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Dog Moms Rock Goodies Giveaway

Just in time for the month that spotlight Mother's Day, Fidose of Reality is super excited to announce the Dog Moms Rock Goodies Giveaway. We want you to tweet about the love between you and your dog(s)! Easy, fun, and there are prizes involved. Testing a PDF Why does my relationship with my dog impact me on such a deep level? Perhaps you feel the same way about your dog. … [Read more...]

Things That Dog Parents Say Proud and Aloud

“How was the dog's poop today, honey?” “Good, fully formed and no mush. What time do you want to grocery shop tonight?” This is an actual exchange of words between myself and my spouse. Recently, years ago, and probably tomorrow, too. We are not alone. See how many of these conversations and quips you’ve said aloud, perhaps to a friend or co-worker, or maybe even to the … [Read more...]

Fidose of Reality 2015 Pawer Women

The ending of one year and the beginning of another brings with it great joy and reflection: In 365, a lot can...and does...happen. As is our year-end tradition, Fidose of Reality announces a list of women in the pet industry who go above and beyond. In some way, shape, or form, these ladies did something to impact the lives of dogs in 2015 (and no doubt long before that and … [Read more...]

Dog Lovers Store Opens At Fidos Festival

My heart beats dog®. Does yours? Look around the all new, crispy, shiny Fidose of Reality website!!! We are growing by leaps, wags, and bounds, so a new "doghouse" was necessary. Of course, that means the welcome wagon is open to YOU: Our loyal fans!!! We're giving things away and look forward to meeting you in person. If you are dog lovers, read on and check our our fab new … [Read more...]

Childless by Choice and Equality Under Dog

I never wanted kids but having dogs woke up a motherly, protective instinct I wondered about—as in “would I be a good mother?” Answer: Yep, I am a pretty damned good mom. In fact, better than average for sure. I recall being in the hospital to have my uterus removed back at the turn of the millennium. Hospital beds were pretty full due at the time, so the only spot for me … [Read more...]

Dog Mom Love Photo Contest

Dog moms: This is your moment to shine!!! We want to see photos of the love between you and your dog in honor of the Fidose of Reality Mother’s Day “Dog Love” Photo Contest for 2015! Entering is easy, prizes are plentiful, and all dogs are welcomed: past and present. What Are the Prizes? Mellie Test is an artistic genius, and two lucky winners will each receive a custom … [Read more...]

Dog Moms Fess Up About Dog Dental Care #DogDentalHealth

  Brushing a dog's teeth might just be one of the most important life-saving routines you can establish. No matter what a dog's age, breed, or health issues, there is always time, room, and a routine that can be established for teeth brushing. We have some dog moms who are fessing up about dog dental care. If you missed our step-by-step blog post on how to brush … [Read more...]

Why Do People Get Pissed at Dog Moms?

Dogs are the new kids: Trite for some, but true for me. There are people who just don't get it. Recently, while at the park with my dog, I told him "go see Mommy" and pointed at my spouse. This is something millions of people around the world do everyday, right? Refer to themselves as mommy, mom, or any number of similar references.  Dog moms (and dads) have arrived. When … [Read more...]

Dog Mom Weds Love of Her Life

1,049. There are exactly 1,049 reasons why I was legally married on June 12, 2014. After living with, loving with, and growing a life with my significant other since June 12, 1993, our bond of love was sealed in the eyes of the law last week, as this dog mom wed the love of her life. I recall reading one of the very first published books on gay marriage, the aptly titled, … [Read more...]

Seven Products to Surprise Dog Moms

Mother's Day is here and dog moms can rejoice: Fidose of Reality celebrates with you. Wondering what to get the dog mom in your life? Or perhaps you want to treat your dog to something new and exciting to hit the marketplace. Well, we've got you covered with seven products to surprise dog moms. I was recently on television for a segment of Pet Talk with the fab Lauren … [Read more...]