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3rd place: Jenny Lewis & Pixel is the winner of the Karma Collars collar/leash set (winner’s choice up to $125)
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1st place: Vunda Vall is the winner of the $400 Petsmart gift card.

How would you like to win a $400 PetSmart gift card and more? The dog days of summer are coming, the mercury on the thermometers will escalate, but Fidose of Reality is here to keep you and your dog cool with our a totally rad SUMMER PET BLOGGER GIVEAWAY featuring over $600 worth of bling for your pooch. It’s easy to enter and win, so keep reading.

Prizes include:

Grand prize: $400 Petsmart gift card

2nd prize: Custom Package from Stylish Canine (Valued at $160) –

3rd prize: Collar and Leash set from Karma Collars (Winner’s choice up to $125 total) –


You must tell us IN THE RAFFLECOPTER ENTRY FORM BELOW what your favorite summer activity is to do with your dog, that’s it!


Of course, if you want bonus entries, just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form clearly shown below. Once you answer the summer activity question, bonus entries will pop up. Ta-da!

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  1. Being a full-time pet sitter means that I am privileged to enjoy a wide variety of activities with both dogs and cats over the summer. Living in Southern California means I’m able to take the ocean loving dogs to the coast to run in the waves, the more shy flat landers to a number of beautiful parks, and the generally outgoing pups around downtown where they receive all the attention they can take from the thousands of people out and about.

  2. My two dogs and I like to walk to one of the restaurants nearby with dog-friendly patios for dinner outside 🙂

  3. I like to take my dogs on mountain trail walks. But when I am unable to do so, their next favorite activity is swimming in the large plastic pool we bought especially for them to play and slash around in on the dog days of summer

  4. My favorite Summer activity to do with my dog Romeo is to take him on picnics on the Mohawk Trail and up to Maine to walk along the ocean . Even to get his little Yorkie feet wet in the water is fun for him. Luckily I am a Certified Groomer and trainer so I can make him beautiful again after a long Summer Beach day ! Summer is a special time for both of us because I adopted Romeo from someone who no longer wanted him when he was still a puppy in the Summer months !

  5. I like to hang out on my deck while my dogs chase squirrels. They bark up plenty of trees but never manage to catch up with the little bushy-tailed critters!

  6. love to go hiking with the dogs. specially down to the river where they can cool off with a nice swim.

  7. Lola and I enjoy going to the beach. Loa loves her pool and an occasional dip under the sprinkler.

  8. My favorite summer time activity to do with my two cattle dogs-AKA Blue Heelers is to take our yearly summer trip up to Pismo Beach Ca. It’s a 4 hour car ride but the week long event with my two babies is something I cherish very much. Pismo Beach-AKA Grover Beach allows you to drive your vehicle on the beach and park and set up chairs and umbrellas etc. My dogs love to dig big holes in the sand and lay in them. They love watching all the horses going up and down the beach. My little cattle dog who I just happened to name Summer loves chasing the ball even if it means she get a mouth full of sand. My older dog has this thing for marking seaweed it’s like he can’t get enough of it. I love walking them on the boardwalk because the shops allow the dogs inside. My summer beach trip is truly a weeks vacation to spoil my loyal babies who I love so much.

  9. I have a cat and every day is the same with her. She likes to sit on my lap or find a nice spot of sunshine.

  10. I love walking in the park with my dog! He gets to see his friends and he loves to jump the short fences! Afterward he plays with the water from thd hose!

  11. My two grand-pups (Old English Bulldogs) love spending time with us at our lake house. They love to float in the lake on a pool chair, ride the wave runners and even have their own special seat on the pontoon. As we undercover the boats for the weekend…they are right there patiently waiting for a ride!

  12. My dog loves to go to the dog park. When the car takes the exit off the freeway he knows where we are heading and starts pacing. Once we are through the gates he can hardly wait to get into the lake! I keep a pool in the back yard for him but he is happiest in the lake where he can lay, with only his head showing above the water, for ages!

  13. My one eyed pug and I like to swim everyday. He is an excellent swimmer and can even go under water to get his toys.

  14. Lily loves walks, walks and more walks! After long winters indoors, exploring nature with her feline sidekick Skittles is her favorite summer activity! Lukas and Buster enjoy a good game of King of the Hill which is played on Little Tyke slides and the Igloo dog house and barking at farm machinery!

  15. We like to take Beauregard for visits with his favorite cows and horses on a neighbors farm.He seems to love getting nose to nose with one of the horses.We do a fair amount of walking.The country suits my boy :).

  16. I take our rescue dogs to the nature trail that is behind us. They love to see the deer and of course squirrels everywhere! They enjoy the creek also. We have a swimming pool for them and we throw the toys in the pool and they jump in and dunk their heads in the water to retrieve the toys.

  17. We like to take our baby for walks, he loves to sniff around and find bunnies! Of course, he never caught any (we would never let him do that!) but he loves to play hunter 🙂 He also love to lay in the shade on the deck.

  18. We love to go to for long drives to the park and beach with our kids and lets not forget our romps in the backyard pool toalways keep their swimming skills up to snuff so they are always safe <3

  19. We swim in our pool and then the dogs get on their raft and I on mine. We float around for a bit together. I hold a paw so we stay side by side.

  20. I love taking my cocker spaniel Carrie to the dog park to that has a water feature! It’s so fun splashing around in the creek!

  21. Our favorite things to do with our dogs are swimming in our pool, we have a boat on Lake Michigan and love to take them walking on the beach, swimming and boat ride to watch the sunset. Schooner and Skipper love water. Just being together with our dogs makes us happy!

  22. We live in the South and it gets really hot! So, in the Summer months, all of our activities are either in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat. We love to go to the dog parks in our area, take trips to PetSmart and enjoy plenty of ball playing in the yard. And, we make all sorts of really cool, homemade treats for Baylie in the Summer.

  23. Cody loves to go fishing with us. He loves the wind in his face as we move through the water.

  24. Well, we like to hang out inside with the air conditioner on, trying to keep cool! This of course isn’t always easy with a little furry snuggle buddy. 🙂

  25. well hes a new addition..never been swimming. we have 2 ponds. hoping our doggy loves the water..

  26. Our favorite activity is getting out Finn’s turtle sprinkler and putting it in his pool. Every time the top spins he dances over it trying to figure out how he can grab it an not get his nose wet 🙂

  27. I love to take Chico down by the shore either during the early morning hours or late in the day. The air is clean and cooler at that time, the beach is empty and quiet and we can enjoy the summer breeze together.

  28. I love when my grand-daughter stays with us for the weekend. My dog, Gromit, and she just love swimming together in the pool. I throw a toy into the pool, and they have races to see who can get the toy fastest, and bring it back to me to throw again and again! So much fun!

  29. My 4 dogs love running on the beach. We just got an RV so we’re going to try Rv’ing/camping this year!

  30. I have 2 chocolate labs. Our favorite activity in the Summer is anything that has to do with water. We like our Nana’s swimming pool, playing in the river, or some times on special occasions we get to go to the lake or the ocean and play in the waves…those are the best summers!!!!

  31. My dog really loves her pool in the backyard. We have to have one for the kids and one for her.

  32. I have a Lab that naturally loves the water and in the summer we swim together out at the lake.

  33. Our favorite activity is doing and learning new tricks. We do tricks, tricks and more tricks! Currently my boy Royal is learning to walk on a barrel.

  34. Our favorite activity is going to the river, hiking along the shore and picking berries, then finding a nice place to camp and building a camp fire and cooking dinner. The dogs play in the water until dinner, then we all relax until it’s time to go home.

  35. We LOVE to be outside, but as our lab ages, her interest in full on activities lessens. We have a mini Aussie who just loves to GO, so we love to get creative with our summer plans! Currently, we have a mini pool for Bo, any thing water entices him. So we sink toys for him to figure out how to get outta there, we will run the hose for him to attack and also made my own agility course for him. All the while, Lady Aspen hangs out in the shady grass and watches us make fools of ourselves. We love that both dogs are so happy! We also throw in a couple summer road trips to the beautiful Colorado Mountains! Dog friendly trips of course!

  36. love PetSmart stores and the cashiers and staff are always helpful I purchase my dogs food and treats from them

  37. We have a lake nearby and I like to take our dog there and he likes to take a dip or two!

  38. My goldendoodle and I love being outside during the summer! Our favorite activity is fetch, whether it be with a tennis ball or a stick 🙂

  39. Casey & I love going on getaway adventures along the OR coast, where dog friendly beaches stretch for as far as the eye can see. Here in the city, our favorite summer activity is going to Marymoor dog park, also known as Dog Disneyland. We also love going to outdoor movies, concerts and festivals during the summer months.

  40. Summer days are the best!! I love to take Gia to the nearby park and the water by our apartment! Gia doesn’t have a balcony or a backyard to run wild or people watch. I tell her that the park is her own backyard and the water is for her to walk by and breathe the wonderful breezes we get from it. The best is when Gia is walking and smiling her fur is blowing in the wind! It’s priceless! All the clothes, treats and toys doesn’t match up to the bonding time I do with her when its me and her by the park and the water! We love to people watch! Gia gets so excited to see the children playing and I love to see all the wonderful people so happy and positive. Whether its keeping fit or spending time to relax, we ALL have a common interest and that’s to enjoy what mother’s nature has to offer us! It’s free and beautiful!

  41. During the Summer I like to take my dogs to the beach to keep cool. They just love to run and splash in the water and play with other dogs. Playing in the water definitely keeps them cool and makes them extra tired for later.

  42. Lady Girl and I love to go for early morning walks. I watch her play in her little pool when it is hot. We go to the lake.

  43. I am off teaching from the 22nd June for about 6 weeks and as I cannot get away my summer plans this year is to every second day explore another dog park / beach in San Francisco and just have fun with Layla, she loves adventures, exploring and picnics so that is our plan and we are blessed to have many to choose from.

    Happy Summer Everypawdy

  44. We have a great network of trails in my area that our dogs like to run on while they accompany us.

  45. Seal loves to go camping! That is our favorite summer activity. He has lots of friends to play with at the campground we go to.

  46. We actually don’t do a lot over the summer here as it’s way too hot in Arizona, but we are planning a camping trip up north in July! 🙂

  47. We just got our Bella so we haven’t thought about it yet. We take her to the ball field with us and she loves it. She likes seeing all of the people and the other dogs. Thank you!

  48. We actually have a new favorite summer activity for our dogs…it’s something we just started doing, but it proves that you can share new activities with old and blind dogs 🙂

    A couple months back my husband and I went camping for the first time…the next time we went I wanted to take the dogs to see if it would work. We have a walker hound – who is 13 years old – and a brittany spaniel – who is 8 and blind. Well they went camping and loved it! We’ve gone 2 more times since, and they just love to go out and enjoy camping with us. They hang out with us by the campfire, and at night we have a huge tent, so we bring their beds from home and they sleep in the tent with us.

    So camping is my dogs’ new favorite summer activity…but other old favorites include going for rides in the car, begging at the grill, and sleeping inside in the AC when it’s just the weather gets too hot. 🙂

  49. We love to go the Farmer’s Market in our town and also love to fill out Jozi’s little pool and let her take a dip when the temps start rising!
    Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!!

  50. They love to go out in the late evening when the sun is down to the lawn area of the park and run around with the tennis ball 🙂 They don’t go out much in the summer days here in Arizona, its HOT!

  51. My dog is getting really old, and walks around the block are difficult for him anymore. But he loves when we go in the front yard and he gets to sniff all around where the other neighborhood dogs have walked across our lawn.

  52. we like to go to the dog park when its cool outside. but here in arizona its usually wayyyy too hot

  53. My dog Spock just LOVES to ride the golf cart down at our summer trailer on the Chesapeake Bay. In fact, he’s obsessed with it!

  54. Our doggies go to work with us everyday at our Funeral Home. When people come in upset,
    they comfort them and make them feel better. Dogs have a natural way of calming people and
    making them feel less upset. They get rewarded with treats from our local Doggie store.

  55. Our favorite thing to do during the summer is go to the beach! We have a vacation home in California so we like to escape the AZ heat and spend time at the ocean. Wynston loves the sand!

  56. I have 20 acres where I live 15 wooded with a creek wel go the creek so I can watch my dogs play in the water with my hog

  57. We love to take our cocker, Pepper, camping. Guess I should fess up and say we’re RVing not roughing it! 😉

  58. I love taking my cockers to the lake and watching them swim and run along the beach front playing ball and then enjoying some frossty paws….

  59. My Boston boys and I like to take a bowl of berries outside and eat berries and roll in the grass and soak up the sun!

  60. Like me, my little gal hates the FL heat and rainy season, so we mostly hang out inside. Plus, she just had double knee surgery and her activity is restricted for a long time.

  61. My favorite thing to do in the summer with my babies is to take them to the park and let them run and play!

  62. I love having my dogs and my cat outside with the family while we work or play in the yard. My daughter is at the age where she just loves tossing their toys not even 10 feet in front of them and watching them scamper over to get it. It cracks her up and it makes mom and dad laugh too! Each summer they become better friends and constant companions.

  63. I like to take my bunny outside for a brushing, and during the summer the neighborhood kids are all out, so they get super excited to see her and pet her. she’s shy but she enjoys the attention!

  64. My favorite summer activity with Kirby has to be swimming at the lake or in a pool. He’s just so much fun because he LOVES the water. It’s also the only place he will fetch and he’s learning to surf. We have to make him take rest breaks!

  65. Walking. We don’t do much of that in the winter for a variety of reasons, so we all look forward to summer so we can walk, walk, walk.

  66. We love taking our dog Marley to lake with us for the day to go hiking and swimming.


  67. We have a real nice park by us and we take her out to walk and run leash free. She just loves it.

  68. I love playing outside in the yard with my dog in the summer! He loves running through the sprinklers!

  69. Holly is my water lab and every year she gets a new kiddie pool. Even though it’s hard for me physically, I like to get in the pool with her and while sitting there, wet my hand and pet Bruno’s head. He is my non-water lab, but enjoys being petted by my wet hand LOL!

  70. My favorite thing to do is go to a pet friendly beach or park with my dogs and watch them run around off the leash. It’s liberating and fun!

  71. My favorite summer activity with my dog is playing in the yard with the hose. She loves water and either chasing or getting chased by the water. It’s fun and keeps her cool.

  72. My favorite summer activity with my dog would defiantly have to be swimming in the pool! She loves to bite at the water from the hose and if you want to run and jump in “her” pool you better do it quick or she will nip at your ankles 😛

  73. I have a dapple mini dachshund named Hammond and we loooove spending time outside together! Whether it’s talking walks (sometimes more along the line of drags), playing fetch, swimming in the pool or prancing through the bushes, Hammond loves to be outdoors and I love seeing him happy 🙂

  74. My dog and I like to play her version of “fetch” – which means I throw the ball and then chase her around the yard!


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