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My first Cocker Spaniel was a puppy mill rescue dog. I had no idea at the time (1993) what a puppy mill was, but over the years I have been educated into knowing. The IFAW released a report recently revealed online puppy mills, the horrors of how dogs and puppies are treated, and what we, as pet parents, can do to stop them. A pet holiday may not be a happy one for many dogs and cats.

In conjunction with the ASPCA, a video has been launched called Puppies are Not Toys, and Fidose of Reality is sharing this below.

In addition, the ASPCA is aiming to reduce the high percentage of potential puppy shoppers by encouraging people  not to shop for gifts at stores that sell puppies. As an alternative, shoppers may consider giving gifts that make a difference in the lives of animals in need, such as those from the ASPCA online store.

Fidose of Reality celebrates helping pets in need and we’d like to give away an ASPCA holiday gift pack. For one week only, you can enter to win by posting the name of an animal that has touched your life, past or present, in the comments below. We’ll draw one name at random and the ASPCA will send you a goodie pack containing:

Jingle Bell Collars

Smidge Cat Toy

Paw Stockings

ASPCA Holiday Cards

ASPCA Orange Tote

Walker’s Shortbread Cookies

Gift Card to Paperless Post

ASPCA Orange Wristband


 fidose of realityHow to enter? Tell us the name of an animal that has touched your life, past or present, in the comments below Contest starts right now and ends on December 20, 2012. You won’t have this in time for Christmas, but you will have it to start the New Year off right if you are the winner. Woof it up and good luck! One entry per person, please. Tell your fur-ends, we love tail waggers who share! U.S. and Canadian residents are eligible, must be 18 years or over, please.

Complete Rules Here


  1. Baby, my little trooper, angel whom ran way with me from an abusive relationship, who was the first to be accepted into Domestic Violence shelters therefore opening the doors for others, she is my hero 🙂 RIP sweet one xxxxx

  2. Garth Milo our black labrador who passed away in January touched our lives in so many. ways. We were just heartbroken when we lost him. We did everything with him. He went up north with us, swam with us, boated with us so many wonderful memories. We buried him at the pet cemetary and had special memorial plaque made for him My husband sobbed like a baby when he passed away adn I have never seen him cry ever in 20 years.

  3. Abby, my forever, my best friend, She passed away September 21, 2012 due to complications from degenerative myelopthy. I do have a great pair of retrievers that I plan to spend the rest of their lives with to call my best friends.

  4. His name was and always will be Falcor !I had a Neverending Love for him.He taught me the real meaning of “unconditional love” He was there for me for 16 years of ups and downs for the both of us.He passed 3 years ago on 03/18/2009 1 day before my birthday.I held him in my arms for 3 days singing his favorite song “Now and Forever” to him until he took his last breath.Still miss him and think of him often.Now I give Junior the love that I gave Falcor.He also loved him as they shared 1 year together before Falcor passed.RIP My Forever Love Falcor

  5. A number of dogs in my life have left their paw prints on my heart but my current boy, Rory is extra special to me.

  6. Huntyr came along at a time in my life that I really needed a friend. He has not only shown us unconditional love but he has brought us to the MWJRTC which we have met wonderful lifetime friends…

  7. Goldie my Sheltie who passed away five years ago touched my life for the fourteen years I was so lucky to have her. Friendship,loyalty and pure love is what she brought to me every day of her life. Goldie will always be my heart .

  8. My little girl Coco Chanel Bella that I have right now. She is my first puppy that I have ever had and I can’t imagine life without her. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. She is my child. I love her to pieces.

  9. Meshindi was our wonderful Alaskan Malamute who served the community as a therapy dog. One of his favorite places to visit was the children’s home for HIV positive neglected children. His gentle nature and willingness to go up and down the slide my him an instant hit with the kids. They looked forward to his visit every year. In 2000 he was nominated and won PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) pet of the year for all his work.
    In addition to the children’s home he loved to visit the local veteran’s and nursing home where he spread love and joy to all he met. He is at the Rainbow Bridge, but he lives on in our family’s hearts.

  10. Sugar out Rat Terrier Mix.
    On a hot August day in 2008 my hubby was at the store when out of the blue this little dog walked up to him. She was covered with dirt, ticks and fleas, her tongue was hanging to the ground as she panted.
    She looked up at him as to say “Mr. Mr. Please Help Me, Please Save Me, Please Take Me Home With You”. He picked her up and put her on the front seat of the van on a towel and Brought her home.

    We bathed her, de-ticked and de-flea’d her, we gave her food and water. Layer her on a pillow next to me and she fell asleep. She slept for almost two days straight, only waking long enough to eat, drink, and go out to do her business.
    She had no collar and her claws were worn down to nothing her pads were in sad shape. She was dehydrated and so skinny. Her coat was a mess. You could tell she had been out in her own for quite some time.
    We took her to the vet he checked her over gave her shots and dewormed her. He estimated she was a little over a year old. She had no chip ot tattoos.
    We put up a couple flyers but no one came forward. We we glad because we fell in love with her day one and i do believe she did too.

    We named her Sugar because we already had a Sheltie/Beagle mix we had rescued one year prior from a kill shelter just days before her time was up, who was named Cinnamon by her previous owner. (another story for another day)
    So fast forward to 2012. We have two beautiful baby girls that we love and yes we rescued them from bad situations but you know what, they have rescued us right back. They are my sanity. The unconditional love that they give us just amazes me. They are by my side right now as I’m typing this, sleeping. The are the best medicine in the world.

  11. Bentley, my 2 year old Shih Tzu, touches my life everyday! I see soooo much of myself in him it’s crazy! I love that we have such a strong mother-son relationship.

  12. Max has been my best friend for the past five years. Max is an adopted Cocker that had three prior families before finding his forever home with me and most likely started his life at puppy mill. He’s going to live forever; cause I can’t imagine life without my boy! ;-).

  13. My cat Groucho – the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever been blessed to have in my life and my black lab Molly who has seen me thru some of the hardest time in my life.

  14. The dog that touch my life was Murphy. After being without a dog for 5 years my husband found Murphy a Vizsla dog on the boating forum. His owner needed to find him a new forever home. That forever home was with us. Murphy was 6 years old when we adopted him on August 18, 2006. He was the most loving, gentle velcro dog and make me so happy everyday. Murphy loved to going boating and swimming with us at Lake Michigan. Was always waiting for me at the door when I came home from work. Murphy brought so much happiness to my life because my father had just passed away and our last son just moved out of the house so we were empty nesters. Murphy showed me that just because things in your life change and make you sad you can find love and happiness. Adopting a dog and giving them a forever home and in return you get happiness, love, and someone that will be my your side to listening to your day, give you lots of hugs and kisses and make your life the best. Murphy passed away on December 1, 2009 of a twisted stomach. Murphy was with us over 3 years but when passed away I felt so empty. Murphy showed me that I could also get love and happiness from another dog. We loved having a Vizsla so much that I now have 2. Schooner and Skipper came into my life. Schooner as a puppy and Skipper a rescue that needed a forever home and a brother to romp and play. Murphy will never be forgotten and will alway have a very special place in my heart forever.

  15. I was very lucky to have found Prudence, via Her litter was transported from a kill shelter down south and all were successfully treated for Parvo. I’ll always be thankful for 11th Hour Rescue for bringing us together. She continues to teach me patience and keeps me on my toes.

  16. Where do I start?!? I’ll have to say these to little fur balls beside me right now, one on my left, one on my right…how can something so little, bring such big joy?!?

  17. My first cocker, Koko in 1994 was purchased at a pet store only to realize later she had come from a puppy mill. Later a newspaper story along with her AKC papers made the connection. She was a wonderful dog but suffered from severe seperation anxiety, which we believe came from inbreeding. She was so distraught when we had to leave her, our hearts broke every time. So many years later I learned a reputable breeder or rescue dog is the only way to go. Many puppies suffer the results of the puppy mills for thier lifetimes.

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