Wigglebutt Warriors Set to Host Pet-Friendly Sold Out Gala Fundraiser

wigglebutts uncorked

The Wigglebutt Warriors are set to put the “fun” in fundraising, as the creative duo hosts the sold-out, red carpet “Wigglebutts Uncorked” pet-welcoming gala on Saturday evening, April 16, 2016. Soar with the Wigglebutt Warriors in our crusade to save dogs’ lives. This is no ordinary fundraiser: This is Wigglebutts Uncorked at America’s Oldest Winery, Brotherhood.

Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality, presents Wigglebutts Uncorked at America’s Oldest Winery. Celebrity emcee, Andrea Arden of Animal Planet, will emcee and host as social media sensation, Cocker Spaniel, Dexter Bryant, welcomes guests to this black tie affair to benefit NYC Second Chance Rescue.

The one and only Chloe Kardoggian™ will attend Wigglebutts Uncorked as an exclusive dog media member. In addition, top dogs and cats that are well known on social media will be in attendance.

“With millions of dogs waiting in shelters and foster homes every day for a loving home, I had to do something more than share a Facebook post to help,” Wigglebutt Warriors founder, Carol Bryant said. “Teaching dog rescue groups how to fundraise through creative means is one of our primary goals; that and saving dogs’ lives.”

Dexter the Wigglebutt Warrior will escort his moms down the aisle for the formal celebration of their marriage. After being together for 20 years, his moms are legally able to wed and will renew their vows during a portion of the evening’s festivities.

Wigglebutt Warriors
Wigglebutt Warriors is the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality.

In 2013, Bryant hosted the Wigglebutt Wedding, followed by Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof in 2014. To date, Wigglebutt Warriors has raised almost $50,000 for dogs in need.

Sponsors have stepped up to lend a hand and donate their time, services, and goods in support of Wigglebutts Uncorked.  Highlights of the evening include:

  • “Smorgasbark “for all dogs in attendance courtesy Dr. Harvey’s;
  • A “Best Day Ever” presentation to benefit rescue dog, Baby Joey, by Merrick Pet Care;
  • The Wiggy Awards sponsored by My Pet Harmony;
  • Prizes and surprises from Mutt Mitt and P.L.A.Y., Pet Lifestyle and You;
  • Walking the red carpet and posing for “paw”-parazzi;
  • Special singing performance by PupScouts;
  • Swag bags, raffles, diamond necklace giveaway, and dancing.

“For many, dogs are the new kids, and being creative about how to raise funds and call attention to homeless and abused dogs is crucial,” said Bryant. “Being able to dress up in fancy couture and enjoy a night out with your dog is on the bucket list of many dog moms and dads. We love being able to support dogs in need while celebrating those pups with which we share our lives.”

Follow hashtag #WigglebuttsUncorked all weekend long April 16th and 17th, 2016!  An after party takes place the day after, so the pawtying and celebrating continue!

There’s a big contest below AND we have a free Dexter the Wigglebutt Warriors coloring page download for you!

[gview file=”https://fidoseofreality.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Dexter-Wigglebutt-Warrior-Coloring-Page.pdf”]

Five lucky Fidose of Reality fans have the opportunity to win an official gala swag bag of items from the event sponsors. Swag bag items include dog toys, treats, goodies, coupons, discounts, and surprises PLUS a book from blogger sponsor, Jackie Bouchard.

CLICK THIS: For a complete list of Wigglebutts Uncorked sponsors.

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Melissa Clinton

Kate Volz

Nichole Burke

Tharice Opalewski

Margaret Izsak
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Wigglebutts Uncorked contest

For complete rules click here: USA only, 18 or older, one entry per person, please.


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