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Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof Announces Wiggy Awards


Fidose of Reality is proud to announce the latest installment in our ever-growing breaking news on the Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof front. The Wiggy Awards are here!

On September 20, 2014, Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising branch of Fidose of Reality, is hosting Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof, a red-carpet, glamorous, pet-friendly event, with all proceeds raised going to OBG Cocker Rescue.  Not only is the big glam evening going to be an affair to long remember, but on Sunday, September 21st, the weekend continues with a pet-friendly winery gathering. All of these fun, festivities, and excitement takes place at our exclusive host resort sponsor, Olde Towne Pet Resort, in Sterling, Virginia.

Complete details and how to obtain tickets may be viewed by visiting:


And now for the drumroll and huge news: The Wiggy Awards Are Here!!!


Fidose of Reality is proud to reveal  that Robbin and Joseph Everett will host the glamorous “Wiggy Awards” that will take place during Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof.

Robbin and Joseph Everett, internet superstars since September of 2008,  have been bringing pet-related entertainment to animal lovers in over 30 countries.  Robbin and Joe dominate new media by hosting 2 weekly radio shows, appearing on their own hit web TV show (on hiatus), hosting a community, blogging, and writing a newspaper column.  They have made guest appearances on terrestrial radio, guest blog posts and pet related events. They are best known for all things!!!!

Fidose of Reality is a proud blog sponsor of

Please welcome Robbin and Joe to the Hollywoof sponsor team and get ready to have an absolutely spectacular time with these two pros taking the lead for the Wiggy Awards portion of the evening.



The official photographers for the Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof event are Jeanne Taylor Photography / Pet Portraits  and Dirty Paw Photography.  Jeanne Taylor Photography is a published and awarded pet photographer in Northern Virginia, and her talents are impeccable. Check her out on Facebook, give them a LIKE, and get ready to be dazzled by their photographic stylings.  Dirty Paw Photography will be assisting and is also a class act. Dirty Paw Photography specializes in fine art and documentary style pet photography capturing the personality of your pet in each photograph. Check out their Facebook page, too.

jeanne taylor photography


The official fashion designer who will be designing exclusively for Dexter and Coco is none other than recently crowned Pet Fashion Designer of the Year, Anthony Rubio. He is available to take designs and consult with you if you want to utilize his services for your pet’s custom couture.

Anthony Rubio


You could win a custom miniature of your dog courtesy of Lucy Maloney, miniature dog artist! More about all that here.

My dearly departed little girl and the miniature made by Lucy Maloney. <3


In true Hollywoof form, no glam night filled with glitz, sparkle, sequins, red carpets, paw-parazzi, and more would be complete with an awards ceremony. Well, get ready to celebrate and paw-ractice those acceptance speeches because Fidose of Reality presents the Wiggy Awards!

Here’s the scoop, how to qualify, the rules, and all questions answered:

Wigglebutt Warriors is the official fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality. Crusading to save dogs’ lives is our mantra. In order to honor those pets who are celebrating with us so that other less fortunate dogs may be helped and saved, the Wiggy Awards are designed to honor you.



How many categories are there? There are eight (8) categories total.

Do I have to be present at Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof on September 20, 2014? Yes, in order to qualify for ANY of these awards, you and your pet must be present at Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof to be eligible.

What are the categories?

There are eight categories, with 8 trophies (each with a prize) to be awarded. Those categories are:

Best Dressed Female Dog

Best Dressed Male Dog

Most Charitable Dog

Any Species Other Than Dog

Cutest Mutt Award

Best Rescue Story Award

Best Wigglebutt Wag/Butt Shake

And from all the winners of the above categories, one big trophy and grand prize will be given to:

Wigglebutt of the Year

What is the criteria for each category?

Best Dressed Female Dog: Judges will be walking around throughout the early part of the evening to judge the best dressed female dog in attendance.

Best Dressed Male Dog: Judges will be walking around throughout the early part of the evening to judge the best dressed male dog.

Most Charitable Dog: The dog in attendance who gives freely of his or her time to help dogs in need. We are looking for one special dog who exemplifies this spirit and devotes some of their time to helping other pets in need. In 100 words or less, judges will select one dog who best exemplifies this category.

Any Species Other Than Dog (ASOTD) : If a pet shows up that is not a dog, we want to award you: One special non-dog will win an award for this category.

Cutest Mutt Award:  Non-purebred dogs only – so any mutt who comes, if you apply, you are eligible.

Best Rescue Story Award: In 100 words or less, judges will select one dog who best exemplifies a rescue dog story.

Best Wigglebutt Wag/Butt Shake: Judges will be walking around the early part of the evening to judge which dog in attendance has the best wag and/or butt shake.

Wigglebutt of the Year: The dog who best exemplifies all that we a Wigglebutt Warrior is. We crusade to save dogs’ lives.

How Do I Enter? All pets who attend the Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof gala on 09/21/14 are eligible for the above awards. However, there are a few categories we need your help with. If you want your pet to be considered for the Most Charitable Dog award or Best Rescue Story Award, you need to let us know by August 1, 2014. Keep reading, it’s easy and fun.

What Will I Win? A trophy, a badge for your blog/website/Facebook page, a special extra prize, pictures for media and post event coverage, accolades, and the applause and recognition from all guests in attendance.

Can I Win In More Than One Category? You can only win in one category but the overall winner, the Wigglebutt of the Year award, will go to one of the seven winners from the other categories. So indeed, one lucky dog will go home with two trophies!

Is There a Fee? No extra fee is involved. Once you buy a ticket for you and your pet, you are eligible.

I Hear the Pup Scouts Are Giving Badges Out. Is This True? Yes, during the awards portion, badges will be awarded and all details on becoming a Pup Scout and earning a Hollywoof badge can be found here.


Here we are with some fellow DPFamily PupScouts troop members.

What If I Want to Enter My Dog in the Most Charitable Dog award or Best Rescue Story Award categories?

You need to send your name and city/state along with the name of the dog coming to Hollywoof with you along with the reason the dog deserves to win that category in 100 words or less to us. Send it Darlene, whose email is

Winners must be in attendance to win. No exceptions.

What Else Should I Know? WE ARE SOLD OUT!

This is a fun way to fundraise for a rescue group near and dear to our hearts: OBG (Oldies But Goodies) Cocker Rescue, who has been saving dogs’ lives for well over a decade.


You get oh so much more for the cost of the ticket, and the ticket price is oh so affordable. Here are complete details on what you get, where to buy tickets, and where to book your room to stay overnight.

We have people coming from all over the United States and we are going to have a memorable weekend.

We love Olde Towne Pet Resort and this entire facility will be transformed into Hollywood magic.

So for now, get your tickets, and if you want to enter either the Most Charitable Dog award or Best Rescue Story Award categories, you need to send your name and city/state along with the name of the dog coming to Hollywoof with you along with the reason the dog deserves to win that category in 100 words or less to us. Send it Darlene, whose email is

We have plenty of sponsors on tap, and we will be building our exclusive sponsor page so you can engage with, frequent, and give some Wigglebutt love to the folks helping us make all of this magic happen.

So whatcha waitin’ for?

If you love doing things with your dog, with like-minded people who celebrate all things dog, then join us September 20 and September 21 in Sterling, Virginia, for a weekend you will cherish forever.

See you under the stars for Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof!!!

Media and Guest Contact and Any Questions Come to Me, Carol Bryant,

Hollywood_picHere are some dog and pet friends that I bet would love to join us. This is also a blog hop happening today, bow chicka bow wow we are busy!



  1. Nailah Bone says

    So exciting that you’ve sold over half your tickets! I wish Niles and I could go but it’s a bit too far for us. Hopefully we can make it in the future! 🙂

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