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Top Nine Funky Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. There was always one kid in school who sang that line in lieu of is traditional version. And there are always companies who share their holiday gift-giving wares for dogs with a bit of an off-the-beaten-path marketing idea. As a dog product aficionado, here are nine holiday gifts for dogs sure to make you tilt your head sideways and proclaim “now that’s different!” Funky holiday gifts for dogs are ready to roll:

1. Organic hemp dog collar: In a flooded market of collars, the organic hemp stands out. Got a dog with allergies who scritches and scratches at his neck? It could be the collar. The hemp collar is durable and toxin-free since the hemp is grown without any pesticide or chemical preventatives.  Our buddy Bailey is seen here with a hemp collar from Wagging Green. $18.99.

2. Dog DNA Portrait: Have a plethora of pup pics scattered in your abode? Have any of the inside of your dog on display? (abdominal ultrasounds don’t count). Dog DNA goes “Paw-casso” with this “what to give the dog lover who has everything” item. In similar fashion to identifying a dog’s lineage and breed, dog moms and dads swab the inside of their dog’s mouth and send the cells in. What returns is a unique portrait of double-helix magnitude to proudly display. Learn more with Dog DNA here. Starting at $199.

3. Fake Dog Alarm: Got a dog who wags for the mailman and would gladly let an intruder in should trouble come knocking? Though the company touts it as good for hotel rooms, tread cautiously on that. Imagine getting a warning from the manager for a fake dog bark while Rover nuzzles silently on the bed. Comes with an AC adapter and battery backup, a dog bark is emitted when trouble comes calling. $99 at this writing.

4. Dog Paw Toasters: Every now and then on Ebay, someone sells a slice of bread or a potato chip emblazoned with a religious figure on it. Get in on the craze with this dog paw toaster. The toaster itself embeds a pawprint into breakfast or sandwich time. What next, fire hydrant fried eggs? $34.95.

5. Internet Ignored Pooch Toy: Know someone who spends way too much time online while Fido waits for play time? Get the dog in tech lingo with these “callout” toys. Available in OMG, LOL, XOXO, and WTF?, definitely a cool way for geek greyhounds and social media mutts to get in on the tech action. Visit the website for dog callout toys. $11.99.

6. Down with Animal Abusers: The official Michael Vick chew toy. It’s been on the market for a while, but with a percentage of profits going to dog fighting prevention and animal abuse awareness, it makes our unique dog toy list. $9.95.

7. Who Let the Dogs Out? Got a dog who won’t pee or poop if it’s raining out? The Benji Ventures Poop Tent solves that dilemma. Thinking folks who expect Rover to roam into this should best acclimate the dog to it IN the house before freaking him out when he goes to relieve himself. (oh, and its waterproof): Benji Ventures website. $44.95.

8. Get Tied Down: Not into dog apparel? Perhaps there’s a big dog in the family who just doesn’t look swift in a Santa suit. Ever consider a dog tie? Maybe for a special family holiday dinner?  This particular design features a VELCRO collar/tie combo all in one: . Oh and my Dexter has worn one to a black tie affair, and was, (get ready for it): The Cat’s Meow! $20.00.

9. Dogtek video camera for pets: Ever wonder what your dog is doing when you aren’t home? Or perhaps how your pet sees the world? Dexter has this product and I can honestly attest: New York City looks completely different from a Cocker Spaniel’s vantage point.  EYEnimal is a 1.2 ounce camera that requires no special software uploads or downloads. Charge with the USB charger. It clips onto the dog’s collar easily and then “pops” out so you can see what the dog sees. After recording in half-hour segments for up to 2.5 hours of continuous taping, the user simply slides it the collar, hooks up the USB to the computer and it instantly sends the video to your computer. It is both Windows and Mac compatible. Meet the EYEnimal. $129.00.

Here is Dexter wearing the product during a test of it:

*We received no endorsement for any of these products or mentions. Pricing reflected at time of this writing as listed on each website.*

SO what are you getting for your dog this holiday season?? Any new goodies? Let us know. And watch for our fab holiday photo contest launching on Black Friday, 11/25/11!


  1. Ellen says

    I love the ideas except for the paw toaster. That’s a bit much!!! Otherwise, there are some really unique and cool items.

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