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Can Dogs Fall in Love With Other Dogs

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Can dogs really fall in love with other dogs? I trademarked the phrase, “my heart beats dog,” so of course, these are thoughts that run through my mind in the wee hours of the morning. I mean, I know my dog loves me, and I know there are throngs and throngs of dog parents who love their dogs, but can dogs really fall in loved with each other?

Yes, a resounding yes, dogs can and do fall in love with one another in the deepest, dearest way that only dogs know how to do. Fidose of Reality fans were recently asked this question and to show us a photo of your dogs who love each other, and more importantly, why you believe this to be true.

“Hank and Holly were fosters. Holly *the brown girl* was here for about 3 weeks when I was asked to foster Hank … it was an immediate love affair. And I do mean immediate,” dog mom, Kaye Rish recalls. “When they met, I knew that they would probably never be adopted together, and that they would never want to be apart. In July, it will be 2 years that I’ve had them.

dogs snuggling

Patti Thomas of Rumford, Maine, has a similar story. “My Jade and Jasper are brother and sister.  They are Boston Terrier mixed with French Bulldog/Xolo mixes.  They will be 2 years old in March.  They were picked up as strays on the side of the road in Dublin, GA when they were about 4 months old.  I started fostering them in Nov 2013 and adopted them in Jan 2014.  They have always been very bonded to one another.  Jasper was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and has been very sick.  He is still early in his treatment stages, but we are trying to stay positive and hopeful that he will pull through.”

dog snuggling

Breeds and sizes: It doesn’t matter. Just ask Kim Mangrum of South Caroline. Her Pug, Olivia, and her best friend’s Pug, Jaxon, are in love with each other.  They give each other kisses and snuggle together. They can often be found napping together spooning or with Olivia on top of Jaxon.   When reunited after being separated their tails wag and they are kissing and jumping on each other.

pug love

Science Sounds Off

As with all romantic notions, science has something to say about this. In an article for Psychology Today, Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology for The University of British Columbia , says as with humans, dogs have the hormones and undergo the same chemical changes that humans do during emotional states.


Scientific research, he continues, proves that a dog’s mind is roughly equivalent to that of a human of 2 to 2-1/2 years of age with regard to mental abilities and emotions. So does a young toddler have the propensity to love deeply?

Perhaps the full range of emotions have not developed, but the groundwork is certainly there.

Let’s take this one step further: Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, discovered that a part of the brain associated with positive emotions, was similar in dogs and humans. In his book, How Dogs Love Us: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain, Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist, says that dogs empathize with human emotions and experience friendships similar to humans.

Sounds like there’s room for love in there, yes?

Dexter and Coco have a fun time together!

To Have and To Hold Forever?

When the AP calls, I listen. So when a reporter from the AP asked if I could comment on dog weddings, since my dog was in one, my dog-beating heart went pitter patter.

“I do believe that dogs can love and be in love with each other,” is what I told the reporter.  The truth of the matter is that dog weddings make a fabulous fundraiser and dog lovers (like myself) enjoy the pomp, circumstance, and fun that comes with hosting an elegant pet-friendly gala for pets in need.

You can read the entire AP story here.

We Are Not Alone in This Sentiment

Falling in love is not for humans alone: Canine couples show love, affection, and warmth to one another all the time. Just ask the millions of pet parents who can attest to the bond between their dogs.

This Much I Know Is True

Dogs do show love in so many ways: Their tails wag, their cuddling near us, their nuzzling, their risking life and limb to save us from a fire, and the examples linger on and on.

So what do you believe? Can dogs show love to one another? With Valentine’s Day in the air, no doubt that cupid’s arrow is aiming her bow at the canine lovers, too.


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  1. Oh, they can certainly fall in love. I brought home a little mill mamma to foster last April. My brindle boy was immediately smitten. He went into full flirt mode. She didn’t know what to do with the attention at first, but quickly decided he was harmless and soon after reciprocated. He would bring her toys and lay them beside her, snuggle her, groom her face and ears, share his most prized treats of pizzles and antlers. She would paw at him if she wanted his affections, curl up next to him on the couch, climb into one of the little dens set up for them to nestle against him, pile in on top of him in a cuddler bed. They almost always had to be touching. They were so happy to see one another if I took one away for a bit. I told everyone they were planning to get married. I almost kept her. Part of me wishes I had. But she was adopted and lives a beautiful life.

  2. I’ve wondered that myself and yes, I think they can fall in love with each other. Haley sure seemed to be in love with a friend’s dog named Buddy. She doesn’t get to see him that often anymore but they really hit it off. Fun article! 🙂

  3. My fur babies Moses and Sadie Mae grew up together, Sadie Mae got cancer and we had to have her put down. Moses cried and hunted the house over and over looking for her. It took months for him to calm down,,,,yes oh yes I believe dogs do fall in love

  4. I have two dogs. One is a female Shitzu and the other male is a King Charles mix . I never had two dogs until now. I wasn’t sure if I could handle all of this but the joy they give me outweighs the work. These two absolutely love one another. They play fight all day long they play tug-of-war they go outside together they come in together they are always looking for one another. I know they are in love with each other because they lay together side-by-side, they spoon together one will lick the others face, one will lay her head on him or he’ll put his paws around her. It is so so cute. My house will never be the same! In a positive way.

  5. I have a very affectionate Zmerican Eskimo Pup.Naturally hes very playful,he is under a year old.A friend of mine needed a home for a older male dog ,8 year old mix.1/4 the size of my pup.I think my pup sees him as grandpa.hes always licking his face.and nudging outdoors to play.Hes a small mix w curly blonde hair and what looks like a beard.probally a Scottish terrior.They are both males.the older one often looks like hes laughing at my puppy,in a good way.

  6. I have two dogs that are close friends .A 20 lb Esku Pup and a senior 5 lb Scottish terrior.I think My puppy sees tha older one as Grandpa

  7. My dog, when I retired was defensive of all dogs, having had her own big back yard for years. We moved to a small place that required all walking rather than her yard. She defended her territory. One day a lady with a big Malamute came walking up and my dog changed. She immediately took to this dog. I mean.. Like Fell In Love. Now when they see each other, even at great distances, she starts jumping and whining excitedly. They get together and she is just ecstatic and he is majestic but obviously excited as well. The owner says her dog also displays excitement at mines approach. This is love at first site!

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