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Pet Friendly Lehigh Gorge Railway And Giveaway

How cool would be it to travel from sea to shining sea with your dog and stop at different pet-welcoming places along the way? Our pals at did just that and wrote a book about it called The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip. The dynamic duo of Rod and Amy Burkert live the life. They travel the country in their custom RV with their dogs, Ty and Buster. Their … [Read more...]

Five Secrets To Sneak a Dog Into a Hotel

Looking for some secret ways to sneak a dog into a hotel that is otherwise not pet friendly? Secret number one: Don’t do it. In my 25 years of traveling with a dog — and I have not taken a vacation or road trip without a dog in as many years — “sneaking” a dog into a hotel that is not pet friendly ruins it for everyone, including yourself. I’ve not had a problem getting … [Read more...]