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Two Dog Lover Websites to Break the Holiday Ice

Dog lover websites for fun


Hello dog lover: Looking for something cute to do? As we approach the holiday season, dog parents will be playing with their new electronic devices received as holiday presents.  While gathered round with family and friends, there are two websites Fidose of Reality recently discovered to help break the holiday ice.

Dog Selfie
Um, no selfies just yet, Dexter

The first site is a fun and engaging new link called Pet Mapper, and a sister link called Crossbreed Generator. As you spend time lounging around this holiday season, consider checking these two sites out. Here’s the scoop on each and their functionality:

Pet Mapper

What’s the strangest pet you’ve ever owned? A goldfish with googly eyes? A dog with a hidden talent for opening doors? Well, the folks behind Pet Mapper found some fun pets around the globe. When you click on Pet Mapper’s website, you’ll see this:

Pet Mapper fun dog link

We discovered a gorgeous breed of dog in the United States. The Catahoula Leopard Dog, originally from Louisiana, has a gorgeous marble coat, webbed feet and often with steel blue eyes, which makes it stand out from other dogs.

What a beautiful dog!

Click on the various pinpoints of the map to discover some interesting pets with fun talents around the world. It doesn’t take long, but you just might find some talking points to break the ice when visiting once-a-year relatives.

Cross Breed Generator

This is fun stuff and the kind of thing you get addicted to very quickly…not that I have any “first paw” knowledge of that *grin*

The Cross Breed Generator helps pet parents discover crossbreeds and also to test your knowledge of mixed breeds. You just click to the site, select a breed from each of the menus, and the results are a fun way to learn while quizzing yourself and loved ones.

For example, we tested the English Cocker Spaniel with the Labrador Retriever:

Cross Breed Generator


The result is a mixed breed we never heard of before: the Spanador. According to the website, the Spanador is chocked full of love, and is the perfect addition to outdoorsy families with plenty of time to spend with their pooch. Playtime is the best time, while the Spanadors loyal nature means it can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Cross breed generator reveals Spanador

Now, we are headed back to play with our Cocker Spaniel and take a nice holiday nap. What sites do you like to visit for dog fun? 

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  1. Yikes – nothing fun about a cross-breed generator. Even the original breeder of the labradoodle regrets his decision and feels he has created a Frankenstein – There is so much public education to be done about puppy mills and backyard breeders. Our shelters are already full enough. I don’t think we need to be encouraging designer dogs in any way, shape or fashion. If you look at designer dog websites – you are not likely to find truly responsible breeders. Search for any stores selling puppies – and you will find all of these designer dogs. I say if you want to explore cross-breeds go to your nearest shelter or rescue – the very knowledgeable staff can share lots of information about their “cross-breeds”.

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