Top Picks for Dog Safety and Travel from Global Pet Expo

Fidose of Reality recently visited Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Global is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show and features over 800 companies from around the world. Held at the Orange County Convention Center, the floor space equates to about 16 (yes 16!) football fields. Our dog paws sure felt it after a day of cascading amongst the newest products on the dog market and ready to roll out this year.

We spent a great deal of time in the New Products section for dogs, which allows us to take a peek into the future of the industry. Taking the lead were many healthy, organic, and environmentally friendly products for dogs, which would also resonate throughout the entire trade show floor.

Check out our YouTube video of top ten dog safety/well-being and travel products and visit the companies at the links below.

Stay tuned as we’ll be featuring more categories this week in the food and treats section along with toys, trends, and a behind-the-scenes peek including a media exclusive with The Today’s Show’s Jill Rappaport.

 Products in Video:

Oragenics Evora Pet
TropiClean Liquid Floss
Petkin Doggy Sunscreen
Pill Pusher Treats
Contech Pro Collar
Pet Gazebo
PetSafe Fertilizer

Stay tuned for more from the Global Pet Expo and Fidose of Reality!

*We were not compensated nor endorsed  for any of the above.


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