Who will win? The FUR DRY by Furminator or Dexter the Dog? Place your bets!

Wet dog smell: One of the few displeasures in the aromatic department as a dog parent. How about wet dog after a romp outside, a bath and said wet dog decides to get a case of the “zoomies.” You know, that run-around-the-house-in-a frenzied-state in which freshly bathed dogs often engage. SO who will win: the Fur Dry or my dog?

When the folks at Furminator asked us to try their new FUR DRY towel, Fidose of Reality.com decided to put it to a video test. We’ve got a tri-colored Cocker Spaniel tester whose fur is primarily white. We spend a lot of time in Mister Bathtub.

Without further ado: Place your bets: Who will win: The FUR DRY towel from Furminator or will Dexter succeed in getting it off?

We’ll also be giving away TWO (2) FUR DRY towels next week, so stay tuned after the jump.

Note: We accept no monetary compensation for reviews. Review is NOT sponsored by Furminator and is the sole opinion of the reviewer for Fidose of Reality.com. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Learn more at: http://www.furminator.com/products/fur_dry/hair_care


    • LOL look again, hehehehe, AuntChristine.

      These towels were amazing and stay tuned, Sharon, we are giving 2 away!

      Doreen, for sure this is a fun and practical product to have.

  1. That would be great for Schooner and Skipper for the lake and pool. I am going to get 2. They rubs themselves on every towel on the boat and at home.

  2. What a great idea, I will definately have to try one of those!!!! My dog loves to rub on everything too after his bath, looks like this will work in keeping my bed and rugs dry.

  3. Looks like a good idea, but after a bath I will have to chase my 2 all over the house to put it on!!!LOL Dex you model it so well! I love the picture of you full of mud!!!

  4. Sandy, if there is mud to be found, Dexter seems to have a knack for seeking it out. I am so in love with this product and how it kept him warm and dry and absorbed the water fast.

    • It is actually more absorbent than the ones that try to absorb and fall short. And what was double cool is Dex didn’t get chilly after his bath.

  5. what an awesome video! Dexter is so adorable and soooo fits this product. He was perfect for this. Love, love, love it! I have to go out and buy this now for my dog!

  6. My best friend would love this for her husky. That girl is perpetually finding puddles and mud and insists on rolling around when she come inside. Her favorite place in the spring is on top of the pool cover, which gets all saggy over top the winter rain and melted snow filled pool. This might be a good solution for her wet little self!

  7. Dexter is amazing and wonderful, but I am betting on the Furminator Fur Dry on this one!! It looks amazing, and something very useful!!

  8. LOL…mine love to do that, too. Dex, you’re adorable, but I’ll bet no match for the Fur Dry! If it’s true that it does stay on that well, I’ll be ordering some formy crew. They had the ones that tie on, but THAT was no match for my soggy bunch!

  9. Is it too late to bet, my money’s on Dexter. Pets win over fabric most of the time. Welcome to the party, I am five years too late.

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