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8 Hacks to Prevent Dog Fleas and Ticks

Nasty creepy crawly critters can ruin a vacation, cause sleepless nights, and turn your home into a pest-be-gone war zone: it’s the time of year pet parents dread the most: Flea and tick season . Thankfully, Fidose of Reality has 8 hacks to prevent dog fleas and ticks: Shake It Off Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE): I carry this stuff around in my dog’s “bag of stuff” on … [Read more...]

Safer Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

If you Google "safe ways to protect dogs from fleas and ticks," you'll be astounded at the number of results received. Try it: The possibilities and so-called solutions are endless. It's been a while since we've written about what we use for dog flea and tick prevention. Knock on wood, we've had a pest-free summer and hope to keep it that way. I refuse to use harsh chemicals on … [Read more...]

How to Safely Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Dogs

Fleas and ticks are hungry after getting through a long, cold winter. Yes, it's that's time again: nasty critters that attach themselves to our pets and carry disease, infect pets, and can cause serious harm or worse. No one particular product is a perfect match for any particular dog. What might be advisable for your dog based on climate, proclivity to fleas and ticks due to … [Read more...]

Six Dog Products for Fall You Can't Do Without

 Fidose of Reality has picked six of their favorite fall dog products for canine moms and dads. We see a lot of products cross our office desks and these are six of the ones we're recommending and using this time of year. With falling leaves come falling temperatures, itchy skin, and drats the F word (fleas....shhhh). Rather than tell you what our favorite fall dog products … [Read more...]

Fidose Freebie Friday for Dog Lovers

I love shopping for products for my dog, especially when those products are on sale. In honor of Fidose Freebie Friday, we're passing on savings on products when we get the scoop about them. Our friends at Earth Heart recently ran a contest here on Fidose of Reality. We are fans of products that are dog healthy and friendly, so it's our pleasure to let you know about a sale on … [Read more...]

Three chemical free ways to prevent fleas and ticks

Longer days and longer walks: Two of the pros to spring and summertime fun with our dogs. Fleas and ticks: Two seasonal (and in many areas, year-round) foes of dogs. In our never-ending paws-to-the-ground search for products that will not harm dogs and yet are effective in eradicating and preventing fleas and ticks, we have a round up of three products we’re using. We’re … [Read more...]