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Urgent Request: Fostering a Pet in Philadelphia Area


How cool would it be if you could save a life, make a 2-1/2-week commitment to a pet of your choice, and without any strings attach know that by fostering a pet, you saved a life. What am I talking about?

Right now, Philadelphia Animal Care and Control (ACCT) is BURSTING at the seams.  Temporary foster (until June 15th/16th) are DESPERATELY needed.

ACCT Philly is having a Mega Adoption event for the Philly area on June 15-16th.  The goal will be to adopt out at least 300 animals over the weekend.  ACCT takes in over 30,000 animals each year.

My pal, Rebecca Braglio of The Philly Dog, is a shining example of being a fab dog foster mom and alerted us of this urgent situation.

Temporary foster care is needed from now until the event for:

– Puppies

– Small Dogs of all ages and breeds

– Medium Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes

– Big Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes

– Cats of all ages

– Kittens, kittens, kittens!

This is a SHORT-TERM, super EASY foster care arrangement for you! Why?

– You will only have the dog, cat or kittens for a few weeks

– You will NOT need to promote the animal for adoption, market the animal, or set up adoption meets

– You will NOT need to attend the event

– You will just drop off the day of the event (June 15 and/or 16) and your work is done!

Knowing that you had a hand in the safe journey of a homeless animal to a forever home is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  Fostering is about giving a homeless dog or cat the one thing they’ve never had… hope.

If you have space to temporarily stash a foster animal (or two!) – please call 267-385-3800 or email

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Foster Pets Infographic

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  1. What a GREAT initiative to help so many animals. Foster parents are such a vital resource….I hope this inspires others to implement this where they live and also to inspire more foster parents!

  2. Sure hope those poor pets find homes! I love the infographic. A few years back the Humane Society here where we live had an overflow of cats so they started a program project meow where you could foster a cat for a few months and they would pay the food and medical bills. At the end of the time, you could keep the cat or give it back…you guessed it, most kept the cats! They matched the cats with the wishes of the foster and you had to attend a class about caring for a cat before you could take the cats home. It was a great idea. My gramma adopted her current cat that way.

    • THAT is am amazing idea, Emma.. love it! I think I might want to do a blog post about that idea. I would love to interview you!