Top Ten Dog Movies To Rent

What are your favorite flicks that involve dogs? Got a favorite dog movie that just tugs at your heartstrings or makes you stand up and shake your paws in joy? When I’m not reading about dogs or writing about them, I like to catch up on dog movies.

In honor of Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof, the 2014 gala fundraiser that I, as a Wigglebutt Warrior, will be hosting with my fellow warriors in crime, here are ten movies that make my “must see” list of dog movies. I highly recommend you grab the popcorn, turn the cell phone off, snuggle up with your pooch, and check these out:

Lady and the Tramp: One lone strand of shared spaghetti between the high class Cocker and the tramp from the “other side of the tracks:” these are the makings of a Disney classic.


Benji: A slice of childhood, this 1974 Joe Camp canine classic casts stray dog as the lead dog that rescues a couple of neighborhood kids belonging to a doctor.

Marley & Me: Take one part Jennifer Aniston plus one part Owen Wilson and add an adorable Labrador Retriever puppy: Movie magic results. This is a tear-jerker whose cinematic path is sweet and incorrigible.

Old Yeller: Friendship and courage personified, Old Yeller is set in 1860’s Texas. Originally released in 1957, grab the tissues for one of cinema’s greatest and gut-wrenching canine moments.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale: One of the best dog movies you may not have seen, Hachi is based on a true story from Japan. Richard Gere’s character finds a young Akita pup who therein transforms his life.


Lassie: In this 1994 film, this Lassie is more contemporary than classic but beckons “hero” while engaging those who grew up with the classic series as well as introducing a whole new generation to the famed Collie.

My Dog Skip: When 9-year-old Willie Morris is given Jack Russell Skip for a birthday present, his Mississippi life in the 40’s will never be the same. The all-star cast includes Frankie Muniz, Diane Lane, and Kevin Bacon.

Turner and Hooch: Featuring Tom Hanks in 1989 in hid pre-Forrest Gump days, he is unwittingly paired with Hooch, a Mastiff, whom Hanks’ character needs to help identify a murderer.

Beethoven: What starts as a puppy escaping a pet store robbery turns into a family comedy starring Charles Grodin as the dad who begrudgingly allows his kids to adopt the protagonist pooch.


Because of Winn Dixie: Based on the book of the same name, Winn Dixie changes the lives of a young girl and her somewhat reserved dad, played by Jeff Daniels.

Did your top dog flick make the list? What’s your favorite dog movie of all time or one we might have missed? For an 11th spot, I definitely want to see the movie Best In Show, which I hear rave funny reviews about but have yet to sit on my kiester and see it. On my to do list.


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  1. Hachi is one of my favorites as well. Trivia: The puppy actor is actually a Shiba puppy, not an Akita.

    Another favorite of mine is Eight Below. The Disney version. I haven’t seen the more accurate Japanese version “Nankyoku Monogatari,” although I need to. I’ve been told it’s much better.

  2. Hachi never fails to make the hoomans cry like a baby! Another favourite of theirs is Marley and Me, but the hooman said she preferred the book

    Happy Wednesday

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  3. Mom says that half of those are on her list…I love Marley and me but the ending is so sad. So many great pup flicks out there!

  4. I have yet to see Marley & me. I will see that before the summer ends. The other 9 I have seen many times. The Lady and the Tramp remains my all time favorite.

  5. Our group of dog walkers all agree, we never watch dog movies, i.e. My Dog Skip, too painful.
    A side note for you, one of Dolly’s pals at the park has her 2nd ACL injury. She had successful surgery on the back leg about 2 yrs ago. Now her other back leg is injured, they are meeting with the specialist tomorrow. I mentioned you and non-surgery treatment suggesting to do some research before his appt. He is concerned they won’t be able to do the post surgery care this time. Thanks for letting us know about alternatives! Sandra and Dolly

    1. We are still having our paws crossed because the recovery is oh so long and there are setbacks: Like Dex jumping from the bed and re-injuring the leg. I am very grateful for the brace. Keep me posted on Dolly’s pal when you hear any news. I’d love to know what is happening. ACL tears – partial and full – are oh so common in dogs, I am sadly finding out.

  6. Ohhhh Lady and The Tramp to this day is one of my all time faves, if not my MAIN fave!
    I also love all of the Lassie movies and Marley & Me was a blast!

  7. Those are some of my faves! I haven’t seen Hachi or Marley & Me, sort of on purpose because I knew they would both be heart wrenching. You HAVE to watch Best in Show. It is seriously so funny… a laugh-til-you-cry movie.

  8. New here to wish you a Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    I have to admit I’m a huge fan of the film Lady, and The Tramp! It’s just so adorable! Love the pic you got there it’s so romantic!

  9. As a horror fan, I’d have to recommend Cujo, Man’s Best Friend, Frankenweenie and I Am Legend.

    As a Basenji, I must also mention Goodbye My Lady!

  10. I love Milo & Otis, and Homeward Bound. Milo & Otis used to drive me nuts, but now I find it hilarious. Small kids love it, too.

  11. Can’t believe you haven’t seen Best in Show. You must sit down and watch it. Best parody movie ever!

  12. Love that photo! My human mommy saw Marley & Me on a plane. She cried all the way from Houston to New York. Mommy’s sort of a sap when it comes to dog movies, so we don’t get to watch them. 🙁

  13. OMG!! You MUST see Best in Show!! It is absolutely fabulous! It has to be my favorite movie almost ever! I love the Benji movies from when I was little, I actually bought a DVD recently that had all the movies.

  14. I grew up thinking Old Yeller was sad. But, I’ve never cried in my life like I did watching Hachi. I was blown away that it was also a true story!

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