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Top 15 Dog Lover Moments of 2014

dog lover moments

Soaring, wagging, celebrating, overcoming, tossing out the old and embracing the new: These are all elements of our journey over the past nearly 365 days. Through it all, one thing is for certain and our registered trademark says it best: My heart beats dog. If you include yourself in the category of dog lover of the highest order, take a brief walk down memory lane with us for the Fidose of Reality 2014 Year in Review.

Read through the entire piece, as there’s a glimpse of the brightness and dog love sharing fun in store for 2015. Here’s our top 15  Fidose of Reality dog lover moments of 2014:

Me and My Dog Selfies

“Selfie” was proclaimed cultural word of the year in 2013 (oh and it’s “vape” this year – we much prefer selfie). Dog lovers galore shared their best selfies including their canine BFFs. The result? One of our biggest photo contest for dog lovers ever and the celebration of the bond between human and pooch.  Want to see the entries? Take a peek at the selfie love here. 

Westminster Welcomes Mutts

For the first time in its history, the Westminster Kennel Club allowed mutts into onto their trademark green indoor turf. Indeed, the mutts took center stage along with their purebred buddies. Yours truly was down at ringside for all the action where I went shoulder to shoulder with two of my favorite dog people: David Frei, the voice of Westminster, and Olympic gold medalist, Greg Louganis. Talk about dreams coming true.  We wrote all about Westminster, the mutts, and our fan girlie moments here.

Me and legend, Greg Louganis

 Wiggy Awards Announced

Our rescue dog fundraising sector of Fidose of Reality is, of course, Wigglebutt Warriors. In March, we announced the first ever Wiggy Awards, which were subsequently awarded at our huge red carpet gala in September: Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof. Eight attendees were awarded custom trophies and prizes at the year-in-the-making event, revealed here.

Wigglebutt Hollywoof
Courtesy Dirty Paw Photography

Calling Pet Rescues Front and Center

Sometimes, pet rescues can harm themselves and their reputations with the click of a mouse. Sometimes all it takes is a negative insider. With dogs in need as the ones who pay the ultimate price, isn’t it time, as the quote goes, “that we all get along?” Here are five things pet rescues do wrong and how to right them.

The Epicenter of Pet Blogging and Dog-Friendly Travel

In May, we embarked on a 3-week-long road dog-friendly road trip from Pennsylvania to California and back. The 6th Annual BlogPaws Pet Blogger and Social Media Conference was held on Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, and was a smashing pet-welcoming success. Here’s how we rocked our road trip. Of course, what’s all work and no play? Our Puppy Relations Manager, Dexter, led the way for what turned into one of the best vacations of our lives. A huge highlight included the pet-friendly Breaking Bad Trolley Tour, which is a dream come true for any Breaking Bad fan, present company included. (Note: We never fly with a dog and won’t put the dog on a plane as cargo, so any flights we took for business were dog-less in air, but never on landing).

Breaking Bad trolley
Can you see Dexter peeking out from the trolley with us?

Wedding Bells 

After 20 years with my forever love, on June 12, 2014, we were legally married. This completely swept me off my feet, as the entire glorious surprise was just that: a surprise and a huge one at that. A plane flying overhead with a proposal, a limo, romance, a ring, a minister, and well, what more can I say. Here’s the wedded bliss play by play. And it included the dog (on the eve of his second ACL surgery….. speaking of which)

lesbian married

ACL Surgery #2

The day after the wedding, our dog underwent repair for a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. This was the second time, the second surgery, a different leg. Considering many dogs who injure an ACL will injure the other leg’s ACL within a year or two, we’ve blogged about the whole ACL dilemma extensively. Here’s our second run-in with the dreaded rupture and how it went. 

Dog Entertains Cows

Of course, we did what any dog parents does with their dog after leg surgery: Had him entertain cows. Seriously, doesn’t every dog have a bond with cows or is it just us? *grin* See for yourself, along with some other creative things we recommend to keep dogs entertained in the postop period. 

dog cows

We Lost Friends

There are many dogs, cats, friends, and associates who are no longer with us, and two that have affected us deeply from the human side:

Jan Beale and the reality of an online friend dying

Dr. Lorie Huston, veterinarian, blogger, and friend, passed away this year and she is forever missed

Buzz Off, Fleas and Ticks: The Safe Way

Two words guaranteed to instill the heebie jeebies into a dog parent’s psyche: Fleas and ticks. We tackle the task of keeping dogs safe and out of chemical harm’s way with our safer ways to prevent fleas and ticks from calling your dog “home.”

Wigglebutt Warriors Logo 2014

Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof

Fundraising is no easy task, but that didn’t stop the Wigglebutt Warriors from bringing all the glitz, glam, and glitter of Hollywood to the aptly named, “Sterling,” Virginia. On September 20, 2014, Fidose of Reality hosted  “Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof,” a creative gala to benefit OBG Cocker Rescue, at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Sterling, Virginia. This unique event was a pet-welcoming, Hollywood style evening complete with an awards show, swag bags, dancing, dinner, and surprises. Check us out here and watch for our 2015 grand news: Thanks to ALL who made this happen!

Lights, Camera, Wigglebutts on TV

The BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets movement inspired me to do something for dogs in need. The Wigglebutt Warriors idea was born.

How many of you want to do something to help homeless pets but have no idea where to begin? I feel your pain: So I decided to act on what passion fuels me: Helping dogs. And Dr. Katy Nelson invited us to be on The Pet Show! We are happy to report that since this airing, Cassie the Cocker has been adopted!

Squee and the Westin Lake Las Vegas invited us to be in a video for their pet-friendliness aspects: Dex hit his mark: See if you can find us:

Turning The Food Network Down 

I love my dog: Nod in agreement if you feel the same way about your dog. I love my dog so much that he stopped me from winning $25,000 dollars. Here’s the scoop and why I turned The Food Network down. No regrets, all positive steps forward.

worst cooks in america

Medicine Vs. Mom

In conjunction with My Kid Has Paws founder, Rachel Shephard, the Medicine Versus Mom series was born in 2014: From the vet tech perspective, Rachel blogs, while we give the dog mom/dog dad perspective of things. It’s made for an interesting series and we are incredibly psyched for 2015.  Here’s a sampling of what happens when you drop a dog off for surgery.

Change of Direction and Go to Health

We are focusing on health and wellness from a reality-based perspective designed specifically for dog moms and dads who seek the truth. Fidose of Reality is a reality-based health and wellness resource for dog lovers of the highest order. Our November announcements sets the tone for what’s to come, and we hope you’ll buckle up, bring your dog(s) along, enjoy the ride, and stay in the Fidose of Reality and Wigglebutt Warriors loop. A book(s) is on the way!

health dogs

What’s been your personal favorite dog-related moment of 2014? 


  1. Naomi says

    We failed foster and adopted “Waffles”. The best part is, my husband fell in love with her first. I didn’t have to do any convincing!

  2. Rama's Mama says

    What a great post! SUCH a great year for you! I would have to say my favorite dog-related moment of this year was Rama finally obtaining her CH. After years of dreaming about it, I had finally done it, despite much struggle and several surgeries slowing everything down immensely. We did it. Everything that has followed has been icing on the cake. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Barbara Rivers says

    Great review of 2014! My heart beats dog as well 🙂 That’s what got me blogging about my passion in August of this year. My all-time favorite moment in 2014 was our girl Missy’s successful tumor-removal surgery. She’s been recovering nicely and is now going through a total of four chemotherapy sessions. We’re keeping our paws crossed for cancer not to return in our pack!!

    Happy New Year from our pack to yours, and congratulations on your marriage!

  4. Piranha Banana says

    What a year you’ve had. Thank you for the recap. Congratulations on your marriage. I think it is such a blessing when in our lifetime we meet the love of our lives and they love us back – that is quite a gift!
    Best wishes to you for more fun filled, healthy, wonderful times in the New Year.


  5. Brian says

    Sounds like an incredibly special year when you put the entire thing into perspective like this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jordan Walker says

    Great review of the year, Carol. What I really like is the “Selfie”. I always have a selfie with my dog. This is our bonding time. I know that he loves it so much too.

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