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Help If Your Dog Won’t Eat His Dog Food #WeBelieveinNB

One of the most frustrating and concerning things a dog parent can experience is that moment when their dog simply refuses his dog food. I’ve been down this road, and my previous Cocker Spaniel was by far the most finicky dog I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life. Getting my dog to eat a high quality food which allowed for healthy digestion while pleasing her palate is … [Read more...]

Canine Holiday Tale of Less is More With #NaturalBalance

When we give, we receive so much in return. I imagine if my dog could actually talk, he really would be the type of pooch to say something like that. He is a loving, giving, non-confrontational type of dog and the inspiration for this canine holiday tale. Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage, kick back and relax, and read through the story of Less is More.   'Twas … [Read more...]

New Dog Food Put to the Test

Dog food that is good for dogs, tastes yummy to them, and gives dog parents a sense of providing proper nutrition to them: Sounds like a wish list for dog moms and dads, right? Wishes sometimes come true, as we recently discovered with a new dog food (wet variety)to the marketplace. Rachael Ray Nutrish Naturally Delish is a wet food for dogs with no corn, wheat*, soy, or … [Read more...]