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How to Host a Dog-Friendly Gala Fundraiser #WigglebuttsUncorked

18 months in the making, all those preparations, and poof: It’s gone! If you’ve ever planned a dog friendly event, you know how much work goes into it. It must be a labor of love because it becomes all consuming, especially as you near the event. On Saturday, April 16th, yours truly and her spouse, hosted Wigglebutts Uncorked at America’s Oldest Winery, Brotherhood, in … [Read more...]

Senior Citizen Superhero Forms Senior Dog Rescue Group

how to get ex girlfriend back (this article written by Terry Humerickhouse, a senior superhero for senior dog rescue) My passion for rescue began when I was 25 and newly married. My wife and I started rescuing Cocker Spaniels in 1985 and I have never looked back. In our first 14 years of rescue, we saved 14 Cockers and this was prior to the Internet. Facebook, adoption … [Read more...]

What Four Products Could Help Rescue Dogs

Two things make my heart that beats dog go a little faster: Helping dogs and finding good products for those rescue dogs. So when the folks at Sweet Relish sent me a box of goodies to try out, I went one better: I donated them to one of my fur-ends who is also a doggie foster mom (and mom to a few cutie pies of her own). SweetRelish is a site similar to Pinterest, but instead … [Read more...]

Two Dogs Seek Forever Homes: Can You Help

These two dogs seek forever homes.  Can you give a peek, LIKE or share and see if we can help find forever homes for these deserving, loving babies??? Don't be fooled by DJ's age, which is 7, because he is a puppy at heart. He is still very curious and very, very playful. His best friend at the moment is a Poodle and they play non-stop. DJ will do best in a home with another … [Read more...]

Matthew McConaughey Rescues Shelter Dog

D Cups Saving Tea Cups is a group of dedicated women working to save animals through fundraisers, media, and humane pet shops.  Founder of D Cups, Kim Sill, alerted Fidose of Reality to the latest Hollywood celeb to adopt a shelter pooch. Here's a dose of fun news and inspiration from our friends at D Cups Saving Tea Cups: "Cheesey" was minutes away from a needle at the Wasco … [Read more...]