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Winners of Gift Baskets of Dog Treats from Scout and Zoes

dog antler chews

Chicken jerky and pet treat recalls have made the news and might have even affected a dog in your family, perhaps your own. So when the folks at Scout & Zoe’s told me they had added new dog treats to their line, including chicken jerky, I hesitated. Then I had a chat with the founder of Scout & Zoe’s and feel comfortable feeding this product to my own dog.

Scout & Zoe’s chicken jerky is USDA grade A boneless, skinless chicken breast.  There are no hormones added, it is antibiotic free, and the chickens are raised in Indiana and Ohio, free range. Scout and Zoe’s also released a new dog treat in the sweet potato line, too. These sweet potatoes have been raised in Texas, Arizona and California.  They are USDA grade A Fancy sweet potatoes and contain no chemicals, no preservatives. Both raw products are obtained from food distributors who sell product to restaurants. “Our chicken and potatoes could have been on your dinner plate. Human grade,” Cindy Dunston Quirk tells Fidose of Reality.

The three winners of the contest are:

Sharon Lerette

Karen Burgstede

Christy Graham


chicken jerky

The chicken jerky is sliced into thin filets and dehydrated into chicken jerky gold. Sweet potatoes are sliced into thin ribbons and dehydrated to crispy perfection. There is no salt, nothing added. “I love to eat these. Scout, Zoe and I test the crispiness of each batch,” Cindy says. (if humans eat them, then of course our doggies are safe with them!)

sweet potato treats

Our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, and his fur-ends will be testing the treats out and we plan to bring you video review of our dogs’ reactions to them and showing you we feel safe in feeding them to our own dogs. You can check out the new line of Scout & Zoe’s chicken jerky treats and sweet potato treats for dogs by hopping over here:  Scout and Zoe’s online store for dog treats

As a bonus surprise to all Fidose of Reality fans, we are also giving away $175 in Scout & Zoe’s treats for dogs!!! 

Yep, three Fidose of Reality fans will win prizes of dog treats for their dogs from Scout & Zoe’s! 


Easy!!  Visit Scout & Zoe’s Online Store and tell us which product your dog would love to munch on! It must be one of the products from the Scout & Zoe’s Online Store.

We will pick 3 random winners on April 27th.  Contest starts right now and ends on April 26, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.  One entry per person, please.  U.S. residents only, and must be 18 years or over, please.

Complete Rules Here

Here are the prize packs and what you will get:

$100 gift pack from Scout & Zoe’s:
1 jumbo Scout & Zoe’s antler chew
1 XL Scout & Zoe’s antler chew
1 package chicken jerky dog treats
1 package sweet potato dog treats

$50 gift pack from Scout & Zoe’s:
1 large Scout & Zoe’s large antler chew
1 package Scout & Zoe’s chicken jerky dog treats
1 package Scout & Zoe’s sweet potato dog treats

$25 gift pack from Scout & Zoe’s:
1 package Scout & Zoe’s chicken jerky dog treats
1 package Scout & Zoe’s sweet potato dog treats

scout and zoe


* Note: Scout & Zoe’s is an official sponsor of the Wigglebutt Wedding and we are proud to have our esteemed guests snack on their treats!

Information on treats is provided by Scout & Zoe’s and further info can be found on their website,


  1. Sharon Gilbert says

    Schooner and Skipper would love try the ANTLER CANINE COOKIES and the SWEET POTATO TREATS! Carol since you would feed Dexter Scout & Zoe’s chicken jerky I know it must be an excellent product. I trust you and Dexter 100%. You know that Cindy Dunston Quirk LOVES her Scout and Zoe because she stated I am most at ease when I am covered with dog hair from head to toe. I like no I love the fact they are made in Indiana Woo Hoo! That’s because I live in Indiana!

  2. ellen says

    Awesome contest again, Carol. You sure know how to make the contests fun! My little girl would love to have the sweet potato treats. She LOVES sweet potato in everything!

    Can’t wait to meet you and y our Dexter at the wedding!

  3. Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) says

    No doubt the chicken jerky would be Gizmo’s first choice…So far he’s not much into his antler although the antler cookies look interesting and I know he’d like the sweet potato treats too

  4. Annette says

    My sweet fur kids would love to try ALL of the treats from the Scout and Zoe line! And their mama would feel good about treating them to such healthy fare. Toby, 9, would be all over the Chicken Jerky, and Tristan, 1 1/2, would devour the Antler Splits!

  5. Rita Vetsch says

    Hi, Kasper and Koko Bean would LOVE to try the Sweet Potato Treats!! Koko Bean has allergies and has a touchy tummy so we are very consciencous about what we buy him. Your store seems absolutely amazing and we’d absolutely love to win a gift basket and try some of your amazing goodies!!

  6. Amy Orvin says

    My 2 dogs, Toby and Sushi would really dig the Chicken Jerky treats! I hope I win for my girls. Since Waggin Train took their chicken jerky off the market, they have been missing some. Thank you for the divine giveaway!

  7. Kerry says

    Hands down the sweet potato treats my dogs LOVE them! (they also love the antlers because they are chewers!) I always give them one when I go out for a run. They always seem to know when I am going for a run and sit and wait sorta patiently for them.

  8. Lourdes says

    T & M would def like the Chicken Jerky. They are total meat lovers like their mommy.

  9. Destiny McFalls says

    I have two German Shepherds. Chopper would gobble down the the chicken jerky but my Diva girl would savor the flavor of sweet potato chews.

  10. Andra says

    Our 6 girls, 5 dachshunds and 1 afghan hound, love antlers and chicken jerky! It keeps their teeth clean and white and my shoes in tact.

  11. Lisa F. says

    I think my dogs would like the ANTLER CANINE COOKIES. And I like they were naturally shed! 🙂

  12. Claudia M says

    What a ‘Pawsome” Giveaway ! 🙂
    YoYo has such bad Food Allergies so we are always very limited in Snacks and Bones . No Beef ,Pig anything smoked or my little Boy literately gets – sick as a dog 🙁 chicken jerky! for us .

  13. Debbie Evert says

    My chocolate Lab Cocoa would LOVE to munch on the sweet potato and chicken jerky treats.

  14. Alexis T says

    Kenzie and our foster pup, Otis, would love to try the SWEET POTATO TREATS. Thanks for such super products!

  15. Arlene R. O'Neil says

    Oh the Jumbo Antler Chew would be awesome!! I have two Labs and as we all know, Labs are notorious chewers! Holly and Bruno received antlers for Christmas and although they put a dent in them, they are still happily gnawing away on what is left!!

  16. Julie says

    Belle would love any of these treats. Sweet Potato treats are awesome. One of her favorite things to chew on is an antler, the large one would be perfect.

  17. Kathy Janes says

    I have no doubt that my three pups would adore the chicken jerkey! It looks pretty good to me, too!

  18. Anthony says

    My dog Molly would love the sweet potato treats. She thinks their oh so delicious 🙂

  19. Kathy Cook says

    My dogs love chomping on chew treats and I know they would love the Chicken Jerky treats!

  20. Chris says

    My guys would like everything!!!………lol. But I think mostly the antler canine cookies and chicken jerky. I think my birds would love the niblet chews!

  21. Ellen Wexler says

    My girl would love to try their SWEET POTATO TREATS. She loves them and we have not had the chance to try these. Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. Trisha B. says

    I think my rotty Davison would just love to try those Chicken Jerky treats from Scout and Zoe’s!

  23. Debbie Baker says

    My 3 would love some chicken jerky. Every since the first warning of the chicken jerky problem, I haven’t bought any at all!

  24. Laurie says

    My pooch would love it all, but I know he’d have an especially good time with the antler cookies. Love that it’s made here!

  25. Shelly says

    Welllllllllllllllllllll as the slave to Layla I would love the Chicken Jerky cos then I could stop making them for her BOL, phew one less chore 🙂 but on the other hand I have heard so much about the antlers and would so love her to try one, have not done it up till now as they are so expensive and it would be such a treat for her 🙂

  26. Rebecca Randolph says

    Garth would LOVE either the extra large or jumbo sized antler! (Of course I’m sure he’d also like the chicken jerky and sweet potato treats!) Lots of yummy looking noms!

    Garth’s mom Rebecca

  27. Katie says

    Our 3 Airedales will eat just about anything, but I think they would especially like the sweet potatoes or the chicken jerkey!

  28. Linda Lowry says

    My pigs, er, I mean, my cute pups would love the chicken jerky and those sweet potatos. I haven’t bought chicken jerky in a very long time due to the problems some companies had with them, but these treats are made in the good ol’ USA and THAT I trust.

    They are begging now and droolin’ Think they could win some? 🙂

  29. Kari Carlisle says

    My greyhounds, Jack and Samantha, would probably love everything, but they’d especially love the chicken jerky.

  30. Kathy Schnelle says

    Chicken jerky treats that can be trusted-Wonderful! My pack would love them!

  31. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    My baby girls would love theif Chicken Jerky.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  32. SharonAnne says

    I’m always on the hunt for American made products, and frankly the dog treat business has been a challenge in finding quality, safe treats. Bruin, Junkie and I are very happy to learn about Sout & Zoe’s brand, as I’ve never heard of them before…so thanks for that! Junkie would most likely go for the chicken jerky, as he thinks he’s a big tough carnivorous, street wise hunter (even though he’s 12 pounds). Bruin, my persnickety toy poodle cross would really enjoy the sweet potato variety as he can be…well, dainty. Hey, I also noticed on their site, they have some cool bird toys, too. Thanks again! sharonanne56 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  33. The Thundertail Tribe says

    The Thundertails are dying to try the antler splits. We fancy ourselves mighty hunters.

  34. Melissa C says

    My two love anything antler related. But I think they would love the antler splits more than anything. They like the marrow in the elk antlers but at 20lbs aren’t really big enough to chew away much of the outer layer. We have some antlers that they love but I have to keep cutting the ends off so they can get to new marrow once they hollow out as much as they can reach. You have great prices for antlers! I have seen them going for twice as much other places.

  35. Lindsay Mazzetta says

    I would love to try the nibblet chews for my guinea pig!!! He would love them! And will keep his teeth nice and short! And I would love to try the sweet potato treats! I take care of a German shepherd who has tons of allergies, and she can only eat sweet potato treats.

  36. Ann Mountain says

    My two shepherds Heidi and Chloe would love the antler splits. Actually they’d enjoy anything from Scout and Zoes, Thanks for such a quality, useful giveaway.

  37. Amy B says

    Chicken jerky and sweet potato chips!! YUM!!! You have to be so careful now days where stuff is made!! So happy for companies that love our pets as much as we do!!!

  38. Nancy says

    My 4 would love to try the chicken strips! They never get any because of safety, and the neighbor dog gets some but not the good kind. We’d like to give them to the neighbor so when we visit, we’ll get the good stuff!

  39. Karen Burgstede says

    My golden, Penny, would love the sweet potato treats! She is a spoiled 10 year old, who just waits for her evening treat! My daughter has enlightened me on the quality of dog food and treats, so I always check where it is made and the quality. These sound wonderful!

  40. Lori Miller says

    Benny & Sadie love all things antlers! They are just little, so they should probably go for the Antler Splits. Everything looked very yummy to them! Woof!

  41. Nancy Height says

    My guys Patches, Maximillion and Jagger would love the chicken jerky. I know that the 3 of them would also like the antler splits. Helps to keep there teeth nice and clean.

  42. Alisyn F says

    I have 6 dogs, Miniature and Toy australian shepherds. My dogs suffer from allergies too, 2 are allergic to chicken, one of them also to lamb and all grains. Its not a fun thing to deal with. They would love to try the sweat potato bites, canine cookies or nibblets!

  43. Vivian says

    Hi Carol! No doubt about it – Chicken Jerky would be the favorite choice in our household! My furkids absolutely love chicken! Thanks so much for sharing!

  44. Gin and Bailey says

    Bailey would love the chicken jerky treats, the sweet potato bites, the nibblets, chicken strips etc.
    As long as it tastes great & is healthy, Bailey is all for it…so any of them would be pawsome!

  45. Stella & Chico says

    Chico would totally love the sweet potato treats …and i wouldnt mind him having the calcium powder, since i often home cook for him and wonder about his need for calcium, esp at 11 yrs old. Either would be awesome for him! thank you! Woof!

  46. Nancy says

    Sammy and Sugar would love the antler cookies! These two crazy cockers are always looking for something to chew on. Or perhaps the sweet potato jerky. We need to be careful coz Sammy doesn’t stomach chicken too well.

  47. Nicole C. says

    My dog would love the CHICKEN JERKY, but then again, my dog would probably love any of them.

  48. Christy Graham says

    Oh Boy Oh Boy is right!!!! Zoey would love to try your SWEET POTATO TREATS!!!! I think she will love them as much as her human mommy loves sweet potato’s!!!!!! Guess we will have to wait and see!! YAY!

  49. Mary Witter says

    Casey yearns for chicken jerky, but I’ve been afraid to buy it for him after all the health scares. We trust you and would love to try Scout & Zoe’s Chicken Jerky.

  50. Karen Tyrrell says

    I know my dogs would love to try the Chicken Jerky! I love that these treats are so healthy and made here in the USA! They have not had Chicken Jerky in a very very long time!

  51. Yvonne F says

    Oscar, our puppy mill rescued dog would love the chicken jerky. We are celebrating his 6th anniversary “Gotcha-Day” with us soon. Your gift basket would make the celebration extra special for him!

  52. Tobi says

    Antler Cookies are looking pretty popular but I know that is what my Zeelo would want if he got to choose. Then again I feel like he would enjoy just about anything!

  53. Lisa says

    Lola would the chicken jerkey.But as we searched the store together to see what she would like her paws landed on allthe yummy treats in the store. Hmmm I may have to buy them cause whatever Lola wants I what Lola gets.

  54. Deneen Hollywood says

    Romeo would love the Chicken Jerky. That is is favorite without a doubt. Romeo was adopted from a client of mine who no longer wanted him after paying $3,000 bucks for him ! He was just a puppy. I gave him a happy home !

  55. KateV says

    While my dogs really love antler chews and anything sweet potato, I think if I could pick one thing I’d try the antler cookies as I’ve never seen them in any pet store around here and it would be an opportunity to try something new.

  56. Amity Johnson says


  57. Jan Beale says

    Oh my little ginger, loves ANYTHING food, so would love anything from your site. I would start her out on the Sweet Potato dog treats. But the chicken jerky treats sound very good too. I love this! A store where everything is safe and good your dogs! Thank you!!!!! 🙂

  58. AprilG says

    My boys would go bonkers over the sweet potato treats and antlers!!! Unfortunately Scooter is allergic to chicken, but I imagine Spud would be perfectly content hogging them all…but because I dont like to leave either out, I’d probably donate them to a rescue or shelter if we won. Thanks for the info, definitely buying some of the sweet potato, I haven’t found a good replacement yet since the ones we used to buy were discontinued! These ones look great though!!

  59. Christine Kozanda says

    Granite and Finn love Scout and Zoes Chicken Jerky! It’s a nighttime snack favorite