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What to Do For Lumps On a Dog

Bonnie Marshall knew something was not right with her dog: Thirteen-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Oogy, visited the vet just a week before for his annual examination, teeth cleaning, and vaccines. A week later, this is Oogy when lumps suddenly appeared under his skin: Most concerning, these tumors: Appeared out of nowhere Increased in size at a rapid rate of … [Read more...]

Dog Parent Guide to Lumps on a Dog

This post may contain affiliate links for which I earn a small income if you click through and purchase something on the links. Please see my disclosure policy for details.  A lump appears on your dog. What should you do next? Do not panic but do not sit idly and hope it goes away. When a tiny raised lump appeared on my Cocker Spaniel’s shoulder blade about two weeks … [Read more...]

10 Touches To Save a Dog’s Life

Dogs make our lives better: They are ready at a moment’s notice to be mood enhancers, help people recover better after a heart attack, and just sitting and petting a dog can make both parties involved feel better. Touching a dog, in fact, can save a life. When a tiny raised lump appeared on my first Cocker Spaniel’s shoulder blade about two weeks after getting her then … [Read more...]

Veterinarian Comes Clean About Vaccines and Dog Food

Is your dog constantly itching? Want to know more about caring for your older dog? Interested in feeding your dog a natural diet? Vaccines and what to give when got you all baffled and confused? Good, reputable, solid healthcare information that can be trusted is hard to come by, as anyone with a keyboard and a mission can write whatever they want online. Not everything we read … [Read more...]

Just FoR Today: Does touching my dog really matter?

If you can do just one thing just FoR today (FoR as in “Fidose of Reality”) to change your dog’s life, how paw-tastic would that be? Touching my dog is today's topic. We've  been  scouring the world of dog news and sharing with Fidose of Reality readers tips to enhance your dog’s life and things to ensure they aren’t a victim of things like dog food scares, treat recalls, … [Read more...]