Wigglebutt Wedding Gets Television Coverage and More

wigglebutt wedding

The Wigglebutt Wedding planning continues. Indeed, two Cocker Spaniels are being “married” as part of a fun fundraiser to benefit Life’s Little Paws. Some things have been transpiring and we want to share the latest news in the name of dog with Fidose of Reality dog lovers of the highest order.

Crazy Alert

Which do you think is crazier? Planning a dog wedding to raise funds for a rescue group so they can help to care for and save Cocker Spaniels (and other dogs) from Maine to Georgia.


Forcing a Cocker Spaniel to live outside tethered to a chain, all year long, in all sorts of elements, with little to no human interaction, and force that dog to become an overgrown ball of matts, mess, and sadness? His name is Freddy.

cocker spaniel rescue


The reception to the Wigglebutt Wedding and the notion of doing a fun fundraiser with two dogs getting “married” has been well received by the majority of folks we’ve encountered. However, a woman who shall remain nameless called us crazy and said she was leaving my Facebook page. Another said she wants nothing to do with such a benefit and to leave her alone.

Judge not lest ye be judged and all that jazz, right? What about Freddy and dogs like him who have passed through the lives, hearts, and doors of foster and rescue people from Life’s Little Paws for years? Is it crazy to help a dog, plan a dog wedding, and create buzz and joy around helping dogs while having a good time doing it?

Pffft I say.

As anyone who tries to raise funds for rescue can tell you, it ain’t no easy task. With a labor of love attitude, a core group of volunteers and fellow dog lovers, and some ingenuity and PR creativity, it can be done. And so  two dogs are getting married on June 28, 2013, in Stratford, Connecticut. Dogs getting married is unusual – which is why we hope it garners attention – and donations.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately and where we stand. Hopefully our efforts will inspire someone to do a similar event—or feel free to use our ideas—to help benefit a favorite rescue. When dogs benefit, everyone wins, especially when lives are saved.

wigglebutt wedding


Total registered and paid guests as of 03/11/13: 65

Total guests who say they want to come but aren’t sure: 75

Total guest goal, at which point we close the invite list: 100

Total dogs allowed: 35, some of which are the wedding party—we have reached this number.

Contest Update: We’re running a contest, which closes March 31, 2013. One lucky winner will receive two tickets to the Wigglebutt Wedding and one night pet-friendly accommodations at nearby Homewood Suites by Hilton Stratford Hotel.

We Travel To Spread the Word: I’ve been to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City; Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida; and to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the groom in tow.

The Bride and Groom are Having Their Official Fitting: At the end of March, with canine couture designer for the bride’s gown and the groom’s tuxedo: Anthony Rubio, meeting us in Connecticut for this grand phase of the affair.

wigglebutt wedding zoe

We’ve secured:

  • A venue: Baldwin Center
  • Canine couture designer for the bride’s gown and the groom’s tuxedo: Anthony Rubio
  • Official artist: Missy Johnson of Dogs for the Paws
  • Cake topper designer: Lucy Maloney of Designer Dog Miniatures
  • Caterer: Food will be catered courtesy of Kiss the Chef Personal Chef/Catering Service, who provides a wide range of food choices from hors d’oeuvres, various ethnic cuisines, special diet meals, vegetarian, more
  • Official florist with custom bride and groom floral sculptures: Table Art Event Designs
  • Media Coverage: The Wigglebutt Wedding will be televised on News 12 Connecticut’s 13-years-and-running-strong television show, Pet Talk, with hostess Lauren Collier. The wedding will also be covered via blog circuit and traditional media print and online formats with local press as well.
  • Sponsors: An array of pet product sponsors will be involved and helping to raise awareness of adoptable dogs in need of forever homes. Goodie bags, prizes, and giveaways are also a part of the fundraising fun and an evening with like-minded dog moms and dads.
  • A DJ: Michael Guariglia of Touch of Class DJ will be our fabulous DJ for the gala
  • Official Hotel: We also have a hotel block in place at Homewood Suites by Hilton Stratford nearby the venue that is pet friendly. We have a block of rooms reserved. The hotel is about 4 miles from the venue.
  • Official podcast and radio station: TPPC.tv, LLC is the official radio and podcast of the Wigglebutt Wedding.

Finally, Val Sorensen, mother of the bride, was on News12CT with the fabulous Lauren Collier, to talk about the wedding and showcase her latest Domestic Dogdess gourmet treats for dogs. In case you missed the tv appearance, here it is:

wigglebutt weddingWant to join us? It’s not too late. You can email me at fidoseofreality (at) gmail (dot) com. And even if you can’t be there, Life’s Little Paws is always open to donations – help a Wigglebutt, please donate.


  1. You know what Carol? We all dance to our own drum, don’t let those naysayers get you down. No-one needs that kind of negative person in their life.

    To those that don’t agree with what I post on my facebook page I say, “please feel free to unfriend me” my life will go on. If I can make a difference for one person or one animal, that’s what matters to me.

    You rock Carol!

    • Your comment just made my day, Jodi. Seriously. I feel the same way. I am just floored by the amount of negative people and grateful for the good eggs, thank you!!!

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