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The Itchy Cocker Spaniel: 4 Quick And Easy Fixes For Dogs

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is how to help an itchy Cocker Spaniel stop scratching. Because Cockers are plagued by allergies, oily skin, and dermatitis, I decided to find quick and easy things to stop an itchy Cocker from scratching nonstop. Formulated dog shampoos, enzymatic leave-on conditioners, topical cream, and hydrocortisone-based ear solutions … [Read more...]

How Can I Help My Dog With Allergies?

Itching and scratching are as uncomfortable for dogs as they are for you, the dog parent, to watch as your dog engages in these behaviors. There are quite literally millions of articles floating around online about how to help a dog with allergies. Here, we cut to the chase, tell you what has worked for us, and offer some expert advice from a webinar we attended with Dr. Deva … [Read more...]

New Inexpensive Way to Cure Dog Food Allergies

Do you have a dog with allergies? Does your dog have itchy skin or perhaps irritable bowel or digestive symptoms because you suspect food is a culprit? Cocker Spaniels share my life, so allergies and itchy skin have become an expected norm. Trying to determine what makes a dog itch, especially this time of year as leaves fall and seasons change, can be nightmarish and laborious … [Read more...]