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The Next Chapter in My Dog Loving Life

Something really big is coming our way. I don’t know what it is, but something really big is coming, and I feel it coming soon. It's the next chapter in my dog loving life. It was the summer of 2017 and those are the exact words I said aloud to my wife. This blog is called Fidose of Reality and there are so many things I am now wanting and able to share so that you, my … [Read more...]

How to Become a Successful Pet Blogger

Have you ever wonder just what it takes to be a pet blogger? Did you know that pet blogging can be a lucrative career move with a feasible income, whether for supplemental money or as a part-time option and even as a full-time career. If you have ever considered a career in pet blogging and/or within the pet industry, here's a primer on what you need to know, things you might … [Read more...]

How My Love of Dogs Helped Me Form a Career: And How You Can Too

My love of dogs helped me form a career....the love for dogs actually catapulted me into this profession. In 2010, I walked into a BlogPaws conference in Ohio and found a kindred connection with hundreds of other pet bloggers. We came together to network, grow, learn, monetize, and explore the possibilities of being a pet blogger. My dog and I have attended all four to date: in … [Read more...]

Pawer Women Series: Interview with Dr. Jean Dodds

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own dog business? Maybe you’ve considered a career related to dogs but aren’t sure where to start, need some encouragement, resources or just a paw in the right direction. In 2011, Fidose of Reality started a series titled, “Paw-er Women.” These are women who are following dreams, making a difference, being role models, and more: all in the … [Read more...]

Talent personified: Pet graphics designer shares his secrets and lends clients a paw

"I wish I knew someone that did amazing graphics and could help me with my website, blog, media kit, rescue project, Facebook image, in general!" This pet graphics designer is fantastic. I get asked frequently who I would recommend for graphics that won't cost a small arm, leg and paw. It is with great pleasure that I lift the shroud of secrecy and reveal one of the most … [Read more...]

Pawer Women: Dog blogger: Carrie Boyko shares how: Part 9 of 10

All Things Dog Blog. That pretty much sums it up for Carrie Boyko. Visit her blog and you are guaranteed to get a dose of dog, or two, or er, three.  Carrie founded her very own successful dog blog that tightly focuses on our favorite topic: canines! She took some time from her very busy pawer woman schedule to dish dogs with Fidose of Reality. Fidose of Reality: Tell us a … [Read more...]

Pawer Women: Becoming a firefighter and educator: Part 8 of 10

Our pawer women series continues with one of the hottest ladies around, literally, and her little (er, not so little, tall perhaps) dogs, too. Meet the fire-engine personality that is Dayna Hilton. Dayna is a  firefighter and a fire safety educator. She is the Publisher at Firehouse Dog Publishing (her publishing company), and Executive Director of the Keep Kids Fire Safe® … [Read more...]

Pawer Women: Being a dog artist: Part 7 of 10

Be the change.  That’s what Annamarie "Missy" Johnson decided to do when she put brush to canvas and painted a menagerie of mutts in need.  Missy is our Pawer Woman for the weekend, but a celeb-r-artist in her own right.  Talk about bringing a cause to life. I've dubbed her the "Rembrandt for Rovers." She calls her mission Dogs for the Paws. “I wanted to do some type of … [Read more...]

Paw-er Women: Launching a new dog product to market: Part 6 of 10

Do you find that your dog attracts attention and you meet people you never would have without your trusty canine pal? Dogs have a tendency to open our worlds to things previously untapped. Add a Doodie Pack to your dog and suddenly, the looks, glances and communication with others soars. Pawer woman time! How do I know and just what is a Doodie Pack? My dog Dexter strapped … [Read more...]

Pawer Women: Becoming a published pet author: Part 5 of 10

“When I'm writing about animals, I think about my own pets. Since I love my pets, these are generally warm, fuzzy, happy thoughts. My four dogs are usually all crowded around my desk as I write,” published pet writer Susan Daffron shared. Published pet writer: Three words so many of us pine for (present company included), so having a success story in the Fidose of Reality Pawer … [Read more...]