Your Dog’s Best Health: What to Expect from a Veterinarian

As a layperson and dog mom without any formal veterinary school training, much of what I’ve learned about dog health care has been reading, talking to those in the know, experiencing things first hand with my dogs, and finding books like the latest by Dr. Nancy Kay.

“Visits to the vet will never be the same,” is the printed across the cover of Your Dog’s Best Health, and the Dr. Kay delivers on this statement.

If you are a pet parent who believes in the importance of communicating with your vet and having an open dialogue where you feel free and comfortable to ask questions, Dr. Kay embraces this philosophy as well. The relationship with your pet’s veterinarian is one that, like any other, will take time to build as you get to know each other, and she/he gets to know your dog.

Have you ever wondered how to approach the topic of a second opinion? How to know what vaccines are right for your dog and, as important, how often? Dr. Kay shares her knowledge from a career spanning nearly 30 years. Her prose is comfortable and welcoming; she guides readers through the fears that accompany visits to the vet, what really happens when your pet is hospitalized, and the best way to allay fears and approach difficult situations. Having shared life with a dog who developed a mast cell tumor (stage 2 cancer) at the site of a vaccine, I was grateful Dr. Kay addressed the topic in this book.

If you’ve visited the vet more than once in your lifetime (who amongst us hasn’t) and have concerns the book won’t address anything you don’t already know, this is where Dr. Kay is a master craftswoman. She delves into websites and the Internet’s presence and role in pet health information, including tips and advice on what to embrace and what to avoid.

I own Dr. Kay’s book, Speaking for Spot, have referred to it often. It is s one of those resources that is helpful to have as a go-to reference for a host of dog-themed medical situations (and terminology).

Designed for new and veteran dog parents, Your Dog’s Best Health, means advocating to and with your dog’s veterinarian for a lifetime of canine well-being.

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  1. Agreed, Michele, and thanks for chiming in. Fortunately, we have a vet we love… and we communicate, I write things down to tell him, and he is very open and forthright with us. He loves pets and is the real deal. Glad to hear Earl is okay!

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