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101 Best Dog Tattoo Ideas That Show Your Dog Love

Thinking of inking a dog tattoo on your skin? If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, you’ve landed on the right page. If you want to know what body parts hurt more and which hurt less for your new dog tattoo, we’ve got you covered. I have five tattoos to date and three of them are dog themed. My sixth tattoo takes place in September of 2019, and I will add the finished … [Read more...]

Dog Mom Gets Dog Tattoos Inked in Flesh

Ever consider dog tattoos? A Fidose fan gets inked in the name of dog. Here's Devri King's story of getting more than one dog tattoo and why: First paw experience, as she recently sat down to permanently etch her dogs in flesh: Her own. There are so many true and perfect sayings in the dog world. One of my favorites is "Dogs leave a permanent mark on your heart." Having said … [Read more...]