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Three Dog Books You Probably Aren’t Reading

 red dog blue dog

It’s November 1st and that means one thing: Start planning your dog item holiday shopping wish list! Seriously, this is the time of year when oh-so-many good dog books hit the store shelves that dog moms and dads might miss a few gems. Fret not, that’s what Fidose of Reality is here to do: Keep you in the loop and with the inside scoop on some books you might want to gift for the holidays—to a loved one and/or to yourself.

Red Dog, Blue Dog: In this very hectic and heated political climate, how cool would it be to have some canine diversion? In the pictorial book, Red Dog/Blue Dog, politics goes to the dogs. With 140 full-color photos of opinionated pooches, this is a gift I’ll be putting in the stockings of a few politicos in my life. I am a fan of humor books, so couple that with adorable pooches and hysterical quotes to match, Chuck Sambuchino’s Red Dog/Blue Dog is nicely priced at $12.00 for anyone with a sense of humor and a love of dogs. (bonus: Our canine pal, Travelin’ Jack is featured in it)

min pin

Celebrating Dogs: Share, Remember, Cherish: Puppy facts, quotes, dog-isms, and hand-drawn pictures: These are the elements of Jim McCann’s latest offering. Celebrating Dogs does that: this is an 80-page miniature book that shares nicely at $9.99. Coupled with a dog lovers mug or shirt, this is the type of gift you give a dog parent and instantly produces a smile. Some of my favorite musings in the book: “Who needs a shrink when there are dogs in the world?” and “The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic.”  

celebrating dogs

Mutts: A Stinky Little Christmas: “It’s easy to feel lost and alone around the Winter holidays” says the publisher of this pocket sized book. Fans of the comic strip, Mutts, will recognize the characters in this book. Over 58 million newspapers carry the comic, and A Stinky Little Christmas is designed for those fans and to garner the hearts of a whole new audience. Patrick McDonnell captures a heartwarming story set comic style in a 5 x 5 book, 80 pages. Another stocking stuffer for $9.99.

stinky mutts

Do you plan to give any books for the holiday gift giving season?


  1. Jill Lane says

    Travelin’ Jack and I thank you for your BARK-OUT on this great Laugh Out Loud book, RED DOG, BLUE DOG! It is a sure fire fun gift idea for that difficult to buy a holiday gift for this season! Plus he wants you to see if you can identify the 5 photos he is in!

    • Carol Bryant says

      Ooooh Jack, I found your handsome mug right away…. this is one of those books I plan to give as a holiday gift to my political friends, Jill 😉

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