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The Bigot at the Dog Park

Why can’t some people just let other people who are minding their own business alone?  How many bigots does it take to screw in a light bulb? None: They don't see the light; they live in darkness. This is vent day but I am sure that this has happened to other folks who read the blog. I stopped going to dog parks years ago for a variety of reasons. I know there are dog … [Read more...]

Six Reasons I Stopped Going to Dog Parks

I am a dog mom who likes to travel with her dog. I am not alone: Many of us take our dog with us when traveling, and part of our travels used to include dog parks. My cross country travels have taken us from sea to shining sea, where many towns have rolled out the grassy welcome mat with dog parks. My dog, Dexter, has been socialized, is in possession of his Canine Good … [Read more...]

Would You Take Your Dog to a Dog Club?

Dog club: Not a disco, not quite a swanky hangout, but think more upscale social meetup place where people and their dogs can mingle and have fun. The Ruff Club in the East Village section of New York boasts what the New York Times recently reported as having an interview process that made the reporter cower. Dogs are selected based on manners and apparently the screening … [Read more...]

Dog lover question of the week: Should there be fees for dog parks?

Fidose of Reality is proud to announce a new feature here on the magazine-style dog blog: Reader Question of the Week. It's easy, fun, you get to know other Fidose of Reality fans, and each month one lucky respondent will receive a Fidose of Reality prize pack! Dog parks on tap today... Simply answer the Fidose of Reality Question of the Week. Everyone who replies here on the … [Read more...]

Five outdoor dangers every dog parent should know

When kids play at school on the playground, germs are abound. The same holds true for dogs at the dog park, so in addition to following your dog's veterinary protocol for vaccines and disease prevention, Fidose of Reality shares these precautionary tips for dog park (and any outdoor activity) play with dogs. Heat stroke: Dog sweat through their paws and cool themselves by … [Read more...]