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Which Food Should I Feed My Dog #NaturalBalance

Natural Balance logoAs a long-time dog writer and blogger, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “Which food should I feed my dog?”

My answer has evolved with time because as a pet parent and educator, I know better, so I do better, and I impart this information on to you, dedicated dog moms and dog dads.

The best food to feed your dog is the one that works for him or her. Like people, all dogs do not eat the same diet, nor should they. I’ve been a dog mom to Cocker Spaniels throughout various stages of their lives and I’ve helped in the rescue and placement of countless numbers of dogs. The one thing I have learned that is most important to share with you: Dogs, like people, are what they eat.

#NaturalBalance dog in PetSmart
Dexter picking up some Natural Balance for his bestie.


Fidose Food Spotlight: Natural Balance® L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets®

Our dog’s best friend, Zola, is now 12 years young. Long time readers of this blog know Zola because she and our dog, Dexter, share many adventures together. Just like human best friends, their needs are different but their dietary requirements are similar. We ALL want our dogs to eat a more natural pet food and thrive on it.

Zola is a tried and true Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet dog. Her mom wants Zola to eat a grain-free formula of dog food and she enjoys ease of access to get the food when shopping at PetSmart®.

#NaturalBalance at PetSmart
Dexter is checking out some Natural Balance rolls.

Is Natural Balance LID Right For Your Dog?

Healthy Skin and Coat: This dog food features Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids help to maintain healthy skin and a luxurious coat. Those are fancy terms but are both important to a dog’s overall health.

Omega 3’s tend to get talked about in dog circles or at a veterinary visit. It is believed that Omega 3’s help to treat or prevent disease. Dogs are unable to make their Omega 3 fatty acids because they are physiologically unable to do so. It makes sense, then, to provide them as a source in Natural Balance.

Omega 6’s are also essential fatty acids, like Omega 3’s. Fatty acids in both the 3 and 6 group should be provided to dogs in a balanced diet with a ratio that meets the dog’s needs.

Look at Zola’s beautiful coat:

Dog with a healthy coat #NaturalBalance #sponsored

Digestive Health

Dogs have different anatomical systems than people. This is why we cannot feed them certain ingredients, like chocolate, for example. Dogs also process food differently than we do. Zola was diagnosed with some digestive issues many years ago. The veterinarian wanted her on a diet that would keep her stomach lining calm. Zola’s mom knew that a limited ingredient diet with a single source protein was imperative.

Digestive health is another one of those “buzz” phrases that everyone says but no one really explains when it comes to dog food and what it really means. You want your dog to use the nutrients from his or her dog food to build and repair tissues and obtain energy. Makes sense, right?

Which dog food should my dog eat? #NaturalBalance

Your dog’s food can have a major impact on his or her overall gastrointestinal health. Dogs cannot readily digest food made with low quality ingredients. Even dogs with the strongest of stomachs will show signs of improper digestion with time if the dog food is of poor quality.

Here are the exact ingredients from Zola’s dog food, Duck and Potato Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diet:

Natural Balance LID duck and potato #sponsored #NaturalBalance

This dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages. Zola thrives on this food now as she did when her mom switched over years ago to the Natural Balance line.

If You Aren’t a Scientist or Nutritionist

Those who know me know that I am not the world’s greatest cook. Therefore, a diet that my own dog would eat has to be nutritionally sound where I don’t have to worry about what ingredients are in it: I just want to feed it with peace of mind.

A natural balance in a quality dog food means the protein, fat, carbs, and other nutrients are minerals are properly balanced.

This is why if you feed your dog a good food like Natural Balance LID, any table scraps that you might give will upset the digestive process. Thanks to the balance and quantities of nutrients in the dog food, the table scraps are unnecessary. A good diet promotes overall good health.

At 12, Zola’s teeth are in great shape, too, see?

Dog with white teeth #NaturalBalance
Zola is proud to say cheese with these pearly whites at age 12!

Bottom Line

Beyond the ingredients and how your dog processes the food, you want it to be an enjoyable experience for the dog. Zola gets a meal of both dry and canned food, the latter of which her mom microwaves a bit to warm it up and give her a yummy tastes-like-a-home -cooked-meal without the work, see?

Dog eating a good diet from #NaturalBalance #sponsored

The next time you are at PetSmart, check out the Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Line. In addition to the food, they do have a LIT Limited Ingredient Treat® selection worth checking out.


Here’s to good health and a long, healthy life for you and your dog!

Do you read labels when you shop for dog products?


  1. Zola and Dexter are both so cute! I bet they have a lot of fun on their adventures together! 😀 My pups and kitties absolutely love Natural Balance! It’s one of our favorite brands and we get it all the time!

  2. I always read dog products labels, it’s so important to know what I am feeding the dogs. I love Natural Balance, they have so many choices and with three Goldens with different needs, they make it much easier to choose the appropriate one for each of them. Right now they are all enjoying the LID Sweet Potato and Bison. Best of all, I am SO happy that Natural Balance is now at PetSmart, one-stop-shopping! 🙂

  3. “Those who know me know that I am not the world’s greatest cook.” — BUT you have so many other talents! Good food for our pets is vital to their long-term health! 🙂

    • BOL MOL indeed I play to my strengths: The kitchen and I have this love-hate relationship, friend. Thank goodness for other talents. Happy Weekend!

  4. Wonderful and thorough post! I’ve never had Natural Balance, but ever since I started blogging and the more I learned the more my humans research and learn about products before we get them! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  5. Carmine really loves the Limited Ingredient wet food for cats. I like it because I know that he’s getting one source of protein, and I can be confident that Natural Balance doesn’t try to sneak any fish into their chicken or beef formulas the way some other companies do. 🙂

  6. I now always read food labels and prefer LID. Kilo is not fussy and seems healthy but I want to make sure he has the best possible diet that is also convenient for me. Great review- thanks for sharing.

  7. Zola sure looks like she is enjoying Natural Balance LID. Yes, I do read the labels on my dog and cats food and look for a named protein as the first ingredient. I love the picture of Dex checking out the Natural Balance rolls. My dog loves those shredded as a topper on her food. I don’t use it all the time but it make for a great special treat now and then.

  8. Thanks for this information, Carol, it’s really helpful. I’m forever reading the labels of dog food packages looking to see which ones have quality ingredients listed first. This habit drives my husband nuts LOL! My dogs love Natural Balance and I feel really confident feeding it to them. I like how the Limited Ingredient food contributes to gastro health by providing the right balance of high quality proteins & other ingredients.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  9. My kitties enjoy Natural Balance’s pet foods too! They make good stuff for both dogs and cats. I do look at the labels when I buy cat food. It is important to know what I’m putting on their plate. I wouldn’t just grab a random can of human food at the grocery store for myself either!

  10. I always, always, read the labels of everything I buy for my dogs. I pay more attention to what ingredients I am giving them than myself! Zola is a beautiful and health 12 year old pup.

  11. Nothing beats the homemade food made from scratch, but most of us are busy with work and community, so having something like Natural Balance on hand is very useful! Small dogs like ours are very picky when it comes to food and treats, luckily, it’s one of the quality dog food/treats that they like

  12. This sounds like a great brand of dog food. I haven’t tried it yet, but have been considering it lately.

  13. I have been feeding my oldie Goldie the same food for years. Lately I have been more award of what is on the ingredient list, and I feel bad that I haven’t been more aware. Definitely going to check into this more!

  14. I have always found it alarming when I see people more concerned with the price of the food before the quality of the food. So important to make sure your fur baby is getting the right foods for their needs!

  15. Zola is so cute! Oh yes – i read the ingredients. I love this post as I’m in the market for a new food for Bella (our Cocker Spaniel). She is starting to have skin reactions and we think it’s from the food. I’m going to take a close look at the Natural Balance brand.

  16. I am a cat owner and I totally agree we need to feed our pets good food. You are absolutely right feed them what works (or for cats what they will eat). I have tried the cat version of this food, but it was a no go for us…but that is the life of a cat. Very finicky…dogs are much easier in that department.

  17. Zola’s a beaut. Nice teeth too! When I was growing up my grandparents and mom went by brand trust. It’s nicer today to see things going further than just a name.

  18. It’s what my dogs are currently eating right now and I have to admit that I can see a great difference since they started eating it. They love it and I have no complaints.

  19. I don’t have a dog of my own but I have to say I never even considered how important it is to feed the dog a healthy, well-rounded diet. It makes perfect sense. – Katy

  20. I’m a cat owner and I’ve tried to switch my cat to a healthier food, but he wasn’t having it. I really wish I could get him to eat it but all natural treats will have to do for now.

  21. We also have been using Natural Balance for some time now and are pretty happy with it! Sometimes I’ll cook some green beans and store them in the freezer so now and again I can add them to my Zola’s food for some extra taste and nutrients.. she seems to love it!

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