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Dog Vital Signs Every Dog Parent Should Know

A diligent dog parent knows when to feed their dog, that weight management is important, having veterinary checkups is key, but what about dog vital signs? It’s important to know what is normal so that when something is not right, you can seek veterinary care for your dog. At their core, vital signs are the most measurements of the body’s most basic functions. Here are … [Read more...]

Hot Trends in Dog Health and Wellness #GlobalPetExpo

Every year, thousands descend upon the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, for Global Pet Expo. This is the pet industry biggest trade show, spanning about 6-1/2 miles, the equivalent of about 13 football fields. The show features more than 3,000 product-launches and 150 first-time exhibiting companies. Fidose of Reality has visited this show many times, and … [Read more...]

Fidose of Reality is Going to Health

Fidose of Reality is going to health! We asked you, our loyal readers, what topics you are most interested in reading more about in the dog world, and your voices are loud and clear: Dog health and wellness that tells the truth! The words “fido” and “reality” are in our title, Fidose of Reality, so it makes perfect sense to embrace who we truly are: A health and wellness … [Read more...]