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How to Help Dogs With Epilepsy

Why do dogs get seizures? What do you do if your dog has a seizure? What breeds can get Canine Epilepsy? Can a dog live a happy life with seizures or epilepsy? Do you know how to help dogs with epilepsy? These are just some of the questions that you can get answers to at the area’s first Canine Epilepsy Expo and Fundraiser, hosted by the Empire State Snow Dogs Club, that will … [Read more...]

Random Acts of Kindness Triumph Over Hate

Don’t choke on your Skittles. I’d like to name the person who recently shared that off-color (pun intended) prose with me, but I won’t: Because that would give a bully credibility. By now you know that marriage equality is for all in the United States of America. It was not always this way. In a piece for Harvard Magazine, Michael Klarman wrote, “Fifty years ago, every … [Read more...]

How to Become an Instagram Rock Star

Instagram is THE fastest growing social media platform with over 300 million active users and growing.  Read that number again: 300 million and growing. CONVERSATION is king on Instagram. If you remember nothing else from this article, the single most important tip I can give you is this: Engage with people, get to know them and spend more time doing this. Converse. Think about … [Read more...]

Pure Love Films Reveals Movie Launch

Diversity is the word of the day....or perhaps it is equality. Today, and always Fidose of Reality celebrates marriage equality and what happens when love wins. Well, we discovered another winner in the diversity landscape, and here's something not to miss this weekend.  Pure love is on tap. The official videographer of Wigglebutts Uncorked has a passion project airing this … [Read more...]

Dog is Good Patriotic Apparel and Giveaway

Dog is Good.® I know this because I am a dog lover of the highest order, and if you are reading this, you are and can relate. Dogs rock, right? The folks at the Dog is Good company feel the same way, so they offer an entire collection of goodies for dog lovers. From apparel and gifts to home decor, Dog is Good merchandise is peppered throughout my closet and lifestyle. With … [Read more...]

Max the Movie Comes to Big Screen

Max the dog is coming to town and he wants to meet you. Dog lovers of the highest order, your summertime blockbuster is here.  Opening nationwide on June 26th, Warner Brothers presents "Max," a true story about a military working dog who served on the dangerous front lines in Afghanistan with his handler, U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott. Without giving too much away, when Kyle … [Read more...]

Pride Month Giveaway and Celebration

I am a: Woman Wife Dog Mom Writer/Blogger Taxpayer I have pride. Across this great nation throughout June (and in many parts of the country all summer long), a celebration of pride for those who identify as L, G, B, or T is taking place. For the first time in my life as a blogger, I am free to share my joy and celebrate publicly. Indeed, it is pride month and … [Read more...]

Help Dexter the Dog Win #TheDogWedding Contest

My dog was married in a fundraiser, and now my dog needs your help in getting funding for homeless dogs and more. The new motion picture, The Dog Wedding, is currently seeking dogs in their best dog wedding photo. Well, my pooch donned a custom tux to raise funds for dog less fortunate, and now he wants to give back and then some. Dubbed a romantic comedy with the tag line, … [Read more...]

Stop Telling Me My Dog is Not a Child #hatersgonnahate

I planned on sitting down and writing a blog post about a fabulous new dog product to hit the marketplace. That’s for another day. Today I am all defending dogs and what we loving pet parents call them. You know how there is a straw that tends to break a camel’s back (and I hate that expression but it fits here)? I found that straw today. I am broken. But I am not defeated. If … [Read more...]

New Puppy Resource Launches To Aid Pet Parents #MyPuppyhood

Puppyhood is a very exciting time for a dog parent: The time goes by so fast, and that first year of a dog’s life is so much fun—but also can be a very scary time. When I lost my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, in 2008, I vowed to myself, “never again;” that is: never again will I allow myself to get this close to a dog and have my heart broken. I am happy to say that … [Read more...]