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How Can I Train My Dog to Like Car Rides? #GrabTheLeash

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My dog hates car rides and he shakes, pants, whines, and is so upset. How can I train my dog to like car rides? I’ve been traveling with a dog for over 25 years, from sea to shining sea. Fortunately, my dogs have been fans of a car ride; other dog parents are not so fortunate.

The folks at Therabis® recently asked if we would like to try their version of doggie hemp. Now, the dog mom in me was a bit apprehensive; after all, there’s a “rumor” that hemp is marijuana. Why would I give my precious dog such a product? Well, the Internet is also full of falsehoods and untruths.

How Can I Train My Dog to Like Car Rides

Here’s a (Fi)dose of Reality: Hemp is not a euphemism for marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are two completely different plants. Whew!

What does Therabis (dog hemp) have to do with training your dog to like car rides? The Therabis version of anti-anxiety is called Calm and Quiet. It helps dogs maintain a calming energy throughout stressful situations. Therabis Calm & Quiet comes in both a packet that you sprinkle on dog food or in a chewy treat that you give to your dog as a stressful situation presents itself (i.e., thunderstorms, fireworks, or a car ride).

What is CBD As Opposed to Hemp?

CBD stands for cannabidol and is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in hemp. CBD interacts with your dog’s endocannabinoid system—in other words, the central regulatory system to help him with body processes like sleep, digestion, and mood. Ah, there’s that word: Mood! We all want our dogs to be calm and relaxed in the car, right?

Hemp wellness products can help dogs with anxiety issues but also it can assist dogs with itching and joint mobility. How many dogs do you know who itch or have arthritis? In my world, that’s a ton of dogs!

Train My Dog to Like Car Rides

In advance of a training session with your dog, as I outline in this brief video below, give him the proper dosage of Therabis Calm & Quiet, either in a treat form or sprinkled on his food. You don’t want your dog to be drugged or knocked out. You do want your dog to be relaxed and amenable to a new experience he otherwise finds disturbing: A car ride.

Caveat: If your dog despises the car, shakes like a leaf, and pretty much pants and whines the whole time, a super long trip is not in his or her best interest. Get dogs used to road travel step by step. It can happen. Therabis may prove to be your second best friend. You might want to try the Therabis at a casual day at home with your dog to see how it affects him/her: Relaxed? Chill?

How Can I Train My Dog to Like Car Rides

Based on the daily use of Calm and Quiet formula, together with the whole plant hemp oil and naturally occurring cannabinoids, in concert with L-theanine, dogs can snack on a palatable treat and receive a fast acting “in the moment” soothing supplement.

CBD does not create a psychoactive effect in the way that marijuana does. Hemp is not marijuana.

After giving your dog the dosage of Therabis Calm and Quiet, here are some handy video tips that will help your dog transform from road worrier to road warrior in 4 weeks’ time:


Therabis products are available in three different sizes and available for subscription delivery.

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Who Can Be Helped by Therabis Calm and Quiet

  • Dogs who are adjusting to car rides/highway travel
  • Dogs who have separation anxiety
  • Dogs who fear thunderstorms and/or fireworks
  • Dogs who have had a rough past and are now in a loving forever home
  • Dogs who are older and having a tough time adjusting

Therabis Calm and Quiet

Don’t Stop Now

Experience how hemp can bring relief to your dog and visit the Therabis website to view their entire product line. If you say to yourself, “I want to train my dog to like car rides,” Therabis Calm and Quiet can help!

Let us know if you have or would consider trying hemp-based products like Therabis for your dog. Grab the leash and tell us below!

Author’s Note: We used the Therabis packet during a summer thunderstorm and noticed that it really helped take the edge off of our dog’s outward shaking and fear. Always check with your dog’s veterinarian before starting or adding any new items to the dog’s regimen.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I wish I had known about Therabis during 4th of July. I wish have preferred giving my dogs this instead over prescription medication. I have three dogs and two of them are so afraid of fireworks and thunder. I’m buying this today. Sounds like the perfect product. Thank you so much for writing about this for your readers.

    1. Happy to hear you are going to give it a try. Our dog is not fond of storms or fireworks. Keep us posted.

  2. We just took our 12 year old dog on a family vacation to OBX, which is 8 hours from where we live. She usually hates driving in the car, but we went to the vet and got her some what I call doggie downers and she was great both going & coming. It was worth it having her on vacation with us and enjoying the beach!

  3. How interesting! I never had a dog and for some reason assumed they all liked car rides! I should not admit to that 🙂

  4. We have used these calming pills for other items that our dog has had. He doesn’t like gun shots or fire works. This would be great for those that don’t like to ride in cars.

  5. Dogs are so hit or miss with car trips. Some dogs love car rides, and others get so sick that you wish that you never took them in the car.

    1. That is true. You can get them used to it. When all they do after a car ride is a vet or groomer, they associate negative things with the car. Hope this helps.

  6. My dog hates car rides, thunderstorms, AND fireworks. I definitely need to try this out on her. It can be very overwhelming and sad for me to see how anxious she gets in these situations.

    1. Yes you can really do a lot with the Therabis and try our 4-week plan to helping your dog like the car.

  7. Interesting. I need this for my pooch! She is terrified of thunderstorms and being left alone! I wonder if this would help!

  8. I use to have a puppy that loved to ride. she took to car rides like kids to ice cream. Now we have cats and they totally hate being outside and getting dirty so they refuse to even consider walking to a car.

  9. I wish I had known about this when we had our dogs, neither of whom was very happy about going in the car. I’m all for anything that keeps our furry friends calm and comfortable!

  10. Very cool! I didn’t know CBDs could have calming effects like this. I think they’re great if they help people bring their dogs along on some trips!

  11. Our Lyla uses Therabis daily and it has helped her immensely with fear of storms, fireworks (was a dream to have her on it for the 4th of July!!!) and she no longer freaks out at loud noises!
    The food additive must be yummy because she does not care at all that it is mixed in with her food.
    It does not knock her out – it just clams her but yet at the same time, I have noticed she is MORE playful than before!!
    We LOVE Therabis!!!

  12. Interesting! I definitely need to try this with my dogs back home. They are so skiddish with everything so hopefully this helps calm them and make them comfortable. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Thanks for clarifying this. I’ve always thought that hemp and marijuana are one and the same. I’m lucky my fur babies love car rides.

  14. My Riley doesn’t exactly hate car rides but this sounds like a lovely way to treat their anxiety. I think it’s interesting as I’ve never tried it before. I’m definitely intrigued.

    1. It is a great product and we are happy we found it. Keep us posted if you try it on Riley 😉

  15. This is all really helpful! I have two dogs, one that loves car rides and one that is really nervous with them. We have tried a ton of different things, and I learned a few new tips to try for him, thanks!

  16. I will definitely give this a try! My rescue pup is not a huge fan of car rides – it stresses her out!

  17. Great review! I would definitely like to try Therabis Calm & Quite for my Husky Icy. She’s terrified of thunder and fireworks, and is weirdly afraid of walking into the village (town) where we live. I think it’s the noise or something about the crowded town that makes her anxious. She’ll walk happily towards town but when we reach this very specific point in the walk she starts to get agitated and immediately veers off to get away from town. It’s the weirdest thing! We can’t figure out what’s making her so anxious in the heart of town. I’ve been learning about CBD and I’m really interested in it. I recently tried some hemp calming treats over 4th of July. They seemed to help a little. I’d like to try something else – in fact tonight we just had a rainstorm here and poor Icy is so scared with all the thunder. Wish I had something to give her. Poor girl, we’ve been having so many thunderstorms this month!

    1. We are the same way, Cathy. Dex fears fireworks and storms so bad. I hope this helps if you give it a try.

  18. This is such a helpful information, My fur babies are always love car rides! I will also try this one.

    1. Thanks so much. We tried the sample treat and then we tried the packets with success for some situations. 😉

  19. I’ve never heard of this product before, but it sounds like a good one when it comes to getting your dogs to have less anxiety when riding in a car with. This sounds like a good product.

  20. Thunderstorms is what our lab needs help with (even though he sounds like a thunderstorm snoring next to me). Car rides he’s all about, even if it is a trip to the vet.

  21. Thank you for this great training video. I am glad you showed how the calming product Therabis is not a substitute for reconditioning work, rather an AID to helping your dog be under threshold so you can do the reconditioning work. So many dogs have massive panic about cars and this can be a real sticking point for making progress with helping them get over it. Fantastic post!

    1. You got it, Mat. Thanks so much. You are right: It works in tandem with reconditioning. I appreciate your comment very much!

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