Veterinary Expert Reveals Truth About Dog Food Allergies

Dog Food Allergies: What should I feed my dog, what foods might be causing his or her allergy, and how do I know what supplements to feed my dog? These are some of the questions that were asked and masterfully answered by W. Jean Dodds, DVM, in a webinar hosted by the Danish-Swedish Farmdogs USA this past weekend.

Dr. Dodds is to me what the Pope is to Catholics. She speaks, I listen, I apply, she is masterful, educated, an eternal lifelong imparter of knowledge, and creating new trails in animal medicine. I’ll post Dr. Dodds’ profile at the end. For now, dogs and nutrition: What to feed, is raw safe, and now what?

Key points about dog food, dog food allergies, and things you might not know:

  • Individualize the diet for that dog – not by breed – but by dog
  • For a dog with epilepsy – try a liver cleansing diet such as white fish and potato – not salmon; Dr. Dodds’ liver cleansing diet includes white potato + sweet potato (50/50) and white fish – 2/3 potato mix and 1/3 fish/ Season with garlic, mixed Italian herbs or parsley, salt or pepper. Things you can add later include spinach, scrambled eggs, green beans, yellow squash, and zucchini. Add an infant liquid multivitamin or a product like Missing Link if the dog will be fed this dog long term. Dogs with epilepsy should avoid rosemary. (*always check with your vet first)
  • Do not feed lamb unless the lamb has been grass fed
  • Salmon is too oily for a liver cleansing diet
  • Garlic, in moderation, is safe for dogs

Major news about dogs with Irritable Bowel Disease (as my Cocker had) and Allergies:

Does your dog have itchy skin or an irritable bowel?
Do you suspect your dog has afood intolerance?

Fidose found out about NutriScan, a test that based on saliva alone, tests for 24 of the most commonly ingested foods of dogs. You purchase this kit, you can do it at home or in your veterinarian’s office, and in two weeks, the results are sent to you. From that point, you can put your dog on the right diet.



How many of us have suffered with a dog with allergies and tried switching foods, eliminating foods, and nearly pulling our hair out when nothing seems to help?

NutriScan is conveniently split into two test panels, so you can order one or both.

Dr. Dodds developed this test. NutriScan will test either your cat’s or dog’s saliva for these 24 foods:

SoyCow’s MilkLamb
White FishPorkDuck
Chicken EggsBarleyMillet
LentilSweet PotatoPeanut/Peanut Butter








You can learn more about NutriScan and helping your dog by visiting here: NutriScan testing. Best of all, the tests are affordable, require no needles, and results are fast.  Results allow pet parents to start eliminating culprits from your dog’s diet. We tested our own dog and discovered a venison allergy. My last Cocker Spaniel had a multitude of allergies, and I only wished this had been around when she walked this earth.

This webinar on dog food, dog allergies and proper nutrition was so enlightening and informative that Fidose of Reality is running a three-part series this week. Stay tuned for more. Google Dr. W. Jean Dodds for even more information in the meantime.

Dr. Dodds is the founder of HEMOPET, the non-profit animal blood bank, and a friend to animal lovers the world over.  HEMOPET is where we can have blood tests to check for vaccine antibodies instead of unnecessarily re-vaccinating our companion animals. She has written excellent articles that everyone, especially our veterinarians, should read. A complete video and how the process is performed is seen here: (it’s easy, we did it):

Got a dog with allergies and suspect food?


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