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Why My Dog is a Family Member: And You?

cocker spaniel dog

My heart beats dog.™ It’s my mantra, my trademark, and I am sure more than one person reading this agrees with me. Looking ahead to my next few days, I realize how very much dogs are a part of my family and a fiber of who I am. I am not alone. My dog is a family member.

I am a dog mom. I love it when folks call me a dog mom; I never grimace, furrow a brow, or correct them. In fact, a sense of pride swells in me. 

Not too long ago, I wrote an article for Dogster magazine wherein I shared, “I embrace that I do things with my dog in 2012 that perhaps others who went before me did not (or could not) do with their pooches… But even though I consider myself a dog mom, I know that my dog isn’t a child. If the fates honor me with my dog-sharing life for a solid 15 years or more, unlike a teenager at age 15, my dog isn’t asking for the car keys, won’t enter the dating world, and will never become a source of gray hair as I worry because he is out 10 minutes past curfew. His time is getting limited, at this ripe old age.”

Over these next few weeks, months, years (for a) lifetime, I’ll be doing things in the name of dog. At my core, I’ve committed my career to helping pet parents be better pet parents, inform them about products and dog news, travel options with dogs, and sharing a kindred bond along the way.

When I see commercials on television lately, I notice dogs are being recognized as more of a part of the family than ever before. I don’t mind using the hair remover on my clothes, and I’d feel naked without dog hair on my clothes. This made me smile:


 As someone who has traveled cross country (twice) with her dog, Subaru is a vehicle I am looking at for my next purchase. I have to think that if my dog, Dexter, went into the car dealership with me next time, this is the type of behavior he’d exhibit. Wait, he has been in the car dealership with me. It’s why I choose the vehicles I choose.


Subaru has a new app with some cool features on it. We are loving the dog license plate maker.

 I’m a dog mom and I’m here to stay. How about you?

 cocker spaniel dog



This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Fidose of Reality only shares news for things we support and believe in…and Subaru dog-friendly, dog-welcoming vehicles are high atop that list.


  1. I think you summed it up beautifully, Yes I am a dog mum, but Maggie is not my child, however she is a part of me and we share life together, which makes her important part of my life.

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