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The Itchy Cocker Spaniel: 4 Quick And Easy Fixes For Dogs

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is how to help an itchy Cocker Spaniel stop scratching. Because Cockers are plagued by allergies, oily skin, and dermatitis, I decided to find quick and easy things to stop an itchy Cocker from scratching nonstop. Formulated dog shampoos, enzymatic leave-on conditioners, topical cream, and hydrocortisone-based ear solutions … [Read more...]

Natural Solutions for Dog Allergies

Allergy season is upon us! You might be taking your daily Claritin, but we can’t forget about our furry friends this time of year. There are natural solutions for dog allergies, and perhaps some of these ideas will help your dog get relief. My poor Shih-Tzu, Benji, got the short end of the stick when it comes to allergies for dogs. Not only does he have allergies to certain … [Read more...]

How Can I Help My Dog With Allergies?

Itching and scratching are as uncomfortable for dogs as they are for you, the dog parent, to watch as your dog engages in these behaviors. There are quite literally millions of articles floating around online about how to help a dog with allergies. Here, we cut to the chase, tell you what has worked for us, and offer some expert advice from a webinar we attended with Dr. Deva … [Read more...]

Eight Dog Myths About Autumn Debunked

Does my dog need flea treatment in the autumn months? Pumpkins are seen everywhere in the fall— can I feed my dog pumpkin for tummy upset? These are questions dog parents start thinking about as the seasons change. However, there are many dog myths about autumn floating around on the cooler breezes. Not all things you read online are true (surprise surprise he he), but here are … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Help a Dog With Allergies

Is there anything worse than a dog who incessantly licks/bites/scratches themselves?  It is believed that there are millions of you who have a dog with allergies. The only thing worse is the dog who ends up with hot spots, skin infections, and/or living a life of either complete misery from scratching or sleeping a lot due to the side effects of antihistamines serving as a … [Read more...]

Does the Nutriscan Kit to Solve Dog Food Allergies Work?

Once a year for about 60 days my dog itches and bites at his feet until I just want to cry because anything I’ve tried doesn’t seem to 100% help. I wanted to find out if the NutriScan kit to solve dog allergies actually worked. Dexter suffers from allergies year-round, which are relatively staved off with Atarax 25 mg one to two times a day and oatmeal baths along with frequent … [Read more...]

New Inexpensive Way to Cure Dog Food Allergies

Do you have a dog with allergies? Does your dog have itchy skin or perhaps irritable bowel or digestive symptoms because you suspect food is a culprit? Cocker Spaniels share my life, so allergies and itchy skin have become an expected norm. Trying to determine what makes a dog itch, especially this time of year as leaves fall and seasons change, can be nightmarish and laborious … [Read more...]

Veterinary Expert Reveals Truth About Dog Food Allergies

Dog Food Allergies: What should I feed my dog, what foods might be causing his or her allergy, and how do I know what supplements to feed my dog? These are some of the questions that were asked and masterfully answered by W. Jean Dodds, DVM, in a webinar hosted by the Danish-Swedish Farmdogs USA this past weekend. Dr. Dodds is to me what the Pope is to Catholics. She speaks, … [Read more...]

What To Do About Dog Allergies

What should you do about dog allergies? Are you tired of Fido’s itching? Is Fido tired of sporting the Cone of Shame? Then it’s probably high-time overdue to consult with your vet on… drum roll, please… allergies! That’s right! Known as the scarlet letter in the doggie world, suspecting Fido has allergies often begins with symptoms apparent through the Integumentary System; … [Read more...]

Three products for dogs with allergies

Sneezing, itching skin, watery eyes, and all the horrid symptoms associated with allergies are affecting dogs on a more frequent basis. In fact, one report recently revealed that fifteen to twenty percent of dogs in the U.S. suffer from allergies to pollens, mold spores, dust mites, and end up with the itches aka "atopic dermatitis." I'd be hard pressed to find a friend or dog … [Read more...]