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What to Do for a Dog With a Wound #BayerExpertCare

When your dog has a boo boo

Dog moms and dog dads: Raise a paw if you dread the sight of your dog with a wound. No one wants to see their innocent pooch get hurt, but sometimes life happens. As a Cocker Spaniel mom of nearly 25 years, I’ve learned that the occasional boo boo comes with the territory. In preparation for writing this post to let you know about the new line of Bayer® Expert Care™ products at PetSmart®, this happened:

Cocker Spaniel in need of #BayerExpertCare #ad


A benign sebaceous adenoma on my dog’s skin decided to burst. I noticed it while giving him a bath, and the last thing any of us wants to see on a dog is an injury or wound. Thankfully, since this lump was aspirated and being monitored by the veterinarian, I knew what to do and how to manage this skin wound. I called my dog’s vet and they instructed me to keep it clean and apply a wound care product made for dogs.  I would never take matters into my own hands. I’ve dealt with benign cysts bursting many times over the years, so we monitored it closely. We always recommend calling your dog’s veterinarian for any sort of wound, injury, or medical issue.

Dexter recently went shopping to PetSmart to check out their post holiday offerings. In addition to a new squeaky ball — can a Cocker Spaniel ever have too many (answer: no) — we picked up some treats and the new wound spray gel from Bayer Expert Care.

The #BayerExpertCare products from PetSmart #ad

I had no idea that a few nights later, I’d have to use the wound spray gel, but here we are testing it out:

Dog using #BayerExpertCare wound spray gel #ad

There are some really fantastic benefits to this product including:

  • You don’t have to touch the dog’s minor wound since the product is in an easy-to-use gel form.
  • I can pop it in my dog’s first aid bag for easy access since it is 10 mL.
  • It is made by a trusted name, Bayer Expert Care.
  • It is designed with “cell migration” in the gel so to support the natural healing of the dog’s skin.
  • It is specially formulated for dogs, so you can have peace of mind using it for minor wounds on Fido’s skin.

First Aid Kit

We recently blogged about the importance of having a fully stocked first aid kit for your dog within easy access. I carry a small first aid kit in my purse with items in it for my dog. When we travel, I also have a “WTWTCH” (What’s the Worst That Can Happen) Kit. This is an item that pays for itself the first time you need it.

In case you missed that post about what to stock in your dog’s first aid kit, click over the link here:

Dog First Aid Kit Essentials

Ready to shop at PetSmart #BayerExpertCare #ad

Fun Times

Since my dog had a boo boo, of course we had to return for a “feel better gift” to PetSmart. On our return trip, I decided to scan the aisle of first aid and wellness products in store. Since I am busy with my career, blog and writing endeavors, being a spouse and dog mom, I like to stock up on things during routine errands. We discovered the Bayer Expert Care probiotic chews on this trip. Since my dog recently had a respiratory infection, he was on some strong antibiotics. Being able to give him a probiotic in a tasty chew so that his digestive flora is in balance is important to me as a dedicated dog mom.

Dexter shopping for #BayerExpertCare at PetSmart #ad
Mom, did you get all the supplies?

You can check out the entire line of Bayer Expert Care products here. This little bottle of wound spray gel goes a long way plus we are putting one in Dexter’s bestie’s Valentine Day gift bag.

We are now back to what my dog does best: Playing, looking oh so cute, begging for treats, and living the wigglebutt life.

Dog looking too cute

Question: Do you have a first aid kit that is up to date for your pets?

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  1. This is super helpful info! I would not have know any of this because Milo has never had any wounds.

  2. Bayer wound gel has been invaluable to us, too. My dog suffered from a cut on his paw over the summer and we used the gel to help him heal. It worked like a charm. I would highly recommentd it.

  3. I think putting together a dog first aid kit is a great idea. I would definitely include this wound spray gel. Our dog is always getting himself into issues! lol

  4. Great info, Carol. Glad Dex is feeling better, too! Yes, I have a fully stocked “fly bag” or First Aid Kit that also contains specialty items needed for an epileptic dog (Gibson). I’ll be checking out the line of Bayer items, so thanks for the review! Hugs to Dexter!

  5. We do have an up to date first aid kit and just recently I added a new wound product. But with last two wounds, one of them quite major, we did really well with raw Manuka honey. So I’m stocked up on that.

  6. I like the ease of applying since the spray is a gel. And very smart advice to consult the vet first for any type of wound.

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