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Wigglebutt Wedding Soars to Epic Proportions

Wigglebutt Wedding

The Wigglebutt Wedding is a mere 23 days away! Dexter James Bryant will wed Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen for what promises to be one of the most entertaining fun fundraisers of the year….heck of the decade.

What started out as an idea to have a small backyard wedding to raise funds for Life's Little Paws, who incidentally rescued the bride the day she was scheduled to be euthanized, has evolved into a full-scale formal affair being covered by media, resplendent with sponsors, and ripe with celebrities in the dog world: From top canine couturier, Anthony Rubio, to Bocker the Labradoodle and 115 of our closest friends, family, and media in attendance, we are celebrating life. Zoe has gone from death's door to princess style wedding and will be whisked off her paws by her handsome, groom, Dexter.

anthony rubio

Not only that, but on Saturday, June 29th, the day after the Wigglebutt Wedding, we'll be celebrating with famed photographer, Paul Nathan. Paul connected with me recently and asked if he could not only sponsor and attend the Wigglebutt Wedding, but take photographs in a full photo session at our host hotel !! Are you fan girlie screaming along with me right about now? It’s okay; let it loose: I sure did! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Paul writes, “I am working on a follow up book to Couture Dogs of NY, and I was really hoping that it might be possible for me to attend Dexter’s wedding in order to get material for the new book. The follow up book will need to have a character of it’s own in order to have it’s own life.” Wigglebutt Wedding guests will be in this book!

couture dogs

Missy Johnson, our official artist, aka Dogs for the Paws aka Rembrandt for Rovers, recently gifted us with this stunning original piece:

dogs for paws

And we aren't stopping there. Here's some of our many sponsors and we have a ton more to roll out.

Bubba Rose is our official 3-tier cake baker!

Bubba Rose

Lucy Maloney is our official cake topper artist — and her creations are so divine, they merit their own blog post this week. Stay tuned.

Spoiled Pup Boutique will be outfitting the bridal party and attending the event!

dog clothes

The official photographer will be gracing us with her amazing visual talents. Welcome aboard to Michelle Macirella of


Official tv station is News12CT and we have a full television show being devoted to the wedding!

Pet Talk

And do you know all about our sponsors and more to follow? Yep, it's going to be a woofin' good and fundraising time. All in the name of dog.

But at our core, we are doing this to raise awareness and funds for Life's Little Paws, who gives so freely of themselves every day. In fact, an LLP adoptable dog will be present. Meet Maggie of Nancy Height, who is fostering this sweetheart.

cocker spaniel

And double bonus: We will be hosting a yearly event to fun fundraise for a rescue group. So we will announce our 2014 gala event at the Wigglebutt Wedding!

And here are a bevy of our friends who we know love dogs, cats, and everything in between. It's a blog hop and we encourage you to check them out, too!



  1. Anita says

    Too bad Ally won’t be there – she’d love to have her picture taken for that book! And so would her Mom.

  2. emma says

    Quite the event! Wow! I should attend and wear a fancy hat that would for sure get me in that book!

  3. Marcie says

    Wow, you are going to have some great photos of the event! That’s fun that some of the pictures will even be in a book. The best part is all of this is benefiting a great cause.

  4. Jessica ward says

    I must say that I’m disappointed that I have not been contacted to design and make the wedding cake! That is ok,lol! This event should be totally amazing and it couldn’t be raising funding and more importantly awareness for a better group of fur baby lovers! Lifes little paws is an amazing rescue that has saved so many furry lives & continues to do everything they can & more! I am proud to be a part of the LLP rescue family!!!

  5. Jessica ward says

    Who would i contact to donate a wedding cake for the wedding? I know that you already have a cake for the furry critters but I would love to make one for the people attending also! For human consumption of course! Please let me know if I may donate a beautiful cake for this great event!

  6. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says

    Hey Dexter,

    Are you getting pre-wedding jitters yet? You’re wedding is turning into a bigger deal than Kate and Williams Royal Wedding! I’m SO excited for you guys!!

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂