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Yams Trump Dog Jerky

Taste testers, Dexter and Zola are ready for action

My dog is a fusspot when it comes to treats and he absolutely refuses to eat vegetables. Time and again, I read stories of dog moms and dads who give their dogs green beans or raw carrots as a snack. Meanwhile, my anti-vegite dog turns his cute little Cocker nose up at the mere sight of a vegetable. So do yams really trump dog jerky?

Well, that is until now.

In an effort to stay away from treats that are not sourced and made here in the United States, the folks at Front Porch Pets asked if my pooch might like to try some Sam’s Yams. Ha! Yams + my dog = good luck with that.

“Wait,” they said, “we have a whole new line of products for dogs.”


Okay, attention garnered, Sam’s Yams people.  There are dehydrated sweet potatoes in these cookies, but there are also nom nom ingredients like fresh apples, pumpkins, and cranberries.  They call that flavor Pumpkin Cruncher and Dexter loves them! *Rejoice, angels sing*

Here are a few of there other new cookies and the flavors:


Now, if your dog is more of a traditionalist and digs jerky but you are oh so scared to feed chicken jerky from scary overseas sources (as I am), Sam’s Yams are pure sweet potatoes and nothing else.  They are not rawhide and they have the consistency and texture of jerky, so dogs get that chewy sensation.


I read the labels of dog food and dog treats with the scrutiny of an Encyclopedia Brown book. So here’s the scoop on what’s in Sam’s Yams.

There is no wheat gluten in any of the Sam’s Yams products, and these are treats a dog mom or dad can feel safe feeding to their pooch: Are you smiling from ear to ear with us on that one?

sams yams

Taste Testers

Just because my dog isn’t a fan of yams in their purest sense, other dogs must be fans of the yams, right? It is so. When tried on mixed breed Zola (see below) and Cocker Spaniel, Holly, the Sam’s Yams were a raving hit.

Sizes and Varieties

Sam’s Yams offers three different packages and a variety of sizes in their dog treats. From Veggie “Rawhide” (even though they are not traditional rawhide at all) to Big Boyz Sweet Potato Dog Chewz to Bichon Fries for smaller dogs, the variety is there.

Pricing is comparable and the chews take the dogs a bit longer to break up and munch upon, so you get your dollar’s worth.


Where to Find Sam’s Yams

There is a store finder on the Front Porch Pets website, so give it a peek:

Has your dog ever tried Sam’s Yams or the Sam’s Yam’s Cookies? Bark at us in the comments below. Oh, and stop back on May 1st when we will have a huge Sam’s Yam’s Giveaway to kick off the month of May!


Note: We were not compensated for this post and all opinions expressed are that of our own. As with any treat, please use in moderation, check with your veterinarian with any specific health questions, and always use supervision when a dog is eating any sort of food or treat.



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  1. I have heard of these. I might eat them because the yams are hidden, but I don’t like yams at all. My sisters love them, but I refuse to eat the. I need to try some Sam’s Yams one day and see for myself.

    1. Try the new crunchers – my pooch won’t eat the yams either but loves the crunchers, Emma. 😉

  2. This product looks awesome. I like that this is sourced in the USA. That’s a big plus for me, and there is no wheat! I am definitely going to take my “kids” out this weekend and purchase a couple of bags. Looks like a great variety is offered, too! Thanks, Carol.

    1. The made in the USA (and with potatoes grown here) had us sold right out of the gate. Your dogs will love them.

  3. My sister and I were also concerned about the rawhide treats we were giving our dogs and decided to give the Bichon Fries a try. Oh. My. Goodness. Those two are crazy about them. If we have overlooked their 9:00 snack time, they let us know! They come running when they hear the sack opening and then race back to their designated places to receive the treat. We are ever so grateful to have such a safe and tasty treat for our beloved pets.

    1. That is great to hear and I know the folks at Sam’s Yams will be so happy to hear that. I love the small shape and how they are good for little dogs, too, Donna. 😉

  4. Bentley LOVES his veggies. After being inspired by all of the dehydrating posts, I borrowed my son’s and we made dehydrated sweet potatoes. They are yummy! Those treats look great and I am impressed with the different flavors.

    1. The new crunchers are pretty cool, Jada, because my Dexter won’t eat the traditional sweet potatoes but he loves these.

  5. Patches, Max and Maggie have had these and love Sam’s Yams. But they love all fruits and vegetables. These are great treats for your dogs.

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