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Wigglebutt Wedding Pet Fashion Designer’s Soaring Career

Wigglebutt Wedding’s famed pet fashion designer has several spotlights cast on his glowing career. We are proud to announce that award-winning pet couturier Anthony Rubio, who is the official designer of the gown and tuxedo for the bride and groom, has been invited as the exclusive designer to present a very special line dedicated to those who have survived as well as those inflicted with breast cancer. On November 9, 2012, he will unveil this line at the “Journey For A Cause” at New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania.

Anthony Rubio

Rubio also was commissioned by Pepsi Co. in honor of 2012 National Hispanic Heritage Month. Rubio will travel to Pepsi Co’s headquarters and speak on his life, his culture, and of course, his art. The famed designer will present a special canine couture fashion show featuring designs influenced by his Hispanic heritage culminating in a couture creation he has designed in honor of this company and this occasion.

Anthony Rubio

Imagine our glee when we heard about Rubio’s paw-ticipation in the “DOGGUPY Union Square” campaign which took place in the heart of New York City on October 2nd. Attendees were invited to “rise up, bring your dog, bark about it, and join Wendy Diamond and her new adopted dog, Baby Hope, on October 2nd at the corner of New York City’s Union Square, on 17th Street. Attendees learned about nutritious ways to benefit their pet, received free samples, and took pictures while “liberating the bowl.” Wendy and Baby Hope were present in her belated dog, Lucky’s, honor.

Rubio designed the gorgeous outfit worn by Baby Hope, which can be seen in this photograph of the cute canine with his mom, famed pet expert, humanitarian, and television personality, Wendy Diamond.

Baby Hope Diamond

The Wigglebutt Wedding will take place on June 28, 2013, with the goal of being the biggest Cocker Spaniel fun fundraiser in history. We were so inspired by Wendy Diamond’s Baby Hope wedding, that we are paying it forward with all proceeds raised going to Life’s Little Paws, who rescued the bride the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. Everyone can help us by donating to Life’s Little Paws and helping to save Cockers’ lives. LLP takes on dogs that may not otherwise had a second chance, many of them blind and dumped!

Anthony Rubio

Anthony Rubio

Anthony Rubio will make rescue dog, Zoe,  the princess she deserves to be in gorgeous attire as she joins my dog, Dexter, in making Wigglebutt history. (and Dex will wear a design from Anthony, too)!!!!

Wigglebutt Wedding

cocker spaniels


  1. Ellen says

    wow, ive seen this designer’s work. it’s incredible. how exciting he will be making the bride and groom’s outfits. can’t wait to see what he chooses to create. i love his work. hope he will be attending the wedding, too.

    • Anthony Rubio says

      Thank you for the wonderful article Carol I am so honored. Ellen thank you for your wonderful compliments and to answer your question, yes I have every intention of attending this wedding. I hope to see you there…

      • Carol Bryant says

        I have had family members and friends who have been affected by breast cancer and had a scare with this myself. You give so much of yourself, Anthony, and thank you for doing so. We are very honored to know you.

  2. Amy Shojai, CABC says

    Carol, I am so much enjoying your posts about the wedding, what fun! And for such a terrific cause. Thanks for getting the word out in such a creative way–pawz applause furr the cause!

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