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Wigglebutt Wedding Bridal Party Announcement

Wigglebutt Wedding

Wigglebutt Wedding fans, rejoice. We have our bridal party selected and these lovely Cockers (and one non-Cocker) will be gracing the Wigglebutt Wedding on June 28, 2013, with all their beauty and splendor. We have several sponsors on board and many more to go… stay tuned. Here is the cast:

Abby, Maid of Honor: Abby belongs to mother of the bride, Val Sorensen. Abitha Louise Sorensen was rescued from a shelter in New York where she was on death row. Abandoned Angels pulled her on her last day (same as her sister). She was deemed unadoptable due to her age and blindness, so she was scheduled to be euthanized. She was found as a stray on the streets of New York. She had a huge tumor on her back and several mammary tumors that Abandoned Angels paid to have removed. The skin on her bottom and tail was completely black, possibly from sitting on the freezing ground (she was picked up in January). She was supposed to be Val’s foster…she’s been her baby for 6 years now and is probably between 15 and 17 years old.

cocker spaniel

Ricky, Best Man: Ricky is the littermate of Dexter. These two are like peas in a pod. Very similar in looks and in hijinx, they have a special connection and to this date, we do believe they remember each other. Ricky is proud to stand up for his brother as his best man.

Cocker spaniel with ball

Zola, Flower Girl: Zola is a rescue dog who came from a local humane society. While at a Halloween costume contest for dogs many years ago, I entered with my previous Cocker Spaniel, who has since passed away. The day of the contest, Zola was on “display” and needed a good home. She was playing with kids and other dogs. A friend fell in love with her and adopted Zola. She is a mix and Dex’s best play buddy.

rescue dog

Justin, Ring Bearer: Justin was rehomed to Val, mother of the bride, when he was five years old.  Justin is an adorable cuddle bug of a Cocker who will be traipsing down the aisle, ring in tow.

cocker spaniel

Bridesmaids: Holly and Poppy.  Holly is the adorable tri-color Cocker of Jennifer and James Polito. Both Holly and Dexter were adopted from the same place, so we’re keeping it all in the family. Poppy is the awww-dorable Cocker Spaniel of Kim Kiernan. Kim is driving from California to Connecticut about 3,000 miles to be at the Wigglebutt Wedding!

Holly dog

cocker spaniel

Groomsmen: Patches and McGee. Patches is Dexter’s half brother and McGee is Dexter’s brother. Truly a family affair, these two will be dapper doggies in their tuxedos on the big day.

cocker spaniel


cocker spaniel

Ushers, Wally and Moxie: Wally, another Cocker belonging to mother of the bride, Val. This cutie patootie will steal your food (and your heart) quicker than you can say “Wigglebutt Where’d It Go?” Moxie is the cutie pie belonging to Linda Cangiano Wood. Moxie is a rescue from Abandoned Angels. He is best buddies with all of Val’s dogs and will make a paw-fect wedding usher.

cocker spaniel

cocker spaniel

Special Guest: Buster, the 14-years-young Cocker Spaniel of June and Mike Myers, will be escorting Abby down the aisle. Buster is a Cocker who sees with his heart and he is very excited to walk with Abby and escort her to the front of the venue. His paw-rents are driving all the way from Oklahoma to help celebrate with us.


Why We’re Doing It: To raise money and awareness of Cocker Spaniels in need of their forever homes, Fidose of Reality’s Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, formally paw-proposed to his girlfriend, Zoe, a Cocker Spaniel who was rescued by Life’s Little Paws the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. Dog lovers around the world are invited to paw-ticipate and send a gift. Hold up, though, we don’t want gifts for the happy couple; you simply donate $5 minimum to Life’s Little Paws and are officially listed as one of the donors in the Official Wigglebutt Wedding program. Ideally, every Cocker Spaniel mom and dad, every dog parent, and anyone who has ever had a dog touch their heart are invited to donate and make a difference. Dexter is so smitten by his Rescue Fiancee, he wants everyone to celebrate and help save other dogs’ lives!

Lifes Little Paws

We also have our artist unveiling of some of the fab artwork. Rembrandt 4 Rovers, aka Missy Johnson of Dogs for the Paws, has been commissioned as our official artist for #WigglebuttWedding!!!

Wigglebutt Wedding Z-D Save Date_One

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  1. Jessica Sala says

    What a cool idea! and for the record, I’m planning my “human” wedding for 9-7-13 and LOL I like these “Save The Dates” for ME nevermind the dogs LOL

  2. Kathy says

    This is an awesome “awareness” wedding. After following along on Facebook without having seen this introductory post, now, I “get” it. I think Abby needs her own wedding. Maybe in the summer. She could be a summer bride.

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