Wigglebutt Wedding Meets Wordless Wednesday

wigglebutt wedding

The Wigglebutt Wedding plans continue. Our fun fundraiser in the name of raising money for Life’s Little Paws has taken on a whole life of its own. What began as a way for three gals with a passion for dogs and a penchant for helping them has evolved into one of the biggest, most joyful (and fun) experiences of my life.

For those unfamiliar, my dog, Dexter, asked his girlfriend, Zoe, also a Cocker Spaniel, to “marry” him, and she thankfully said yes. The event has been dubbed “Wigglebutt Wedding” and it takes place on June 28, 2013, in Stratford, Connecticut. We have everything from a hall that is pet-friendly, a top canine fashion designer, an official artist, cake topper craftswoman, official hotel, sponsors galore, guests from around the country, and a DJ who has a heart for rescue dogs, having had a special Cocker in his life, too!! You are invited to come, too! Here’s the latest happenings that are catching the hearts of dog lovers and eyes of media since we last updated:

Dexter and I appeared on Pet Talk with Lauren Collier on News12CT and we dished awesome pet products for pets for the new year (courtesy of BlogPaws) and we talked about the Wigglebutt Wedding. Did you see us? (Zoe and his mom will be on this weekend and we will have a video clip of that, too)

We landed a DJ who loves dogs and is going to be the official musical host of the evening. Mike wrote to tell us, “Hi Carol, I have been in touch with Darlene from Pennsylvania and am so thrilled to be part of this great event as DJ. I have two rescue dogs now but my favorite friend in the world passed away some years ago. Buffa was a Cocker Spaniel who was so loyal and loving. I miss him so much and through this event I hope to carry on his loving legacy through me. Can’t wait to meet you and all the Kids especially the Bride and Groom. Thanks…Mike”

Wigglebutt Wedding

And then the AP came calling because they heard about Dexter and Zoe’s wedding and they wanted to talk Cocker Spaniels with me. Well, we about fell off our office chairs when the headline featured a picture of me with Dexter at BlogPaws Salt Lake City – where Dex and I visited Temple.  Here is our AP article, which got picked up by ABC, Fox, etc.

cocker spaniel

It’s also  Wordless Wednesday and Dexter paw-ticipates in this every week courtesy of BlogPaws! What the wag does that mean?  BlogPaws‘ Wordless Wednesday is a time when anyone with a blog can join in, network, grow their blog, make new and familiar connections, and be as wordless but engaging as humanly possible. How to Join a Blog Hop – BlogPaws Tutorial




  1. We are very excited about everything that is happening and all the good in the name of dog that is coming!

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