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Veterinarian Dishes Paw Power and Giveaway


When Dr. Laurie Coger sought the addition of a vitamin-mineral supplement to feed her dogs, the veterinarian and breeder who feeds a raw diet to her dogs, came up short handed.

“I have used various products in the past that I have loved — and sadly watched their formulas change, removing ingredients I valued and adding things I wanted to avoid,” Coger says.

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She is not alone. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, in 2013, $13.14 billion dollars was spent in the United States on supplies and over-the-counter medicines for our pets. That’s billion with a B. We clearly want our pets to thrive but many products on the market today simply don’t live up to Dr. Coger’s standards.

Sourcing Issues

Changes in sourcing, from where a product truly originates, and the use of fillers to make up for removal of human quality ingredients, Dr. Coger felt she had no control. In reality, she didn’t.

Rising to the Occasion

Dr. Coger took matters into her own hands, and with the help of a friend and dog colleague, she created her very own product for dogs.

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Fidose of Reality is proud to share Paw Power with our readers. If you are long-time fans of our blog, you know that we only put our stamp of approval on products we believe in and recommend only if we’d use them on our very own dog. We’re about to start Dexter on Paw Power, and here’s why:


Human-grade ingredients

Manufactured in the United States to ensure quality control

Flavored with beef liver from U.S. pasture-fed, pesticide-free beef

Ensures my dog is receiving what he needs for his daily nutritional requirements

Contains a complete range of B vitamins for support in stressful times

Includes eleven vital minerals to encourage strong bones, red blood cell production, and healthy brain function

Great for dogs who eat a natural feeding plan or commercial dog food

Contains antioxidants so aging dogs have extra protection

Economical and easy on my wallet; 90 count bottles are $20.95 as of this writing

Most dogs will require two tablets per day, based on weight, and the tablets are chewable and scored for easy breakage.

In the event your dog eats kibble/a dry dog food, Paw Power has digestive enzymes, which are especially helpful for dogs eating kibble.

Dr. Coger came clean to us about dog food and vaccines, and you can catch her entire interview here.

For complete information about Paw Power, please visit:

Win Dice Representing Champion And Success


To encourage Fidose of Reality readers to take the plunge and give power to the paw, Dr. Coger is giving away four prize packs featuring a 90-count bottle of Paw Power AND a very handy Healthy Dog Workshop tote bag.

Contest is closed but the winners are:


Sharon Gilbert
Pooch Park Wear
Cattle Aussies
Star Panz


Note: Paw Power is a paid sponsor of this contest but the opinions of the product are that of our own. We make no guarantees of products for your pets and encourage you to check with your dog’s veterinarian with any additions or changes to medications and/or diet. 

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