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101 Things To Do Indoors With Your Dog

Sometimes it’s next to impossible for dogs to go outside. From rainy days to stay-at-home orders, dogs still need things to do while stuck inside. Fortunately, we feel your pain and came up with a list of 101 things to do indoors with your dog. We’ve divided the 101 things into 10 easy categories so you can choose the ones that apply to your dog, his age, needs, and energy … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Keep Dogs Active Indoors

Rainy days, wintery days, snowy days, or plain ole indoor days: These are the nemesis of the dog who wants and needs exercise. Trying to keep dogs active indoors requires a bit of ingenuity, space, and a willing spirit. Patience and love are key: You want your dog to like doing these activities while engaging his or her muscles in a way that will keep them active The … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Keep Dogs Active in Winter #PinnacleHealthyPets

Dogs get cabin fever and can get the blues in the winter months, very much like people can. Contrary to popular belief that colder weather means less activity for dogs (and people), using a a little ingenuity, a bit of creativity, and some treats, winter activities for dogs means keeping the pounds off and minds stimulated. Here are 8 ways to keep dogs active in … [Read more...]

Creative Dog Games with Kibble #InspiredByCrafted

I am the world's worst cook. Seriously, I am one of the worst cooks in the world, and long-time readers of this blog know all too well about my culinary misgivings. I am so bad that the folks at The Food Network wanted me to appear as a contestant on their popular television show, Worst Cooks in America (click here to read why I said no).  Just because I lack cooking expertise … [Read more...]

Seven Dog Winter Dangers And How to Prevent Them

Winter myths and lies are blowing across the landscape these days. Not everything you read online is true, on this we can agree. But there are some winter myths that make their way into mainstream. Myths have no place when it comes to a dog’s well being and winter safety. Dog winter dangers are rampant, but knowing how to prevent them is so simple. Here are 7 realities to … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Score a Canine Touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday

Commercials, buffalo wings, halftime show, penalties and instant replay: These are a few of the elements people across the country will embrace on Super Bowl, Sunday, February 1st. Whether or not you like professional football (and I do), there is a slim chance you can escape the frenzy and hype that is Super Bowl week. No matter what team you cheer for and whether or not … [Read more...]

How To Exercise a Lazy Dog

My dog hates to exercise. I have a lazy dog who doesn’t want to move or go for walks. Why won’t my dog play with me anymore? If you’ve said (or thought) any of the above, this information is for you. Sometimes dogs aren’t lazy: It’s us pet parents who aren’t engaging our dogs and motivating them to do things, have fun, and enjoy their time on earth. Here's how to exercise a … [Read more...]

How to Host a Dog Pajama Party

Looking for something fun, unique, and different to do with your dog-loving friends? Ever consider a dog pajama party? This can be a lot of fun, makes for a clever way to host a get together, and is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. I am also asked how to host a creative fundraiser. A doggie daytime (or early evening) pajama party is a great way to fundraise and have fun … [Read more...]

Do You Care About Your Dog’s IQ?

The Dog IQ Test: The title alone stopped me in my tracks. Back in 1996, when people still browsed bookstores for the latest titles, I paid about $15 for the book by Melissa Miller and had a project for the next week or so with Brandy Noel, the dog before my current dog, Dexter. I wondered about my dog's IQ. I thought about the book and the test recently, and it raised some … [Read more...]

Getting Inside Your Dog’s Mind with Dognition

Did you ever wish you could get inside your dog’s mind and figure out just what they are thinking? As a dog lover of the highest order, these are things that run through my mind. I am not alone in this. Combine one part dog and one part cognition and you’ve got Dognition. An article on recently revealed that a few European inventors received funding to … [Read more...]