”! 🙂 Wishing you, Darlene and Dexter the best on this next phase of Fidose!!!!!!

    1. I would like to re-do so I can be in my workshop AND attend your amazing SEO sessions, Jill. You are so fantastic and I am grateful for you!

  2. Your new adventure is amazing…I don’t have a crocker but my first dog after I was out on my own was a crocker. She was amazing dogs and loved her to piece.. She has left her paw prints memories in my heart forever. I have Vizslas and you have been so wonderful when I have turned to you for advise. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your blogs are for all dogs parents…I value your advice. Having aa dog in your life is so awesome with a very special bonding. I can’t wait until your book comes out. You go girl….you have the best partner Dar and the most handsome Dexter walking side by side with you with your new adventure.

    1. It means so much to us to read that and we are grateful to have you as a friend, fan, and a part of our journey. Much wags and hugs.

  3. Congrats on the new phase of Fidose of Reality! Can’t wait to read/see it all happen! Here to help if you need too! I can’t believe I didn’t know this was happening too! LOL! Hiding things from me HA HA! Congrats to OBG too! Well deserved!

  4. The love in your hearts definitely shows – and I can hardly wait to see where this extension of your love takes you and the family! Which, by the way, I feel a part of in sharing your adventures! Thank you for including us – even if we all aren’t Cocker Spaniel owners. We still love dogs and Dex – who is THE perfect spokesdog! Congrats on following your hearts and loves! Onward!!!

  5. Awesome, congrats! This definitely makes sense and I’m glad you’re still including info for all dogs because I love getting info I can use for Bear. And good luck with the book, I look forward to reading it!!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. We miss you and are so glad you are a part of our lives and our journey!

      1. I miss you guys too! Make sure you let me know if you’re ever in Rochester or even Buffalo or Syracuse nearby. I’d love to see you all and we could get our boys together to meet finally!

  6. Sounds great – cocker Spaniel lovers have been fervently working toward finding a DNA marker for cataracts with lots of outreach for eye exams and DNA and funds needed for research – hope you can help in that important direction
    As a cocker lover my whole life I’m as dedicated to our beloved breed and dogs of all breeds as one can be – good luck on your new focus ?❤️?

    1. You bet I will. I will reach out and we will make this happen to get the word out and what needs to happen.

  7. I love it! There seem to be so many breed-specific things out on the interwebs, and yet the Cocker Spaniels are missing.
    Ramona and I are excited to see what wonderful content you, Dex, and Dar create!
    (Oh, Ramona wants me to tell you that if you ever need a first-paw account of a reactive cocker, she’s your girl. Geez, is she pushy!)

  8. Super awesome, and congrats! The words “be useful” also resonated with me at the conference. I started doing some Q&A stuff (from old emails I had kept) about senior pet care, before going to the conference. The page isn’t LIVE yet, but I’m working on it. Everyone always asks me for help with their senior pets. Anyhow, enough about me! (Sorry, I tend to do that!). This is great news, and I can’t wait to see the e-book. My first dog was a Cocker Spaniel (King). He was already part of the family I was born into. I don’t really remember him, but I have pictures. xoxoxoxo

  9. Love this idea! It’s always been your “unstated” mission so why not focus and bring it to the forefront? that can on do more for the dogs we all love–and fill your heart, as well. GO GO GO CAROL! (can’t wait to read the book…)

    1. You do realize you are a role model for me, yes? I am in awe of the sheer volume and amazingness of your content, Amy. <3

  10. So proud of what you do and what you have accomplished already! Congratulations on this new adventure and I wish you all the luck with your new book. Love , Nadine and Tiki (aka mamma T) and Chunk and Phoebe too!

  11. You have such a passion for cocker spaniels which makes your niche a perfect match for you, Dexter, and Darlene. You have an entire cocker community who looks to you and Dex for your expertise which will also lead to more publishing opportunities for you to educate other cocker families. Sometimes all we need is a sign to move forward and you have an awesome community as your foundation to build upon.. You will ROCK your new mission!

    1. That means a lot to me. You have been an ardent supporter and we are grateful. Thanks for your kind words and all you do in the name of dog!

  12. So happy you have opened your world to fellow Cocker (and all dogs, for that matter) lovers. Each breed has potential problems that should be addressed becoming serious.. Your blog gives all dog parents a place to learn and exchange information. As a volunteer for a Cocker rescue (and “honorary” Cockers), we are always looking for tips and suggestions to help our rescue place our pups in their “furever” homes. Thanks for doing this!

  13. What an exciting time for you and a big congratulations on your book! It’s such a great feeling when you can bring what you love all together. Looking forward to watching and learning more from you.

  14. So excited for you Carol, and your enthusiasm for this new venture, and adventure, shines through in every word you wrote. It’s an exciting moment when something “clicks” and you have found your passion, living your destiny with a soul is at peace. As you know I wasn’t at the conference but I did watch Joel’s keynote speech on youtube and I too was inspired by his words, particularly when he talked about waking up every morning and saying “how can I help?” Senior dogs are my passion and sharing tips, advice and my own experiences to help those who share their lives with seniors is so important to me. Until now I’ve written what I think senior dog parents should know. Now I say “how can I help” and answer the questions they’re asking. I am also working on other projects that are exciting so I can certainly share your joy. Best of luck with everything that’s coming.

  15. I am very excited for your new mission. To have a intense focus on Cockers seems to be a perfect fit for you. I wish you nothing but success on this path.
    Can’t wait to hear the details of the next Wigglebutt event.
    Write on, my friend!

  16. I absolutely cannot wait to get my paws on this book!! You are a wealth of knowledge and support and I appreciate you so much!! I wish you nothing but a ton of success with this book and your new focus. Much love!

    ps – can you write a little faster? ?
    #kidding #kindasorta

  17. Oh my dog, this is awesome! The new focus is so you and I love it! We are so hoping we can attend the next Wigglebutt event. Ivi wants to know if she has to find a cocker outfit so she will fit in. 😀 lol

  18. This announcement made my day! I love all dogs especially cocker spaniels as I’ve had five over the years. I always come to your blog daily and learn so much. Looking forward to your new mission and learning even more.

  19. You are not kidding about dogs having our hearts! I was just blogging a bit about the health rolls pets play in our own lives and I love that you are focusing on dog health! We keep them healthy, they help keep us healthy too!

  20. Congratulations on your new, more specialized niche! I have always kind of envied people who can be that specific when it comes to breeds. As a rescue volunteer and foster, we have always gotten our dogs pretty organically and they definitely come in all shapes and sizes. Not a purebred pup in the mix. But it’s okay, we like it that way. My aim is to start writing more posts about rescues and the awesomeness of mutts, since that seems to be our “breed” of choice. Our biggest distinction in the dog world right now is more lifestyle than breed, being an adventurous, active bunch.

    Good luck with your upcoming fundraiser too! That donation is amazing already! I’m sure the rescue will be able to do a lot of good with that donation.

  21. Carol,
    What a smart, bold move! I know it’s not an easy decision to make. But it’s the right one.

    I’m in a similar spot with my blog and I’ve been procrastinating on making a change. You have inspired me:)

    Congrats and CHEERS ! It’s a great day for cockers and their humans everywhere!!!!


  22. I believe wholeheartedly in the powers of the Universe. I’m so glad you received such a profound message and that it spoke to your heart. I look forward to watching your transformation.

  23. Can I just say how encouraging it is to see even a long-time pro needing to step back and refine things every so often? It’s great that you’re settling in on a mission that really makes your heart sing. And yet does not exclude anyone who just loves dogs and dog people.

    Can’t wait to see what you accomplish with a refined focus.

  24. Aww congratulations on your upcoming book and new found mission. I’m not a dog mom but you have a fan. Love the pics by the way. Look forward to following your journey.

  25. Congratulations on the new path! I look forward to seeing where it takes you and Dexter! I too have recently narrowed the focus of my blog, thanks to the sessions at BlogPaws this year, and I changed my tagline to “tails of adventure cats and handicats extraordinaire!” So my two focuses will be adventure cats and special needs cats. I’m excited!

  26. This is such great news! You truly are a cocker Expert but I’m glad you’ll still have the lifestyle aspect to your blog so we can all still be part of your world! I took to heart a lot of what both Jay Baer & Jill Caren shared at the conference. Both Jay & Jill suggested narrowing one’s focus. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that about my blog but I’m taking it more seriously now. I love that you’re doing this, I’m excited for you!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  27. Congratulations on your book AND your donation to the rescue! Both are definitely positive forces for goodness in the world. And I love your purple dress. You are rockin’ it!

  28. I absolutely love this. Congrats! I was also really inspired by all the messages to be useful, to serve, help, etc. at BlogPaws. Looking forward to following along with your new focus!

    I’m going to narrow my blog’s focus a bit, too. Lots of things became clear for me too at BlogPaws this year.

  29. A book and a Wigglebutts fundraiser? Is it 2018 yet? Can’t wait to see what else the future holds for you.
    Love ya,
    Jason, Dawn, Zoey Monster, Velveeta & Sammer Jams

  30. Congrats on your new adventure! I am loving these adorable pics! Cockers were always my favorite!

  31. Wow!! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and your new focused direction. I can’t wait to see where it takes you and your sweet pup.

  32. How exciting for the new direction! I have been blogging for a few years and I know that things always evolve. I adore Cocker Spaniels, they are such a smart and sweet breed!

  33. What an awesome donation! Your family is so full of love and joy and it radiates in everything you do! I also think of you whenever I see a Cocker Spaniel. You will be a great resource for all things Cocker!

  34. Super news on the book and more health articles. lt will be awesome to learn more. Thirty five years of raising cocker spaniels –they have my heart too !

  35. Hi Carol! I love this re-focused niche and there are so many Cocker Spaniel owners that need a resource like yours – I cannot wait to read the ebook and send it to friends that share your passion for this wonderful breed. Congrats on all of this!

  36. Congratulations. I’m sure all the Cocker folks are super happy. I remember years ago, someone telling me I should post more general photos of dogs, not just Dexter. I thought, why? I know all breeds, but Dexter is my dog, he is the dog I can take photos daily for blog posts. Silly people.

  37. What an awesome venture for you! Your dog is absolutely beautiful and I bet he provides plenty of stories to share! Must be really fun taking pic of him too!

  38. Congratulations on your new focus! We love you guys and it was so wonderful seeing you at BlogPaws. I can’t wait to read your book and hear about the new Wigglebutt Warriors adventure. Poppy can’t wait until she sees you again for more drive-by licks!

  39. It’s so wonderful to read about the many BlogPaws takeaways from Myrtle Beach, but I have to say, yours might be my favorite. I love the idea of really focusing your blog to help your audience. That way lies true success, and I know it’s coming for you! I can’t wait to see what you do to make your mission a reality!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  40. Congrats on your new venture! Cockers are so unique that people who have them should share their information and those who don’t own one should find out why they are so special.

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