Winner of a Pet Jetsetter Dog Bag Valued at $59.99

pet jetsetter

As a dog mom who has been traveling with a pooch by her side for over 20 years, I am often asked what I use to carry all of my dog’s items in a dog travel bag. Well here is my dog bag!

If you’ve met me (more than likely with our PR – Puppy Relations – Manager, Dexter) over the years, I’ve had a certain bag beautifully draped across my shoulder. I look back to the past few years of pictures of my travels, and there is that same bag. The Pet JetSetter holds all of my dog’s necessities (and then some) at my fingertips. And it looks like a very high-end designer bag. Colors available are Pink/Cream, Pink/Black, and Brown and priced at $49.99. Custom embroidery with your dog’s name is available for $10.00 extra.

We are now giving one away, but if you want to buy one and have it embroidered, all Fidose of Reality fans can get a $10 savings with FREE embroidery of your dog’s name. Here is more about the offer to buy a Pet JetSetter and get free embroidery.

We even reviewed the Pet JetSetter and here is our video fun:


Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for a new contest launching January!

Want to win one for yourself? Be our guest and enter below. You can win a $59.99 Pet JetSetter bag with your dog’s name embroidered on it! One lucky winner will get this gorgeous bag.

How to enter? Just comment below and tell us the dog’s name you would have embroidered on the bag! Contest starts right now and ends on December 22, 2012. You won’t have this in time for Christmas, but you will have it to start the New Year off right if you are the winner. Woof it up and good luck! One entry per person, please. Tell your fur-ends, we love tail waggers who share! U.S. and Canadian residents are eligible, must be 18 years or over, please.

Complete Rules Here


  1. My son wanted a dog as his high school graduation gift. He went to the Richmond VA Animal Shelter and adopted a 6 month old pittie mix. He named her Reign and she is the sweetest dog ever. She and our Boston Terrier Elmer are fast friends. I encourage everyone to adopt!

  2. Since I have 3 ok 5 well maybe 4 after this weekend I would want my primaries Initials LPM (Lexie, Paco and Madison). We travel and dog park a lot and WE need a bag for ALL their STUFF!!!

  3. The name that I would like embroidered on the bag if I am honored to be the lucky recipient of the gorgeous Pet Jetsetter Dog Bag ( In pink /cream of course) would be Jolee.

  4. Oh my gosh – I really like this bag! And, I have to admit that Tessa – her name in embroidery lights – would look just darling on the outside of the bag. There. Am I entered?

  5. Ok I am ALWAYS saying I have to get my “Diaper Bag” when I take Cloe anywhere. This is too cute! Us fuzzy kid mom’s need to be organized and have everything handy too. I have a small medical one and then a “what if we get stranded on a snowy road” one with water, treats, food and flashlights. You can never be too prepared!!!!

  6. Great giveaway! Hmm … what should I get embrodered if I should win? Then I can use it to lug water, treats, brushes and combs to photoshoots (instead of stuffing all of that in my camera bag). Or Indie & Bennett? Or Canyonview Cocker Kids? I think I’d have to go with! (whew – that was hard – I need a nap now)

  7. Rocco would LOVE this bag for his roadtrips! Ide choose pink and black personally but I think he would prefer a brown one to show off his masculine side! Adorable bag!

  8. I would love to win this bag. I take ChazzTheDog all over with me. We have a packpack but it really doesn’t do the job correctly. This bag would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to get one.
    Happy Holidays to all da furpals!

  9. My two furbabies are Spud and Scooter. So I would love to win one with Spud & Scooter embroidered in it. We don’t live close to family and I hate leaving my boys which means traveling with their stuff. This bag would be so handy! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  10. I would love to win this for the times I am travelling with my Service Dog. It would make life much easier having her things in a bag, that is seperate, thus travelling would be less worrysome. I would like to have it embroidered with “SERVICE DOG” rather then her name, to decrease people calling her when she is working. Thanks keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. I would like to have AGILITY put on the bag if I win. I have four dogs and would not like to choose just one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. This would be a great bag for traveling and taking to agility. I would love the names Maximillion & Patches on the bag.

  13. We are actually in the process of searching for our first dog! So no name yet, but this would be perfect for new dog parents when we find our pooch!

  14. What a gorgeous bag! The name I would want embroidered on the bag is Emma for my beautiful Newfoundland puppy. It sure would make carrying all her stuff around alot easier and I would look good doing it!

  15. I just LOVE this, it is just the kind of thing I have been looking for. I have a Mobility Assistance Dog (Service Dog) and with all of our volunteering, college classes, work, and everything else we do, I am always looking for a bag to put his supplies in, his shoes for when it gets super hot on the ground, water, treats, and all that. I keep buying different bags hoping it would be just right, but nothing has been. I would love to have Binx put on it if we we win one of these fabulous bags!

  16. If possible, I’d put both Cheyenne & Shiloh’s names on the bag. But if just one, I’d choose Shiloh. This would be a great bag to neatly pack all our essentials for his agility trials!

  17. I would have the name Pearl embroidered on it. I so love this, if I am not lucky enough to win one I have already put it on my wish list for the next gift occasion!

  18. I have two dog so I can’t really decide unless i could put both their names Ty and Oscar Love this bag!!!

  19. We would love to win this for the rescue. It would be great for adoption events and pack walks with the volunteers. Our rescue is Have A Heart so we would love one personalized with ‘HAH’.

  20. I don’t know the dogs name. My sister-in-law just adopted and new dog and I would love to win this for her but I don’t know the dog’s name as of yet.

  21. love these bags, great to take to doggy events….i have 3 little girls, so putting one name would be hard, Evie, Tressa or Harley…..or i could have My 3 Little Girls

  22. My dogs and I love to travel. We usual take a small road trip every other weekend. This bag would be perfect! My dogs are named: Ossian (the Saint Bernard) and (Koda the husky mix). They have their own blog! I’d love to ave the travel bag embroidered with “theOKdogs”. Paws crossed for being lucky enough to win it!

  23. I love these bags. Thank you for the contest.
    Our special pal is Snowplow whose name I would want on the bag..

  24. What a sweet giveaway! My BF is heavily into the Illinois chapter of Bulldog Rescue, and they
    are always traveling to events, charities and rescues. So I would love to have it named
    IEBR, so it could be used by the entire group of volunteers <3

    Thank you and Happy Holidays 🙂

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