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Dog Winter Safety Check List

Do you have a dog winter safety check list handy? We do! Dogs are more resistant to cold weather because of their fur, right? WRONG!!!!! With terms like bomb cyclone infiltrating news feeds, dog moms and dog dads wonder how to keep dogs warm in cold temperatures. Thankfully, we have over two decades experience on this topic AND we’ve put some products and theories to the … [Read more...]

Nine Ways to Prevent Dog Winter Accidents

He dropped his ball on my chest but didn’t leave my side. This is how my dog reacted when I fell down three icy steps this weekend. Despite all of my preparations to keep my dog safe in the winter months, I never considered what I need to do to be safe. I cleared had a winter accident and felt totally helpless. What would happen to my dog if something were to happen to me … [Read more...]

13 Dog Winter Myths

Are you aware of the many dog winter myths circulating like a winter freeze this time of year? Ah, the perils of winter: snow, slush, sleet, ice, frigid temperatures, and rock-salt laden highways and byways. The human variety can bundle up, slather on some lip balm, protect exposed skin, and venture out into nature’s cold bounty well-prepared. Protecting our feline and … [Read more...]