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The Miracle of Dog Mountain and Dog Chapel

In the heart of Vermont, dogs are welcome to explore the green, lush land of Dog Mountain and its accompanying attractions that are Dog Chapel and the Stephen Huneck Art Gallery. There are miracles on this property: I recently witnessed not one, not two, but three miracles on Dog Mountain. If you are a dog lover, add this destination to your must visit bucket list for both … [Read more...]

Five Dog Friendly Eastern U.S. Fall Getaways

It’s the time of year when the falling leaves form a quilt blankets across nation’s landscape. Before the temperature plummets and snow falls, consider taking a dog friendly trip or two with your best furry friend. The eastern part of the United States has many day, weekend, and week-long fall getaways for pet parents who travel with a dog. Here then are five Fidose fall … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Roadtripping to Alaska with Dogs

Meet Rocky. Rocky is ready to go on vacation with his mom and dad. He hates it when they go places without him, and he knows they will have a lot more fun if they take him along. He hears they are going to Alaska. He doesn’t know where that is, but road trips to places like Grocery Store, Dog Park, and Vet’s Office have always been fun, so he’s game. Rocky likes Alaska with … [Read more...]