14 Homemade Dog Treats for People Who Cant Cook

Carol Cant Cook. I want to make homemade dog treats but I am one of those people who can’t cook. Yours truly was selected to try out for Worst Cooks in America and I turned them down. CLICK THIS: How My Dog Stopped Me From Winning $25K If you are one of those people who can’t cook or wants an easy way to make dog treats at home without breaking the bank and spending a ton … [Read more...]

Are Homemade Dog Treats Really Safe?

Everyone seems to have a homemade dog treat recipe these days, present company excluded. Aside from the eagerness of some pet parents to overfeed homemade treats, not all biscuits are created equal. In fact, some homemade dog treat ingredients can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Before we get started on the ingredients to avoid, how many of these statements do you believe … [Read more...]

Six Dog Safe Treats We Wag For

write me an essay People often ask me what treats I feel safe and comfortable in feeding my dog, Dexter. Trying to survey the dog treat landscape these days can leave a dog mom or dog dad dizzied, to say the least. Don't you wish there were some dog safe treats out there?  Actually, there are. Fidose of Reality rule of thumb: Turn the bag, can, box, etc. around – Do … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Dog Treat Recipe

Pet food and dog treat recalls have been hitting the news headlines more and more lately. It's a wonderful time to be a pet parent and yet, as our dogs' guardians and caretakers, we must use diligence in deciding what to allow them to eat. Words like natural and organic get tossed around like tennis balls, yet the safety of so many treats comes into question. Just recently, one … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Does your dog love to eat chicken jerky but with all the recent recalls and scares of chicken jerky from China, you wouldn't dare feed it to him or her? Us, too! Well, dog loving moms and dads, Fidose of Reality has uncovered a recipe to make chicken jerky from home that your dogs will absolutely devour. The bonuses: It's easy to make, cheaper than buying it, and safe! (it's … [Read more...]