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Ultimate Resource To Track Dog Health Records

I went online looking for the ultimate resource to track dog health records including vet visits, his canine medications and supplements, my dog’s food reactions, and daily observations. I couldn’t anything comprehensive, easy to use, and under $10, so I created the DogMinder.

The DogMinder is a canine health and wellness journal and the ultimate companion to track your dog’s daily, weekly, and monthly changes as well as check-ups and medical appointments. It is packed with over 120 pages of journal pages plus 10 touches to keep dogs healthy, how to handle lumps and bumps on a dog, 25 pages of bonus content, and a planning calendar!

The DogMinder is a canine health and wellness medical journal designed to keep a permanent record of your dog’s:

  • Veterinary Visits
  • Daily Observations
  • Medications & Supplements
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Food & Treats
  • Reactions To Vaccines
  • Emergency Contacts
  • And So Much More!

Full of space for important information and tips to help dogs stay healthy, this is the resource you will reach for time and again for everyday occurrences and important changes in your dog’s overall health and well-being. No dog lover of the highest order should be without a copy of DogMinder. Here’s how to get your copy of the DogMinder along with a free bonus to everyone who orders a copy.

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How To Track Dog Health Records

For the past 30 years or so, I’ve been tracking the health of all the dogs with whom I’ve shared life. Whenever my dog had a veterinary visit, I would write down what the vet said, the diagnoses, any special instructions, and I asked for a copy of the medical records. Keeping a written journal of my dog’s vet visits has served me well.

Whenever something happened to my dog, I could refer back to my handwritten notes. Whenever I wondered if my dog could eat a certain food or had a reaction to a certain medication, I had it written down. When I switched vets with my first Cocker Spaniel, I was able to relay all of this information to the new veterinarian along with my dog’s medical records.

We live in a digital age, but there are some things I will always recommend be written down – or at the very least, typed and then printed and taped into a book – are a dog’s medical records, likes and dislikes, do’s and dont’s, medication log, and so on. Each time my dog has a vet visit, we take the DogMinder along with us. When my vet talks to me after examining my dog and running tests, I am able to write down what she says in the DogMinder.

Resource To Track Dog Health Records

I also keep track of the “normal” everyday things I want to remember about my dog. I keep track of his heart rate due to his mitral valve disease. Although there are apps for this purpose, I like writing it down to see if there are any patterns or changes. I keep track of my dog’s:

  • Grooming sessions
  • Baths
  • Flea and tick preventatives
  • Medications and supplements
  • Vaccines and titers
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Side effects to any food, treats, or meds
  • Any lumps or bumps I find during my weekly “10 touches” session
  • Emergency contacts
  • Allergies and things he can’t consume

When I went looking for a journal to keep all of that in online, I couldn’t find something comprehensive, thorough, and under $10 bucks, so I created the DogMinder. I am giving everyone who purchases the DogMinder a freebie, too. Keep scrolling.

track dog health records with DogMinder

Why Should I Track My Dog’s Health Records?

Sure, your dog’s veterinarian has their visit notes, but they don’t have the notes in your words and the everyday things that happen to your dog. When my Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, was diagnosed with a life-threatening immune disorder called IMT, I journaled his progress online in a blog post.

Help for dogs fighting immune-mediated thrombocytopenia

I cherish those notes now and have since printed them and taped them into my dog’s journal, the DogMinder. I wrote things down in my own words, as only a dog mom or dog dad can. Let’s face it, we know when something is “off” with our dogs and it’s best to take your dog to a vet in those times.

During stressful times, especially at a vet visit, we may not always remember something that happened earlier in the day, the night before, or at an emergency vet visit. These are the times written notes in your own words come in handy.

You have rights as a pet parent, and you are allowed access to your dog’s medical records and test results. I always get copies of my dog’s medical records within a day or two after the vet visit and store them away in a folder. I always write down the results of the visit in my own words in the DogMinder. Having dog health records at my fingertips has been helpful dozens and dozens of times over the years.

BONUS: The DogMinder can also be used to document your dog’s typical day: his feeding schedule, routine, meds, and behaviors. Make a copy of that page and post it on your refrigerator. Should someone need to watch your dog unexpectedly, they’ll know his or her daily routine.

dog health record tracker

10 Touches To Save A Dog’s Life

When you know what normal looks and feels like, you can act when “abnormal” happens. As a dog health and wellness writer, I’ve been giving dog parents that advice for decades. The DogMinder comes with the 10 touches guide and allows you to track normal things and abnormal findings to tell your vet.

For example, while giving my Cocker Spaniel an ear scritch this summer, I found a seemingly harmless-looking lump on his ear canal. I took a photo, documented it in the DogMinder, measured it with calipers at home, and made a vet visit. No one can know what a lump or bump is unless it is aspirated, biopsied, or both.

The lump on my dog’s ear was diagnosed as a plasmacytoma. Luckily, it went away with cryosurgery wherein my vet froze it off. My vet said I did the right thing by bringing him in and having it aspirated and sent off to a lab. It could have grown bigger and had the potential to become cancerous.

Where To Purchase The DogMinder

The DogMinder is available exclusively from It is under $10 and anyone who purchases the DogMinder will receive a free gift. Instructions on how to obtain the free gift are inside the book.

Accessories To Go With The DogMinder

If you are like me and enjoy office supplies and staying organized, here are a few goodies from Amazon to complement your DogMinder:

Laser/Ink Jet White Labels For Downloadable Stickers – 63 per page

Glue Sticks for Stickers – 4 count

Dog Lovers Pen Set – 6 pens total

Pet Lover Folders – for medical records from the vet

Dog bone paper clips – 100 total count in a tin

how to track a dog's medical records

Let me know how you plan to use your DogMinder in the comments below.


  1. I’m very excited about this product. I have been looking for something to keep Jax’s information and never liked what I found. Thanks Carol this is going to be perfect.

  2. OMD, Carol!! I need this sooo bad! What a great idea!! I have notes on pieces of paper shoved in a folder and all over the place! Thank you for always putting the health of our pups and our on sanity first! xoxxo

  3. This will be perfect for when we have someone pet sit Sadie. Also, when she is having problems and I have to go to the vet and try to remember everything that has been going on. Thanks so much for creating something so great to use for our babies!

  4. I’m interested in buying two of these, but I’d like to see a few sample pages. Would it be possible to post a picture?

    1. Hi Paula – If you click the Amazon link above to the DogMinder, you can see a preview of the book by clicking “Look Inside.” Hope that helps!

  5. This will be perfect for when we have someone pet sit Sadie. Also, when she is having problems and I have to go to the vet and try to remember everything that has been going on. Thanks so much for creating something so great to use for our babies!

  6. Hi Carol,
    I’m ordering a few of these for gifts to my new clients as I care for their dogs while they are away. Initially I navigated to your webpage (once again) for information and clarification on lumps and bumps as I complete my 10 touches weekly for Brewster (@brewsterthecocker).
    Thanks again for providing such valuable information and a BIG HELLO for Alvin.
    Tedde 🙂

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