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Why Do Baby Animals Drive Us GaGa?

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, there are some really cute baby animals.  Pictures of these adorable creatures find their way onto the Internet, infiltrating the World Wide Web and making everyone go completely gaga. But do you ever wonder why our hearts melt at the sight of baby animals?

I recently found out that Country—the magazine for readers who love the land and life of the countryside—and author Cathy Illg explore the magic effect these baby animals have on our hearts. It’s true—there’s actually a science behind the frenzy of animal photos.

1.     The Gift of Life: Our faces light up at the sight of any young animal because we acknowledge babies as a miracle of creation. In fact, humans are so set in this idea that even creatures we ordinarily would not find appealing as adults, like alligators or opossums, are still strikingly adorable as babies. Watch out kitties, another small cuddly cub could take the limelight soon!

dog and cat
Photo by Rita Holland

2.     Care Free Remedy: As we watch photos and countless YouTube videos of animals wrestling, chasing one another or annoying their parents, our own cares disappear for a while. It’s actually a great form of relieving stress and anxiety, which is strange since child rearing is actually stressful! But watching baby animals is one of the most dependable remedies for relaxation, and taking a peek at cute animals is the perfect break from the busy work day.

dog and raccoon
Photo by Duane Myklejord

3.     Monkey See, Monkey Do: Animal species’ parenting techniques make us smile because they remind us so much of our own. For instance, ever notice when a mother animal decides her kids are playing too rough she shoves them under whatever part of her body happens to be convenient? It’s just the way we’d send our kids to their rooms.

dog and horse
Photo by Carol Dickey

4.     It’s just fun: The games baby animals play are fun to watch, but they’re also practicing skills they need to survive after their parents send them out into the big, bad world. They play tag, keep-away and tug-of-war to develop strength and coordination.

dog and deer
Photo by Lindy Wagner

5.     Observing Differences in the Animal Kingdom:  People love to observe the differences in time of development. We all might be animals, but the length of time babies are allowed to be babies is key to each species’ strategy for propagation. At one end of the spectrum, there are birds that can walk and even feed themselves within an hour of hatching. Humans, with their incredibly prolonged childhood, are at the other end of that spectrum.

dog and ducks
Photo by Sandy Herzberger

Now every time you swap a coffee break for a cute animal break, it will all make sense. Take a few moments to drool over their cuteness and celebrate the joy of life this summer!

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About Country:

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  1. Ellen says

    Oh, I love this article. How quickly these pics and words put you in a good mood. Animals truly can change your outlook in a positive way.

  2. emma says

    Animals, especially animal babies have a calming effect on people I think, heck, even me being a dog loves other baby animals. My instincts tell me to be nice and hang out with them…well, I guess not all little ones as I have gotten in some trouble with mom over baby wabbits in the yard but I did not mean any harm.

  3. Dawn says

    Animals are so amazing! I agree that most baby animals are adorable. Ever see a baby possum? Then see an adult possum? Quite a difference!